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Happy solstice! I’ve released a video for it, about the ancient spiritual meaning of the winter solstice.

I talk about the ancient sites, traditions, and myths of the winter solstice to uncover their deeper spiritual meaning and relevance today.

It’s amazing to realize that the winter solstice was the largest religious occasion in ancient times, and still is now. Many ancient cultures throughout the world venerated the sun at the winter solstice. Millions still honor it according to their ancient traditions, and billions celebrate Christmas at the time of winter solstice. So why is the winter solstice such an important event and what is its spiritual meaning?

To answer this, I delve into the celebration of the winter solstice throughout history. I give many examples of ancient sites aligned to the solstice, exploring the symbolism contained in some of prehistory’s most enigmatic examples, including Karnak in Egypt – the world’s largest temple complex – as well as Newgrange in Ireland, Glastonbury Tor in England, and Tiwanaku in Bolivia.

I talk about its relationship to the cycles of nature, and how its celebration was an integral part of an ancient religion of the sun that spread to different parts of the world in prehistory. I also look at the deeper spiritual meaning of Christmas, the world’s biggest celebration held at the winter solstice.

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It’s been a long time between videos. Mark and I have been working on books during this time. Our next upcoming book is finally now ready for formatting, and should be available sometime between February – March 2024.

I’ll be taking a week’s break after the long stretch of finishing the book, and will then be getting back into more videos in the new year.

Thank you to those of you who made this video possible. Thank you to the team at the publisher for all their work in finding and buying images and footage (and to those who pitched in and helped), to Dara for the thumbnail, and to Jon for editing it all together. Thank you also to those of you who’ve been supporting us and the publisher.

I wish everyone a lovely solstice time and holiday break. I hope you enjoy it, and that it’s full of profound meaning and inspiration.