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Blessed equinox! I’ve just released a video about the ancient spiritual meaning of the spring equinox.

We show for the first time how ancient sites across the world, that were aligned to the spring equinox, encode the same spiritual meaning connected to the theme of spiritual resurrection. We first published these ideas in 2011 and they can be found in more detail in our book Ancient Solstice.

In this video I talk about the ancient sites, traditions, and myths of the spring equinox to uncover their deeper spiritual meaning and relevance today.

The spring equinox was one of the largest religious occasions in ancient times and still is. Many ancient cultures throughout the world venerated the sun at the spring equinox. Millions still celebrate it according to their ancient traditions, and billions commemorate Easter around the time of the spring equinox, although its deeper significance has largely been lost. What is the spiritual meaning of the spring equinox, and why was it so important to ancient people?

In this video, I delve into these questions. I discuss many examples of ancient sites aligned to the equinox, exploring the symbolism contained in some of the most enigmatic examples, including Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Great Sphinx in Egypt, Knowth in Ireland, Monk’s Mound in Illinois USA, Tikal in Guatemala, and Nebelivka Temple in Ukraine. I talk about how its celebration was an important part of an ancient Religion of the Sun that spread to different parts of the world in prehistory. I also look at the deeper spiritual meaning of Easter, the world’s biggest celebration held around the spring equinox.

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This turned out to be quite a big project that took over a month to put together. There is so much to understand about the meaning of all the sites and traditions connected to the spring equinox, that it’s hard to convey it all. The ancient sites that align to it, like the Sphinx at Giza and Angkor Wat, are the most complex in the world. So it’s hard to do them justice without it being too overwhelming for people. There is so much wisdom in these ancient places!

Lots of thanks to give. Thank you to Mark, whose work has made understanding these times of year in such depth possible. Thank you to the team at the publisher – Thanks to David for organizing, finding, and creating many of the images, of which there are over 200! And thank you to the team who pulled together and helped find them. Thank you Dara for creating the beautiful thumbnail, for creating many of the beautiful diagrams, especially of the astrological alignments of the Sphinx. Thank you Julian for your beautiful artwork – especially of the Orion and Milky Way Giza correlation, and the Sphinx Regulus ecliptic correlation. Thank you Jordan for your tireless work on putting together all the credits, and to Jenny for doing all the background admin bits and pieces that are so needed. And thank you Jon for the amazing work of editing it with so many special touches so it all comes together.

Thank you also to all of you who’ve supported us and the publisher to make this video possible. Many more just like it are on the way! (although I don’t think they will take as long as this one!)

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy time over the equinox, with much understanding of what this special time really means.