These are spiritual/metaphysical/mystical experiences people have had to do with the Religion of the Sun.

They can include dreams, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, visions, and spiritual perceptions. For more information about what they are, here is an overview of common mystical experiences.

They can involve meeting and being guided by great teachers of the Religion of the Sun, visiting its ancient sites, or taking part in a ceremony. See here for experiences with the being remembered in Germanic/Nordic tradition as Odin.

This page is just starting out. If you would like to share an experience, post it in the comments below.

Near-Death Experiences

Feeling connected to the sun and the infinite source behind it

In this video, Mark Hodges explains how he had a near-death experience during an operation in hospital. In his NDE, the first thing Mark noticed was our Sun. He realized that he was connected to it and that the Sun is where our spirit / soul gets its energy from. He also realized that there was a source behind the Sun that he calls the infinite one and that we are all a part of this source and connected to it.

The section of this video that relates to Mark’s experience with the Sun is from approximately 4m 20s to 5m 02s.

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Buddha and the Sun

In this video, Lee explains how he had a near-death experience after being hit by a car, in which he saw Buddha standing behind a huge sun. Before his NDE, Lee was not religious and had never believed in Buddha or God. Buddha explained to Lee that the sun was a small part of the eternal God’s light. Buddha also explained that his own biggest mistake had been denying the existence of an eternal God in his teachings. Buddha told Lee to return to life and to believe in the eternal God, saying that many more would be called to this experience.

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Out-of-Body Experiences

The Eternal Spiritual Sun

A friend of mine recently had an experience; she couldn’t determine whether it was an out-of-body experience or just regular dreaming. She described that she was taken to a place between our planet and the moon by a purely spiritual being. She saw herself with no visible body of any kind, it was only her consciousness that was taken into outer space, so she was clearly out of her physical body.

Earth from space

“My friend was taken to a place between our planet and the moon by a purely spiritual being. The spiritual being asked her this question, “What do you see on Earth?”” Photo by Wikiimages on Pixabay

The spiritual being asked her this question, “What do you see on Earth?”

She looked down on Earth and answered, “I can see my home country Japan, that island.”

Then the being asked, “Had you not been told that island was your home country, would you have recognized it as Japan?”

She said, “No, I would not have recognized it as Japan.”

Then the being asked, “Had you not been told about other nations on the planet, would you point them out to me as you are looking at them?”

She answered, “No, I wouldn’t. All I can point out are chunks of land and oceans.”

The being replied, “That is really all there is on Earth.”

She was then given a vision of all the kingdoms and empires that existed in human history. They all had their own borders and their territories have expanded and fallen apart.

She quickly realized something and asked, “If countries don’t last, what is the thing that is unchanging and ever-lasting?”

She then saw the sun, so she asked if the sun could be that thing.

The being said, “It is the light from the Spiritual Sun that is unchanging and ever-lasting.”

She does not remember what happened afterward, but that experience shook her. She drew out the shapes of some of the empires that she saw in her experience, and then looked up the maps of past empires on the Internet, and was surprised to find that some of them matched up with her drawing! She never studied world history in detail so she didn’t know the shapes of these empires, so that was very impressive. She’s never had an experience like this before – she wasn’t thinking about anything like that, it happened very randomly. Due to her own request I cannot reveal her name, but she thought she should share her experience with as many people as possible.

~ Anon

Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu

Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in Japan, who the Japanese Emperors claim descent from. Her worship is believed to trace back to an ancient solar religion in Japan. Source

Neither me or her is a pro in astral travel but her experience seems to have occurred randomly and completely unexpectedly. This particular time period seems to be a very special time for her since she has received more than one divine revelation. A few days ago she told me that she met some Japanese kamis [gods] in her dream and they told her that many things written in the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki [the oldest official histories of Japan] are not true. They also said her people (the Japanese) have misused the name of Amaterasu [goddess of the sun] during WWII for “unforgivable reasons.” Amaterasu sent her descendant to rule over Japan [the “son of the sun”] so that the Japanese people can abandon the old ways that were “backward, but which they did not realize and have over time returned themselves to.”She doesn’t really understand what the kamis mean by this since Shintoism was about living in harmony with nature. She didn’t see Amaterasu herself, a figure which she has been researching. They explained this is because the light that Amaterasu has can be blinding to those who haven’t realized who she really is and who they themselves are. My friend, upon hearing this got worried and was afraid that Amaterasu has abandoned Japan. But then the kamis said that Amaterasu has never abandoned Japan, in fact she never abandoned the world, it’s the darkness within people themselves that has blocked them from seeing her. She will be found if the Japanese today are willing to seek her.

She woke up full of confusion, she understood how her people misused the name of Amaterasu in WWII, but she doesn’t really understand what “the light” means and what the old way that Japanese people were asked to forsake is. She also doesn’t understand why should they “seek” Amaterasu since they’ve always known her. She can’t really tell if this dream meant anything and she has more questions than answers. She also wanted to ask if Shintoism has anything to do with the Religion of the Sun, but didn’t get a chance to ask. She has been conducting intensive research these days and feels the urge to collect as much information as possible just so she could publish what she was finding and share it with the world to get attention.

She thinks perhaps this is the reason she didn’t get to ask her questions and didn’t see Amaterasu, because her motive of doing the research has turned into pure self-satisfaction. She says she may need to pause her research and reflect on herself.

~ Anon

Viracocha’s House

A few years ago, I was praying every night before going to bed asking for guidance about where to live. One night Viracocha, the creator God of the Andes, came to me in the astral. He said, “Why don’t you come to my house?” He had a joyful and kind presence almost like he was laughing but he was also quite sincere in his invitation. I got a very strong feeling that Viracocha loved me and wanted nothing more than to help me to progress spiritually. He was so light-hearted and jovial and at the same time strong and comforting. I felt safe and accepted when I was with him and extremely honored to have been invited to his house.

Painting of Viracocha

Viracocha, the creator God of the Andes holding a staff with the sun on it. Photo by Brooklyn Museum, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Julian and I decided to go to South America in search of Viracocha’s house and during that time I came to believe that all of the sacred valley of Peru could be considered, “Viracocha’s House” as he is quite alive and revered there. The time we spent in the Sacred Valley of Peru and Machu Picchu really helped me to connect with the Ancient Religion of the Sun in a way that I hadn’t been able to living in the United States.

Although I had been celebrating the solstices and equinoxes for many years by that time, our trip to Peru completely changed my relationship with the Sun and the Ancient Religion of the Sun. When we got back to the United States, we had developed an incredible hunger to connect with the Sun that we gained the dedication needed to seek out amazing people and places in our own country. My favorite is Chaco Canyon where we got to see the Equinox alignment, discovered an unknown Summer Solstice Sunset alignment and got to dance with the Hopi people in ceremony. We also found druids celebrating the solstices and equinoxes in California and had amazing experiences celebrating with them. Now I feel like remnants of the Religion of the Sun are everywhere and people reviving it are all around me.

I am forever grateful to Viracocha for his invitation to a place where the footprint of the Ancient Religion of the Sun is still so prevalent. Going there gave me strength and understanding for my continued journey towards the Sun.

~ Aavya

Polygonal Walls and the Way of Viracocha

Polygonal masonry in Peru

A wall of polygonal masonry in Peru. Photo by Adam Jones, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

One aspect of the Incan archeological sites that fascinated me right away was the polygonal masonry. One night, as I walked up a narrow walking street in the historical district of Cusco, Peru, I ran my hand along a wall of particularly massive polygonal stones, rough in appearance but smooth to the touch… I felt that there was an unknown history that they had lived through, and prayed to them to tell me their secrets.

Around that time, I found myself out of my body in the astral plane. I was standing in front of a glowing white wall, indescribably beautiful, made in the polygonal style. Behind me I sensed the presence of Viracocha, the creator god of the Inca. He indicated that I should examine the wall. It was called “The Way of Viracocha”, and referred not to the physical path he followed, but to his spiritual legacy through time. It went a short distance to my right, where it was reduced to rubble, and then continued further on intact.

The impression I got from this experience is that there was a dark age in Incan history, a span of time where history was completely lost and discontinued. I’ve since come to believe it was probably a worldwide loss of history, most likely caused by the climatic catastrophes 12,800 years ago (younger dryas).

~ Julian

The Impact of Cataclysms on Ancient History

Quite recently, I had a lucid dream that came to me unexpectedly. For the last year, I have been researching diligently and intensively various aspects of the Ancient Religion of the Sun, with a constant sense of wonder what happened in our past, because I really want to know more about the big picture of what our history is all about.

A large crater

“Not long after, I found myself floating in space, looking down towards our planet … What I saw was an enormous crater that seemed to be very old.” – Photo by Shane.torgerson, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At night, I woke up and walked around a little and decided to listen to the river that flows past my house. At night the sounds of nature are so very different and calm. So I decided to sit in my comfortable chair and listen to the various sounds that the water makes upon its journey towards the valley below.

Not long after, I found myself floating in space, looking down towards our planet. One part of it was very clear, just like some of the pictures that you can find online. What I saw was an enormous crater that seemed to be very old. Within it, I was also shown smaller craters in quite a special and symbolic way, telling me something about the big picture of our history. Later, this was even clearer, because I was unable to find this crater in an online search, due to its unusual shape. What I understood from this experience was that I was looking into the history of earth and the history of humanity, where the symbolic shape of the crater guided me on certain important time frames that I am researching at the moment.

What I also understood within the context of our own history, is that humanity has been subject to many great cataclysms, influencing our own spiritual development in different cultures and different time frames and that the scars of earth can tell us important information about time periods and contexts wherein we can place our search for our history.

~ Bogdan


A sculpture of Dionysus

A sculpture of Dionysus. Photo by Dwailgt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Once as I was falling asleep I saw the face of a young man (maybe in his 30s) with blue eyes and light brown longish hair. The image came with a feeling of a strong presence and beyond everything else the impression of otherworldly purity. I intuitively knew this was Dionysus. It was a very inspiring experience and I could feel connection to him for a bit after that. Later I saw his face one more time in a way that, I believe, he was showing his compassion and care for me.

Reflecting on this, I thought that in the first experience, perhaps he wanted to emphasize to me his quality of purity as there is so much written about him that is the opposite. Some time after that, I came across a video of some people doing a ‘celebration of Dionysus’ which involved some wild dancing and shouting in the streets. I really wished they would seek for Dionysus in their hearts, so he can speak to them directly and avoid this confusion. If he gave me these experiences, he’s surely looking for anyone who is willing to listen. From my experiences, he is a pure, compassionate and strong being that wants to help us if we look for him.

~ Pavlin

Seeing Tiwanaku in Other Dimensions

Sun God on a megalith in Tiwanaku

A relief of the Sun God Viracocha on a megalithic gate in Tiwanaku, where he is depicted holding two staffs in the god-man pose

In 2018, I planned a visit with some friends to Tiwanaku and Puma Punku in Bolivia. Before our visit, we went to the Tiwanaku museum of La Paz, where we noticed that different cultures with opposing values had resided there. On one ceramic vase, a sun god stood holding staffs in the god-man pose, and in another, from a later period, this god was shown tied up, and strange demon-like figures were depicted consuming people. We got the impression of cultures with opposing views.

When we arrived at the site, we wandered around, taking everything in, reading everything we could about the site… At night we tried to astral project to continue to learn about the site, and see what it had looked like in the distant past. In our astral exercises, all of us experienced super intense attacks from negative beings, which made it very difficult to get a clear experience, and confirmed the impression we got earlier from the museum: that Tiwanaku was a contested area with conflicting energies, where very spiritual and very dark forces had both resided at different times in history.

Despite the negative beings, I did manage to glimpse a few things about how Tiwanaku had been. One was the massive sculptures that are still buried at Tiwanaku, one of which had a funny looking face with wavy hair or rays. Further excavations are pretty unlikely, for political reasons, so they may never see the light of day. The other thing I glimpsed was a pyramid with a pond on top, and a statue behind it that reflected in the pond. On waking, I assumed this was probably on top of the Akapana pyramid, but I really have no idea, as there was nothing there that resembled it today. In hindsight, seeing it as it was (or may have been) was not as useful as I’d hoped. If I were to do it again, I would focus on what the site was used for rather than what it looked like.

Goseck Circle

Goseck circle from above

Goseck Circle with entrances aligned to the winter solstice sun. Photo by Pierre Lesage, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This point about discovering how a site was used was also one I learned in one of my first experiences with a sacred site. I was researching Goseck Circle in Germany, and one night found myself there in a lucid dream with a spiritual being. She pointed out to me the entryways, size, and layout of the site, and challenged me to look into how it was used. It’s something I remember anytime I contemplate the layout of a sacred site, and has helped me get many useful insights about sacred sites.

~ Julian Solros

Seeing the Sun Regularly in Lucid Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences

Since some time many of my lucid dreams or astral experiences, feature the Sun at some point, and seeing it, always increases my spiritual longing, gives me hope and I feel it helps me to maintain a heightened level of lucidity for longer periods. Sometimes the Sun is lower, and sometimes it is higher above the horizon, other times it can be covered by clouds, or it can be dim and distant. It also takes a sustained and big effort to try flying up towards the Sun and not to get distracted or to lose the sight of it. I never managed to get close to the Sun, but I will keep trying.

Humanity Turns Away From the Sun, Choosing Materialism Instead

Picture of a woman carrying shopping bags at a mall

“Humanity made a collective choice to turn away from the Sun and the spiritual and chose materialism instead.”

I have sometimes thought about man turning himself away from the Sun/God, as the Sun continuously remains at the center of the Solar System and sustains it. From memory, the Sun is 99.8% of all the mass in the Solar System. The Sun can exist without the Earth (or all the planets), while life on Earth cannot exist without the Sun’s continuous nourishment.

This topic reminds me of an astral experience I had some years ago, in which humanity made a collective choice to turn away from the Sun and the spiritual and chose materialism instead. Only a few individuals stood at a distance from the rest of humanity which was oblivious to the consequences of their tragic choice. And the demons rejoiced in unity. It was not the spiritual/Light that abandoned humanity; the Light respected free will and collective choice, even if it was to bring dire consequences to all humans.

Focusing on the Sun To Attain Spiritual Freedom From Inner Darkness

In a recent experience, relating to the influence of the Spiritual Sun, after becoming lucid and waking up in a dream, I noticed that there was the Sun in the sky and immediately I focussed my attention to it. Outstretching my arms to take in as much sunlight as it was possible and hence being illuminated by it, I started slowly ascending. The light filled me up with hope and joy; however, crowds below tried to grab my legs to pull me down back to Earth. I had to give my best to try to focus on the Sun, as without sustained focus and without the sunlight; I would succumb to the crowd below and would not have a chance to overcome what needs to be overcome to attain spiritual freedom from inner darkness.

~ Slawek

Seeing the True Nature of Things

A traditional Slavic dress

“I spotted a group of people dressed in beautiful white clothes with red ornaments, reminding me of native Slavic clothes … As I came closer though, I heard them speaking badly about the Sun. [I concluded that] sometimes whole cultures may be based on denying the spiritual importance of the Sun … even though their tradition directly stems from the Religion of the Sun”

I had an astral experience when researching a particular culture and their connections to the Religion of the Sun. I found myself in a sort of city/town, but the vibe was not good, it felt like being underground or something. Then I spotted a group of people (of that particular culture) dressed in beautiful white clothes with red ornaments, reminding me of our native Slavic clothes (even though their ornaments seemed to be different). The clothes had a really nice “emanation” to them, so I came closer to those people to explore. As I came closer though, I heard them speaking badly about the Sun, cursing and swearing, etc. As I heard it, I could not hold myself back and became quite emotional, telling them what a shame it was that with such beautiful clothes they speak in such a shameful way, and how they would be nothing without the Sun, who gives them everything they have, sustains them, etc. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear their reply as the strong emotion I felt within brought me back to my physical body shortly after that. 🙁 My conclusions from it was that sometimes whole cultures may be based on denying the spiritual importance of the Sun, or even being very negative/irritated about it, even though their tradition directly stems from the Religion of the Sun (as I think their clothes testified).

~ Lucia


Foreign Old Man

This is the story of Lingling, a Chinese girl.

One afternoon when Lingling was taking a nap, the sun was shining directly through her window onto her face. During the time when she was napping, she had a dream of where she met with someone whom she referred to as the Foreign Old Man. She saw that the Foreign Old Man was looking at her right through her window, at the place from her perspective where the sun was supposed to be, and the Foreign Old Man’s face was radiant just like the sun.

The Foreign Old Man

The foreign old man’s face was “radiant as the sun” and he had a “very powerful presence”

She told me she calls this person the Foreign Old Man, because he did not look Chinese, and had obvious features of a foreigner in the view of Chinese people. She said he looked old because he had long beard of very light color, which only an old person could have. She was confused and scared at first, and thought of talking to the Foreign Old Man in her broken English. But before she could speak, the Foreign Old Man greeted her by name, in perfect Mandarin without the slightest foreign accent. Lingling was shocked, and she asked, “Who are you? Can you please give me your name? How come you know my language so well as a foreigner?” The Foreign Old Man replied, “My name is not important, it is the message that I have come to tell you that is. You call me a foreigner, but the reality is that I am both foreign and non-foreign.” “And what does that mean?” Lingling asked. “The concepts of foreign and non-foreign are relative, you maybe non-foreign relative to this place, but you are foreign in relation to other places.” the Foreign Old Man answered.

Lingling then asked what was his message and he said what he just told her was part of his message. Lingling said, “How come you know my name?” The Foreign Old Man replied, “That is because I have always been with you.” “How come I’ve never seen you before?” “Seeing is not necessarily believing, not-seeing is not necessarily non-believing.” “Where are you from?” Lingling asked. “I am everywhere.” Said the Foreign Old Man. “What does that mean?” Lingling asked. “It means I am one and the same with all that there is, just like the energy of the sun becomes one with everything it touches. This is the way I am, and the way everyone is.” Lingling felt confused, she could not really understand what the Foreign Old Man meant by “one and the same with all that there is.” She wanted to ask, but felt embarrassed since the Foreign Old Man had a very powerful presence in front of her.

She then questioned the Foreign Old Man that if he was not foreign, then why did he have the appearance of a foreigner. The Foreign Old Man was silent. Lingling then asked if he was a Westerner because he had the appearance of one, again the Foreign Old Man remained silent. Lingling then realized it was just like he said, the concepts of foreign and non-foreign are relative. She looked carefully at the Foreign Old Man, and felt that he was just like the sun. The sun does not belong to any particular place or any group of people, it is the ultimate source of light and warmth shared by all of the world. Similarly, the radiance of the Foreign Old Man appeared to illuminate the entire world. For a moment, she was overwhelmed by the outpouring energy coming from the Foreign Old Man and had a sense of joy in her heart she never experienced before.

“Oh Wise One,” She said respectfully, “Please tell me how can I be just like you.” “Forsake all views that are dualistic in nature and realize the oneness of all phenomena.” the Foreign Old Man said. Interestingly the Foreign Old Man then went on to talk to her about the conflicts between different countries and acknowledged to her that love and understanding is the key to peaceful coexistence between all nations of the planet. Whether capitalist, socialist, or whatever, the sun shines upon all lands of the world without discrimination.

Lingling was awed by the Foreign Old Man, and again asked for his name. But the Foreign Old Man disappeared in a flash of light, leaving her staring out at her window alone. Lingling then woke up, she looked around her room, and outside the window, the sun was still shining through her window and onto her, only now at a slightly different angle. She then got up from her bed and checked her window, the glass on her window actually blocks most sounds from the outside, she wondered how she could have talked to the Foreign Old Man through the glass as if there was nothing between them at all. But since it was a dream, she didn’t give too much thoughts on that afterwards.

When she told me about this dream she said she was sure this has something to do with the Religion of The Sun, the teachings of the Foreign Old Man was so wise that she has never heard anything like it in her life before. And she could feel that he was an embodiment of the Spiritual Sun in a way.

The only sad thing here is that he didn’t tell her his name so she still doesn’t know who was this Foreign Old Man that came to her and passed on the teachings of the Religion of The Sun to her until now. When talking about this experience, she would say, “He was so amazing that even though he looked like a foreigner from the West he spoke Mandarin Chinese even better than some Chinese people that are more used to speaking regional dialects that when they do speak Mandarin, they have a really heavy accent.”

I found this interesting as well, and I also wonder who the Foreign Old Man was and how come I’ve never met someone like him. The only description of him Lingling gave me is that his face was radiant as the sun and he appeared to be an old foreigner from the West with long beard of light color. She never gave me a lot of details on the appearance of him. What can be certain is that this Foreign Old Man was clearly no ordinary being and he definitely had a connection to the Religion of The Sun in some way.

Another Dream With the Foreign Old Man

Lingling has been talking to a bunch of people about her experiences with the Foreign Old Man, but very few seem to take her words seriously and call her crazy. She was also asked why it was a “foreign” old man instead of a Chinese one since he looked like a Westerner. Lingling answered, “It also puzzles me why he looked like a Westerner…, he appeared to be a really wise person and what he said was really enlightening to me, but his appearance is something I cannot understand.” Others are firm in their belief that she made her experience up.

She became truly puzzled about the Foreign Old Man’s appearance. She told me that the Foreign Old Man came to her again in a dream and explained to her why he was Western in appearance. The Foreign Old Man used his psychic power to lift her up from her bed and transported her out of the room through the glass of her window, and took her to different times and places which she didn’t even know existed. He said something similar to what you mentioned in your video, and that was a pretty long explanation of why he looked Western in appearance. She was very surprised by the things that she was told, and refuses to reveal the details regarding it, as well as the Foreign Old Man’s name, which she has been acknowledged of this time in fear of being ridiculed again.

The Foreign Old Man showed her that there was indeed a group of people whom she described as “having the height of a building and as pale as snow”. She was also informed that these people lived in China at some point in the past. And this was a way to show that her concept of foreign and non-foreign is really relative in nature and that she really should not have called someone “foreign” solely based on the way that person looks.

I was actually thinking about what she meant by people “having the height of a building and as pale as snow”, and I tried to find some information about this, but didn’t find anything helpful until I came across this video. It’s very unlikely that she made this one up since she doesn’t have access to Youtube as most people here do and she knows almost nothing about cultures in other parts of the world, there is really no way she could gotten this information somewhere.

An artist's depiction of the target-shaped city of Atlantis

An artist’s depiction of the target-shaped city of Atlantis. Photo by Віщун, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

She was also being shown by the Foreign Old Man a city that fell into the bottom of the sea which looked like a round target. Lingling refers to this city as Target City since it was shaped just like a round target as she described. I think it is very possible that this city that she saw was Atlantis. I asked whether she knew about Atlantis, she said the only thing she knows about Atlantis is the hotel. She has never heard of a sunken city, let alone an advanced civilization in the distant past with the same name. But she was able to describe what she saw in a way that is very easy for people to visualize. She is not sure of where exactly Target City was located, but she is pretty sure that it really did exist. The Foreign Old Man also warned that if humanity as a whole do not change the way they behave, they will eventually suffer from the same misfortune as Target City.

The Foreign Old Man also told her this time that this was the last time that she will see him and hear him speaking to her. But he will always be with her, as he has always been with everyone else and everything.

Lingling actually remained speechless for a long time after she woke up from that dream, and she is still trying to make sense of what she experienced in that dream until this very moment. It’s interesting that this is a recent event which occurred around the same time that this video is being uploaded, and how Lingling was being given similar information as the content of this video.

Lingling has truly experienced the divinity of the Foreign Old Man this time and said his light and warmth are not so different from that of the sun. Even though refusing to reveal his name, Lingling did say that he was one of the Wise Ones, a term which she did not give an explanation. But in anyway this was a really inspiring and miraculous dream of hers.

~ Emily, sharing on behalf of Lingling

Sanxingdui and the Golden Sun Bird

First Experience: I had a dream where I saw people who built the site [Sanxingdui in China] performing a sacred ceremony there. I can’t remember how they looked but I was certain that these were the people who made all the amazing artifacts. Behind them was a gigantic Golden Sun Bird, with the golden rays of the sun radiating from its center. I was in total shock when I saw that in my dream and I think that’s something I would never forget.

Golden Sun Bird Symbol from Sanxingdui

A Golden Sun Bird symbol of Sanxingdui, depicting a sun in motion in the center. Photo by Siyuwj, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Second Experience: One night after I went to bed I asked the universe in my head what should I do about [a stressful family situation]. And then I had a dream where I saw something I didn’t expect to see, that was a Golden Sun Bird symbol of Sanxingdui. It was similar to the one I saw in an earlier dream with the people who possibly built it, only this time I didn’t see the site of Sanxingdui or the people at all, rather it was in a completely different dimension that was nothing like our reality, with no recognizable people or object that we are familiar in this reality, except for beams of light that appeared to be carrying some sort of spiritual energy, and right in front of me was the Golden Sun Bird symbol of Sanxingdui. It was emitting bright golden rays that were akin to that of the sun, and from the symbol came a voice that told me to “balance my Yin and Yang” and “manage the five elements”.

I didn’t know understand what that meant so I wanted to ask, the voice coming from the Golden Sun Bird seemed to possess the ability of reading my mind and said that I need to figure out the meanings on my own. I thought ok, then I asked if more secrets about Sanxingdui could be revealed to me since I still haven’t got a chance to go there(that region is still closed to tourists). I was informed that now the secrets of Sanxingdui cannot he revealed to me. I woke up confused, perhaps I was meant to actually go there and discover the secrets on my own expedition. But I’m still trying to figure out what “balancing the Yin and Yang” and “manage the five elements” have to do with the current issue that I’m facing. But I believe it was a message of guidance from the Divine and it is up to me to decipher what it means to balance my Yin and Yang and to manage the five elements.

The five elements are a part of ancient Chinese philosophy that explains many phenomena in the universe, similar to the concept of air, water, fire and earth in ancient Greece. It is a a conceptual scheme that I’m still struggling to understand personally and all of a sudden I was told to manage the five elements. I believe this is what I should do to cope with my problems and I am meant to learn about it through experience. Since the notion of the five elements came up, I think it’s also likely that this concept is connected to the Religion of The Sun in some way. But it’s unclear in what way exactly, since the exact origin of this concept is unclear, like Yin and Yang, which has popped up in many different times and places throughout China’s history. But I am determined to look into it in my future research nevertheless. What puzzles me the most at this moment though, is how exactly can I make use of this divine guidance. I could’ve asked even more questions, but since I was told I need to figure it out on my own, maybe I should just do that.

I don’t know who was the one talking to me since all that I saw was a Golden Sun Bird symbol, but I feel that I don’t really need to know, all I needed was guidance, and perhaps it is better that I don’t know the identity of whoever spoke to me in that dream. I could tell, however, that the voice was masculine in nature, and it didn’t sound threatening or intimidating, but I could sense a kind of selfless love in it. It was not the kind of love experienced by a couple in romantic relationship, neither was it the kind of love that bonds a parent to a child, but it was a love that transcends all of these, a kind of love that radiates from its source towards all living beings, just as sunlight that shines onto everything on the surface of this planet, it was truly compassionate and selfless.

~ Emily

Connections Between Ancient Sites Worldwide

Today I had a very interesting clear dream about ancient sacred sites and their connection to each other and their connection to the planet.

It was in the afternoon as I was practicing to astral project. After I relaxed my body and focused my mind, I went into sleep fairly quickly and woke up after a nice nap without any projections or dreams that I could remember. I decided to try again and at the same time it had already started to rain. My roof allows to hear the rain quite clearly and for me it is a pleasant sound, so I decided to focus more intensely on the rain and all the various sounds it makes.

An image of the globe with a line connecting through a number of different sacred sites

There are many ancient sacred sites that align to each other around the globe, sometimes over vast distances. Image taken from Google Earth.

I found myself on a large plateau with a clear view in all directions. In a very peculiar way in the dream I was shown, and distinctly felt, how ancient sites are related to each other and also why their locations and size are very important.

In the dream I understood that in very ancient times, sacred sites were placed on the planet according to a specific grid that connects them according to higher knowledge. It became also instantly clear that there are no straight lines on earth, but curved closed forms, like circles and ellipses.

The alignments of sacred sites seem also to depend on the size of these closed forms and their specific location relative to the earth. The closed forms are part of a larger blueprint of a specific grid and there is a reason why the sites were placed on this grid, which from the dream I could not decipher completely.

I woke up with a feeling of joy and wonder. I also focused to stay only with the information from the dream and not allow my mind to go on intellectual tangents, because thoughts of ley lines and ‘the way of Viracocha’, already popped in my mind after I woke up, but they seemed to feel incomplete, fragmented in their spiritual message.

Some of the information as described above may be known knowledge to some people, but to receive it in a special way that I have never thought of, through a dream, makes the knowledge much more profound.

I was left with a sense of wonder to try to explore more and learn more of this interconnectedness of sacred sites of ancient antiquity.


Spiritual Beings From Different Traditions Watching Over Humanity

The Sun God Ra

The Egyptian sun god Ra, with a sun disk and the head of a bird. Photo by User:Perhelion, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In one dream a voice told me that the issue involving Russia and Ukraine is “much more complicated” than what people of the world think, and those who we consider to be our enemy may not really be the way we think they are.

The voice said that most people on this planet are living in delusion, and the real enemy is hidden in the dark, which can be really sinister and hard to spot. I think it is similar to what Lara said before that there are some invisible dark forces that are working behind the scenes in order to achieve their agenda. Also, I have been informed that many of the terrible things which are happening in this world are signs that we are approaching the end of this era, such as the pandemic that has devastated the global society in recent years, as well as the ever-increasing natural disasters that are happening around the world. The volcano eruption in Tonga a while ago was “Certainly not the first one of its kind, and there will be more.”

Also, I saw something profound in my dream, one time there was a being, which I believe to have been an Egyptian deity, who had the head of a bird, and on top of its head was the sun. That being, along with a few others around him that had similar looks to him, had a very strong presence.

Next to the Egyptian ones there were also beings from European mythologies which I cannot name since I haven’t done much research into them. There were also beings from many other traditions which I cannot name and they all stood in a line behind the bronze tree of Sanxingdui, with the symbol of the Golden Sun Bird on top of it. Among them, the Japanese goddess Amaterasu walked to me and said to me, with her soft and gentle voice, “You are seeing us here. We are all one and the same and we have been observing humanity for eons.”

She also addressed my Japanese friend, who has been wanting to see her but couldn’t do it because she isn’t ready to meet her, however there is something she wants to let her know so she needs someone to relay this message to my Japanese friend. That is to meditate on how Izanagi and Izanami gave birth to her. If my Japanese friend does that she might as well fulfill her wish of seeing her.

She also mentioned the age-old conflict between China and Japan, “As with all conflicts, this issue must be resolved, and the religion of truth is the key. ” I asked her, “What is your stand on this issue? Are you pro-Japan? Since you are Japanese? ” She did not answer. The sentence: “When you observe the Earth from space, you see no border between countries, just chunks of lands and oceans” popped up in my head. She also said that everything the Land of Rising Sun is famous for in the world today, such as technology and anime, are leading the country away from its spiritual origins and that people must return to spirituality in order to rediscover themselves.

After saying these words she walked back into the line they were standing in and all of them ascended and disappeared into what I perceived to be the halo of the sun above my head. All that was left in front of me was the bronze tree of Sanxingdui and the Golden Sun Bird on top of it. Something told me that there is a lot more to China’s ancient history than what my people realize, and if I touch the bronze tree I will find out more (this is interesting since in the real world those bronze trees, along with other artifacts are being displayed in a museum where you are not allowed to touch them). I slowly walked towards the bronze tree but just when I reached out my hand to touch it, my connection to the astral realm / dream world was lost and I woke up.

~ Emily

Waking Life

Spiritual Calling from Sanxingdui

Artifacts found at Sanxingdui

Mysterious artifacts found at Sanxingdui, including golden masks with extraterrestrial-like features, a bronze sun wheel and a large sacred tree reminiscent of world trees in other traditions. Photography credits from top to bottom: momo, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image by Gary Todd. Tyg728, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How I started my research on this subject matter is also very interesting. I first learned about this site [Sanxingdui in China] when I saw a recommendation on my phone of an article that talks about this site. It seemed weird at first for it to be in my recommendation since I have never heard about Sanxingdui before, and there’s no way that I could’ve searched it on the web, so there’s no way that algorithm chose this article for me by pulling information from my search history.

Even the conspiracy theory that suggests my phone is listening to me could not explain this strange recommendation since I didn’t even know about the existence of Sanxingdui, although I have searched the Religion of The Sun, it was only after reading the article that I made the connection between that archaeological site and the Religion of The Sun. I thought, “Oh, this is weird. I don’t know what Sanxingdui is, but somehow I got this recommendation, let me check it out.”

After reading it I was really shocked about what has been found there, and after digesting the information that I took in for a bit, I realized that whoever built this site may have practiced the Religion of The Sun. I decided that I needed to look more into this somehow, but wasn’t planning on this trip. It was when my Japanese friend suggested why don’t we both go to our home countries and look for traces of the Religion of The Sun there? At first I was a little bit hesitant about it but soon something seemed to have gave me assurance that I should go. I don’t know what it was but I had a strong sense of “This is what I must do”. And I also seemed to know that other than Sanxingdui, there are many fragmented pieces of the solar religion in my culture as well. So I was compelled by a very unexplainable force that told me to do what I do.

I now believe it was a message from the divine that guided me on this mission. Now as I’m feeling a connection to it that is only getting deeper, I feel that this was all meant to happen. People asked me things like, “You decided to travel to the other side of the world to do research just because of a randomly recommended article on your phone? What made you make such a decision?” My answer has been that I believe it was the call of the spiritual which brought me to where I am now. It is hard to describe it and hard for others to believe. But it’s just as real as anything you can see, hear or touch. Those who are able to feel it feel it as clear as day.

~ Emily

Solstice and Equinox Celebrations

Connecting with Väinämöinen

Väinämöinen statue

A statue of Väinämöinen playing the kantele. Photo by L30rus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A few weeks ago, on the autumn equinox, my husband and I did a ceremony from the book Ancient Solstice, adapted for my Finnish tradition. I followed the basic ceremony outline from the book together with the amazingly beautiful ceremony for Odin, modifying it for Väinämöinen’s mythology. Having read quite a bit about him, and many scholars having found amazing parallels between him and Odin, I had been wondering if he was a real divine being like Odin, or even the same as him. Though not knowing I wasn’t sure if I should try to connect with him.

So this felt like a chance to see. Not being in Finland, we chose a local Thracian ancient sacred site to do it in. There were many delays and problems however, so when the time was getting closer to start the ceremony, I had all these worries and bad feelings, though the place, ancient rocks, nature, clear sky and golden sun, were so beautiful and peaceful. But after the ceremony, it was all gone.

We all of us shared how we felt a strong, unexpected peace that seemed to come from outside of ourselves, that wiped the bad feelings and thoughts away. Our cousin was there too and she felt the same, though it was her first time and she had never even heard of Väinämöinen before.

I’ve done ceremonies before, but this peace was unique, and I feel that Väinämöinen gave it to us. It confirmed to me that he is real. I realized that I now feel a strong connection and love towards him (and I’m not someone who feels this easily) – for what he is, what he did for me, and for the Finnish people.

~ Laura

Spiritual Presence at the Winter Solstice

A pine tree in the sun

“In another winter solstice ceremony I felt connection and a feeling of closeness to the Divine Father … [who was] symbolized by a pine tree”. Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

Thinking about experiences connected to the religion of the Sun, one of the first things that come to mind would be the ceremonies. At first I wasn’t quite sure how to approach them, but with time and experience it became clear how special the equinoxes and solstices are and how preparing and conducting a ceremony helped me to tap into these magical times, each ceremony bringing something new and helping me see different things.In a particular winter solstice ceremony that I was part of I had an intense feeling of spiritual presence, it was like the sacred circle was separated from the physical world and was elevated into a more spiritual realm, at the same time the words spoken resonated not only in the space around, but I felt like they were reverberating in the whole world.In another winter solstice ceremony I felt connection and a feeling of closeness to the Divine Father, in that particular ceremony this spiritual principle was symbolized by a pine tree that was to my right, and at a point in the ceremony I could feel His presence there. It made me want to stay in inner silence, so I can feel this beautiful spiritual presence for as long as possible.

~ Pavlin

Another Experience of Spiritual Presence at the Winter Solstice

A stone circle in the sun

The sun shining on a ceremonial stone circle in the forest. Photo by Maria Teresa Satta, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On winter solstice this year I went up to our ceremonial circle a bit earlier than everyone else to set up a few final things before our ceremony at sunrise. Our circle was at the top of a hill in a forested area – a spot I visit often in general. When I arrived there that morning I unexpectedly became enveloped in a feeling of complete serenity and peace. There was stillness all around me, and inside me there was this unusual and very powerful stillness also – a sense of “presence” this strong I’ve only experienced a handful of times in my life. I carried that feeling with me as others arrived to join me and into the ceremony where we greeted the winter sun.

~ Jenny