The Ancient Religion of the Sun by Lara Atwood

The Ancient Religion of the Sun

Throughout much of the ancient world the sun was used as the supreme symbol of divinity, megaliths and temples were aligned to the sun, and sun gods who traveled the oceans were seen as the founders of religions and civilization. In this book, ancient accounts from across the world are brought together to tell the story of our sacred past, not as a mythology, but based on real people and real events. Find out why common symbols, megaliths, religions, and mythologies can be found in so many disparate parts of the world, and why the sun was revered as the most prolific sacred symbol in history.

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About the Book

The ancient Religion of the Sun has been one of the most powerful influencers on human history. It was practiced by a lost civilization tens of thousands of years ago, which influenced the major civilizations of the ancient world that venerated the sun. It gave rise to many of the world’s most famous ancient sites and some of its most revered wisdom traditions.
The book traces its origins by exploring some of the most ancient sacred texts and indigenous histories on Earth. It examines its reestablishment following the global flood at the end of the last ice age, as well as its founders, many of whom are remembered as the greatest spiritual figures and teachers in history. It also explores the lost civilization they helped initiate, from which the major civilizations of the ancient world arose, and our own civilization grew.
Packed with photos and illustrations, along with quotes from ancient texts and modern researchers, this book is based on real textual, historical, archeological, linguistic, and genetic evidence, and is for anyone wishing to learn about the history of the ancient Religion of the Sun.

From the Book

“Most people are somewhat familiar with the notion that people in the past worshipped the sun. And, many believe they did this because their understanding of the universe was much more simplistic than our own. But actually, it’s quite the reverse. It is our understanding of them and of the spiritual nature of the universe that is so simplistic as to have overlooked the depth and meaning behind the ancient veneration of the sun. […]
Although I use the phrase “sun worship,” the veneration of the sun in more spiritually-advanced cultures was not a dumb devotion to the physical element. Instead, the sun was seen as and used to symbolize the supreme manifestation of the divine, as the greatest source of light and life. It was used not only as a symbol of the divine existing in the world around us, but also within us, as our own spiritual and eternal Being. The ancient Religion of the Sun was a great body of knowledge and metaphysical practice that taught someone how to realize this divinity within themselves and reunite with their higher Being, symbolized by the sun.”

~ Lara Atwood – The Ancient Religion of the Sun

Topics Covered

  • Why many ancient people venerated the sun
  • What the ancient Religion
    of the Sun is
  • When and where the ancient Religion of the Sun originated
  • Unraveling mysteries of giants, elongated skulls, the golden age, divine kings and lost civilizations
  • Who founded the ancient Religion of the Sun
  • How many ancient gods were real people
  • The reality behind many indigenous oral histories
  • Linguistic, archeological, textual, historical, and genetic evidence
  • Why the same pyramid and megalith designs can be found across the world
  • Accounts of the Religion of the Sun from Egyptian, Vedic, Mesopotamian, Persian, North American, Easter Islander, Central and South American, Germanic/Nordic, and Slavic cultures
  • Modern pagan revivals

About the Author

Lara Atwood is a researcher and practitioner of the Religion of the Sun, which she first began researching and writing about in 2011 and has been dedicated to ever since. She runs the website where she presents her findings (“sakro sawel” means “sacred sun” in the Proto-Indo-European language).

Why I Don’t Receive Royalties

I believe spirituality is not something you can price tag, and that it should be passed onto others just as freely as it’s received. I work in the ancient and time-honored way of running on what people give voluntarily in donations alone and receive no money from the sale of this book. Its price is set to cover costs, and any excess made goes toward covering publishing costs.
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