Throughout much of the ancient world the sun was used as the supreme symbol of divinity, megaliths and temples were aligned to the sun, and sun gods who traveled the oceans were seen as the founders of religions and civilization. In this book, ancient accounts from across the world are brought together to tell the story of our sacred past, not as a mythology, but based on real people and real events. Find out why common symbols, megaliths, religions, and mythologies can be found in so many disparate parts of the world, and why the sun was revered as the most prolific sacred symbol in history.


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About the Book

The ancient Religion of the Sun has been one of the most powerful influencers on human history. It was practiced by a lost civilization tens of thousands of years ago, which influenced the major civilizations of the ancient world that venerated the sun. It gave rise to many of the world’s most famous ancient sites and some of its most revered wisdom traditions.

The book traces its origins by exploring some of the most ancient sacred texts and indigenous histories on Earth. It examines its reestablishment following the global flood at the end of the last ice age, as well as its founders, many of whom are remembered as the greatest spiritual figures and teachers in history. It also explores the lost civilization they helped initiate, from which the major civilizations of the ancient world arose, and our own civilization grew.
Packed with photos and illustrations, along with quotes from ancient texts and experts, this book is based on real textual, historical, archeological, linguistic, and genetic evidence, and is for anyone wishing to learn about the history of the ancient Religion of the Sun.

From the Book

“Most people are somewhat familiar with the notion that people in the past worshipped the sun. And, many believe they did this because their understanding of the universe was much more simplistic than our own. But actually, it’s quite the reverse. It is our understanding of them and of the spiritual nature of the universe that is so simplistic as to have overlooked the depth and meaning behind the ancient veneration of the sun. […]
Although I use the phrase “sun worship,” the veneration of the sun in more spiritually-advanced cultures was not a dumb devotion to the physical element. Instead, the sun was seen as and used to symbolize the supreme manifestation of the divine, as the greatest source of light and life. It was used not only as a symbol of the divine existing in the world around us, but also within us, as our own spiritual and eternal Being. The ancient Religion of the Sun was a great body of knowledge and metaphysical practice that taught someone how to realize this divinity within themselves and reunite with their higher Being, symbolized by the sun.”

~ Lara Atwood – The Ancient Religion of the Sun

Topics Covered

  • Why people venerated the sun
  • What the ancient Religion
    of the Sun is
  • Where it originated from
  • Who its founders were
  • How it spread across the world
  • Why the same megalithic sites and pyramids are found worldwide
  • Why ancient religions venerated the sun and are similar to one another
  • Why the same symbols are found across the globe
  • How ancient gods like Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, and Odin, were real people
  • Who built many of the world’s greatest ancient sites using linguistic, archeological, and genetic evidence
  • Indigenous accounts of the religion of the sun
  • The religion of the “golden age”
  • The origin of divine sun kings
  • Jesus and sun worship
  • Pagan revivals and how the Religion of the Sun is making a comeback
  • Atlantis
  • The evidence for Atlantis in ancient texts and geology
  • Hyperborea
  • Shambhala
  • Giants and the Religion of the Sun
  • The Annunaki, Nephilim, Daityas, and Titans
  • Elongated skulls
  • The meaning of the third eye

Book Reviews From Amazon

A hidden history of humanity that is relative today.

This book explores the hidden history of humanity through innumerable research and study of ancient texts and archaeological evidence. Imagine Indiana Jones correlating every piece of physical, written and oral history of ancient civilisations and uncovering a worldwide Religion of the Sun where all these amazing megalithic sites align to important Solar times of the year such as solstices and equinoxes. It would make an entertaining movie and stimulate the imagination of what was this mysterious past. Yet, it’s all completely true!

The Author has painstakingly researched and articulated this prodigious amount of information for a common reader like me to look into the distant past and explore these histories that time has forgotten. The rise and fall of civilisations and those who sought to guide them along a higher way of existence encapsulated within a Solar religion is not just an academically interesting read but one that is incredibly relative to each individual. Take a journey into the past and within yourself and explore the past in the present!

This book changed my view on history

Although this book is about an ancient religion, I haven’t been interested in religion for as long as I can remember. Especially after I did some research into one of the mayor religions of this world and its profound influence throughout history. I could not see how religion could give real truths after centuries of moulding the world in its own image, but I guess I was proven wrong.

This book has particularly raised my interest, because it seemed to explain the true function of religion and convey a more spiritual message within the context of a very ancient religion and civilisation. After reading this book, my view on the true meaning of religion has radically changed and I understand that the origins of religion was to connect us, normal mortals, with the divine and other spiritual realms. The content of the book paints a very clear and practical picture of the true purpose of religion within a historical context from the beginnings of our age up until the modern day.

My experience while reading this book was learning quite profound and interesting historical aspects that take into account a religion and civilisation, now long gone, that was technologically and spiritually far more advanced that laid the foundation to generations to come. Nowadays millions of people are interested in ancient technology, sacred sites, pyramids all over the world and the struggle to find our true origins. I have visited some of the sites mentioned in the book, but it seems they really come to life after reading this book. I finally found a tapestry of very interesting connections that give a broader picture of our ancient history.

It is my own opinion that the writer has gone further and deeper and touches the core of where all these ancient mysteries came from, where we come from, how it is connected to so many places around the world and the influence it has on our current day. By explaining the ancient religion and civilisation of the Sun, backed up with scientific research and ancient texts, I found this read very inspirational, logical and a fresh perspective that motivates me to explore more of the mystical ancient sites and human history.

Excellent addition to our library

A very thought provoking, well researched and original treatise on the Ancients.

Very informative, hard to put down

Such a fascinating look into the ancient people of the past and the religion of the sun.

Well supported evidence of how civilization developed after the great flood

It gives context to how many ancient sacred sites, teachings, civilizations, religions and spiritual practices started. The Ancient Religion of the Sun explains how survivors from the great flood helped establish civilization and religion. I am amazed that sacred sites from around the world have so many things in common. The ancient religion of the sun is where everything started, and every ancient civilization carries references of it. This book has changed the way I see the world.

Travelling back in time to uncover our earth's spiritual history.... and bringing it back!

This book will no doubt challenge you to reconsider your views of our ancient past. But at the same time it’ll show how it’s so much more amazing than we could’ve believed, and what magnificent knowledge existed on our ancient planet. This book and work has greatly fuelled my inspiration so I eagerly recommend it.

Let’s get right to it: Many feel mysteriously drawn to ancient civilisations, their pyramids, their megalithic structures, their elusive symbols. Distant in time, yet somehow having a closeness to us. There’s something there and it’s somehow related to us figuring out about life today.

What is that?

In the book ‘The Ancient Path of the Sun’, co-authored by Lara Atwood, the deeper religious understanding of divinity and life by ancient peoples is explained.

In the ‘The Ancient Religion of the Sun’ author and researcher Lara Atwood takes it further, tracing the history of: What this ancient religion of the sun is, who the beings were that originally taught it, and what these civilizations were that took it around the world. It kept me reading and reading as it takes you to places like Easter Island, the Americas, prehistoric Europe, Mesopotamia, Siberia, all around the globe really :-)! It’ll bring up inspiring Norse/Germanic mythology, traditions of the Slavic peoples, looks at profound Hindu, Egyptian, Taoist and Norse texts, it compares megalithic sites found all over the world. Other topics in this book include pre-flood civilization (Atlantis), great cataclysms, Giants, people with elongated skulls (like the Paracas) and much more. +

Oh a major FYI = This book comes with some hugely inspiring videos. They’re freely available on Youtube under the name Sakro Sawel.

This printed work, which is beautifully laid out, is of course able to delve deeper. It includes plenty of images, custom illustrations, maps, comparisons of cultures and ancient quotes — all very relevant to the various epic topics under investigation.

The great explorer Thor Heyerdahl is cited and Graham Hancock’s work is also taken into account, among many others. But it’s obvious the author has very keenly made the effort in her research, and this must’ve been a lot of work, to find primary source material and shine her own understanding on to it.

I feel I can say a lot about this book, too much even, but this is just a review to give you some idea.

It has not only changed my views of the past completely, more importantly it has ignited that latent and dormant interest in me about that ancient-core-spiritual presence on our planet earth. Our ancestors, our past!
That’s what I personally appreciate greatly, that this book with its key uncoverings, has given me the opportunity to actively investigate this lost history myself. That ancient knowledge has become alive, and it is real. It greatly aids in being able to understand life and the cosmos, and just as this deep knowledge was understood by some in the past, so too it can help us in our spiritual journey today.

Rediscovering an ancient religion which can still be practiced today

It’s a well-written book, which means for me that I can thoroughly understand it’s content. Also means that the topics are covered in depth and supported from many scientific and not, evidence which also counts on its credibility.

Even though the acceptance/understanding of the content about the spiritual aspects of this religion has to do also with the reader’s background, the key components are clearly explained and the references to another book “The Ancient Path of the Sun” (which I have also read) explain more in-depth this aspect.

I think this is the only book that covers this topic so well and highlights its sources which are scattered, other hidden and other nearly lost around the world and other more well-known from Martin Doutre, Thor Heyerdahl, David Frawley, Graham Hancock, Gordon Kennedy and others.

I would say that is more a historical research book which has nothing less than a great academic study/paper to be compared with.

Very nice Book

Very informative book.
Good print, nice paper and good presentation. It seems author has done lot of research before presenting this book.
Prompt delivery in good packing.

Groundbreaking! Well worth the read

While I am sill reading this book, I felt how important it is, that I thought I had to come and review it – Just from within the first chapter (there are 5 main chapters, but each with several sub-sections), I am finding groundbreaking information on the ancient religion of the sun, and how it can be traced back to many thousand of years, through various culture and all around the world. I am really liking the factual and common sense approach that author and researcher Lara Atwood walks us through in this new book, and I am simply amazed by some of the content that really should be more widely-known. So far, I’ve found the ancient texts quotes to be very on point and really giving me much food for thought and making me realize how little do I / we know in general about our true history, and how much is actually hidden in plain sight. This book feels like a veil has been lifted and it is letting the light shining through.

Enjoyed it very much

I’m not sure I believe everything in it, but it was a lot of fun, and definitely contained a lot of truth. Now that I’m done with it, I miss it.

About the Author

Lara Atwood is a researcher and practitioner of the Religion of the Sun, which she first began researching and writing about in 2011 and has been dedicated to ever since. She runs the website where she presents her findings (“sakro sawel” means “sacred sun” in the Proto-Indo-European language).

Why I Don’t Receive Royalties

I believe spirituality is not something you can price tag, and that it should be passed onto others just as freely as it’s received. I work in the ancient and time-honored way of running on what people give voluntarily in donations alone and receive no money from the sale of this book. Its price is set to cover costs, and any excess made goes toward covering publishing costs.
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