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Q: Just wondering what religion you are? and what are the I assume altar pieces behind you?

Lara: I practice the Religion of the Sun. To my left is a hand carved wooden solar cross, with a triskele style symbol in the center. To my right is a hand carved statue of Odin/Wotan with the valknut symbol on his chest. Then there is a brass symbol of the sun with 12 rays. There are also 3 candles in handmade wooden holders, along with an incense burner.


“Global civilization” not necessarily people worshiped sun because it is very useful. Isn’t it obviously that we humans tend to make god of everything that is useful to us…???? That doesn’t mean that Europeans sun worshipers influenced the native American sun worshipers or even Asian sun worshipers for that matter.

If it was only venerating the sun that was shared in common, that would be true, but there is far more shared in common in the cases I’m talking about than that – there is a body of esoteric knowledge, symbols, megalith and pyramid building techniques etc. that are shared also. In the cases that I am talking about, the sun was a symbol of a shared ancient religion – the religion of the sun.


Might it be though, that rather than having a common origin, these similarities are better explained as simply stemming from nature itself? That is, these different peoples were all harvesting crops with similar growth cycles, living with the same 4 seasons under the same sun.

When I started researching this, around 7 years ago, I thought the similarities were based on different peoples making the same observations and also tapping into the same spiritual wisdom. Now, through comparing ancient legends, oral histories, shared symbols, ancient sites (which used the same building methods etc.), and more, I can see there is absolutely no way it is can be put down to coincidence or shared observation. In fact, the histories of many different ancient peoples say it’s not – they state that a wisdom bringer accompanied by a number of sages, helpers etc., set out on a mission to spread the religion of the sun throughout the world, along with the knowledge of civilization. Remarkably, their stories correlate, even though they are told by indigenous peoples separated by continents and oceans.


The sun provided for the benefit of northern people but to worship of is plain stupid

Many ancient people were not worshiping the sun itself – they understood that spiritual principles are imbued in the natural world, and that the physical sun was the material manifestation of the central invisible sacred sun. Sun, stars, and fire, were all seen as manifestations of spiritual light, which is why so many offshoots of the ancient religion of the sun, such as the Vedic/Hindu religion, the Druids, the Zoroastrians etc. incorporated these elements so centrally into their ceremonies. It can be hard to comprehend this today, as the spiritual senses that allow the perception of these higher subtle truths have atrophied. It is possible however, to reawaken these perceptions to allow someone to again see the world as many of our ancient ancestors did.


I find this fascinating. If you are correct in what you are presenting, sun worshippers, regardless of where they are on earth, have much in common. But, what caused sun worship to stop? Even if ragnarok happened and most inhabitants of the earth were lost, some survived. It would make sense that surviving peoples would continue as they did previously. Perhaps they would need to learn how to communicate with one another due to language barriers, but would eventually come to realise they had common beliefs and work to rebuild together. Thanks for the info. Do you hope to revive sun worshippers as a way to unite pagans from all cultures?

In answer to your question, here are a couple of statistics. About 84% of the world’s population follows a religion of some kind. Over half of these (around 4.1 billion people) are Christian or Muslim, with Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world. Only 0.01% of the world’s population identify as Neo-Pagan. If you include other religions that descended from the religion of the sun, including the Zoroastrians and Hindus etc. that number goes up to a little over 15%. Considering we’re in the vast minority on earth, it make sense that we understand our common source and unite around it, while still preserving our unique cultural differences. “Sun worship” stopped, as the numbers may tell you, because it was brutally suppressed and wiped out. This here then is an attempt to revive it in a very real sense. If you want to understand a bit more about how the religion of the sun was wiped out, I’d recommend watching my video on ‘The Lost Civilization of the Sun’


Very nice dress, seriously. On another note: germanic religion is said to be syncretic in nature and it is more than a thousand years old. Would a new attempt of creating a “modernized” syncretic spirituality make sense ? I am talking about a more practical spirituality in regard to the very real threats that we face today in Europe and northern America.

Yes, I think it is very needed. In my research, I have found that many ancient religions (but not all), including the Germanic religion, have a very ancient and common root. So in that sense, a syncretic religion already exists if you trace back ancient knowledge far enough. What I am doing, is helping to revive this religion in modern times so that it can be practiced today as it was originally. This has required researching the common branches of this religion i.e. of the Druids, the Norse, the Indo-Aryans (Vedic and Avestan), ancient Egyptian, Guanche, etc., and then tracing them as far back to the original source as possible.


This is all speculation, nothing more.

Perhaps it’s not clear from the video, but I’ve been researching this topic over the last 7 years – also drawing from authors who’ve dedicated their careers to tracing the remnants of different lost civilizations throughout the world. Everything in the video is based upon hard evidence and facts – whether artifacts, oral histories of indigenous peoples, ancient sites, genetic testing, and ancient texts.


Unfortunately “Jesus Christ” was an artifact commissioned by the Flavian emperors and authored by their tame Jew, Josephus. The purpose was to create a kinder, gentler Messiah for the remaining Jews to follow following the horrors of the Maccabean revolt. That these parallels exist was a deliberate necessity, for the prophecies to be fulfilled in order for the Jesus character to be accepted as a Messiah. “Jesus Christ” was a work of fiction, a Roman propaganda creation.

There is a vast body of literature that records discussions between Jesus and the disciples, which was never included in the Bible, and was suppressed by the early Church (and the Romans). It can be found in the ancient texts – the Nag Hammadi Library, Pistis Sophia, the Gospel of Judas and many others. From my research, I’ve seen that Jesus himself was not a creation, but that the image the early Church (along with the Roman government) tried to paint of him was. They did this by persecuting his real followers out of existence, suppressing almost all the texts about him, and combining a few texts that record the events of his life in with the Old Testament and the teachings of Paul (some of which are forgeries). This has made it so that the real Jesus is one that almost hardly anyone knows about.


Good presentation. I only found your channel after someone, or something, spoke to me in a dream. I think more people are waking up. It could be the only way to cease the endless wars.

That’s really interesting a dream led you here. Someone else in the comments ended up here after they dreamt about Odin, and another after Odin led them out of a coma.


Where can i purchase a pendant like the one you are wearing?

Everything I’m wearing – clothes and jewellery, as well as the items behind me, I bought on which is a place where you can buy directly from local artisans and craftspeople. There are a lot of artists in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Russia, who are selling pendants like mine. Just search ‘swastika pendant’ on there for example, and you’ll find lots of them.


I love your videos but these are very outrageous claims. You should provide peer reviewed sources, I can’t just believe whatever someone says. There are hundreds of explanations for the ancient world and its connections/similarities. You have people who claim its all aliens even. I hope im not watching just another collection of conspiracy videos.

I completely understand, and am the same way. I’ve spent years researching this now; it’s just too difficult to go into sources in a short video like this, but everything I talk about is in my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun, which is fully referenced with over 1,300 references. In terms of research, here are a few of my favorite sources: Martin Doutré of, Graham Hancock (his books Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods), Randal Carlson, and the work of Thor Heyerdahl. Of course, there are many others too numerous to name. I also go to the primary sources as much as I can, which are the ancient texts, documented oral histories, and accounts of ancient explorers. I also reference numerous papers and studies on linguistics, genetics, and geology. Some of the evidence, such as the spread of Indo-European languages, is already widely accepted. Dr. David Frawley provides insights into the Vedic evidence for a global religion of the sun, and Richard Cassaro has done a great job of bringing together the evidence for a lost global civilization using images. My main interest in all of this is the actual practice of the ancient religion of the sun, which is what my husband has uncovered, and enabled this research to come together coherently.

Sakro Sawel Thanks for replying. The video is old but you still replied. Most people wouldnt do that.


I’ve reached many of the same conclusions myself during my comparative mythology investigations. The oldest known hakenkreuz (Svastika), an Original Solar representation, was found in Mezine, Ukraine; dated to around 10,000 BCE. It’s an amazing find and adds to the other evidence that our Solar religion is far older than most “academics” give credit. I agree fully that Votan, Quetzalcóatl, Kukulcán, Viracocha, Wotan, Óðinn. WoðanaZ, are the same being.

Sounds like you’ve done some good and solid research. It’s clear that those who search for the truth with an open mind will inevitably arrive to the same place.


This is fascinating.  There is indeed a crucial part of human civilization and more specifically, European civilization, that is being kept hidden from us.

Yes, it is a massive part of the history of human civilization, and it is being kept hidden from us.


What do it mean when you dream about Odin?

I personally believe Odin was part of the group of wisdom bringers who set out thousands of years ago to re-initiate civilization after a global catastrophe and reseed spiritual knowledge around the world. This spiritual knowledge was the Religion of the Sun, which is evidenced as being practiced across the world in ancient times. If he has appeared to you in a dream, I would say he has come to you as he did back then, thousands of years ago, to people all over the world – to bring you to the Religion of the Sun.

Sakro Sawel thank you very much for the information and please keep up the good work


This is fantastic , this night l dreamt of a black beautiful Raven, first time in my life. I have been wating for a long time for you and your new video… Writing with my left hand because yesterday me and my family had a fire in our apartment, my family members are ok but mt rigth hand was badly burnt. Maybe you have to sacrifice something to gain knowledge and wisdom

I hope you heal well and soon. I’ve read that Odin was sought especially for healing by peoples in ancient Europe. Perhaps the raven in your dream was there to show you that Odin is watching over you, which may also have been timed to appear the night before you saw this video to further impress this upon you. It is my experience that we do always have to sacrifice something to gain knowledge and wisdom – particularly attachments to material things, base pleasures and pastimes, and our own lower selves.

thank you Sakro Sawel, I have to admit your words made tears from my eyes. Oden Wotan Uotan want me make the connection that my belief is true and to show me that he is there. Thank you


Who are the Seers and Sages watching over us and how would one connect with them? The ones referred to as overlooking humanity.

In my experience, these seers and sages are people through history who walked the path of the sacred sun and attained enlightenment. They continue working to help humanity from higher dimensions – these are the dimensions people visit in near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and also in dreams. And so it is possible to meet with and speak to these sages during an out-of-body experience or dream. Many ancient mystics knew how to have out-of-body experiences and used them to get spiritual knowledge, and so there are many references to out-of-body experiences in ancient sacred texts.


It’s not about believing in anything. It’s about understanding and knowing that they all existed to bring a revelation of true cosmic principles as revealed in the Religion of the Sun. All religions and religious figures, whether historical or archetypal bring the message of this unified spiritual teaching.

The Religion of the Sun is not a unified spiritual teaching of all religions. I’ve come to see that the Religion of the Sun is something specific, and while it is the origin of many ancient religions and traditions, it is not the origin of them all. Over the last few years I’ve read a lot of ancient and religious texts – some of them cover to cover. I’ve been shocked in many cases as to what is actually in them. In fact, some religious texts expressly state to murder those who practice the religion of the sun. Other traditions have no connection to the religion of the sun at all. Some seemed to have been influenced by it, but degenerated into barbarity, others became watered down over time and introduced other things, or were completely lost. So I specifically trace the religion of the sun throughout history, and it has taken a lot of reading and research to trace it as far back as I can to its root and then to see how it spread, and that’s what I present in these videos. The origin point since the last ice age is the wisdom bringers, like Viracocha, Odin, Svarog, the Apkallu, etc. and it spread further with indo-european civilization. Examples of it include much of the paganism of Europe, ancient Egypt, the Hopi, the Inca and pre-Inca, the Minoans, the Guanche, Vedic/Hinduism, Indo-Aryan religion/Zoroastrianism, and Slavic religion. There have also been other manifestations, like Taoism, Hermeticism, and ancient Gnosticism.


What if the pyramids were built with massive amounts of people chanting to lift the stones by levitation… what if entire highly advanced civilizations were simply more advanced biologically.

I believe the builders of many of the world’s ancient sites were more advanced biologically. The human brain has been devolving/shrinking for at least 8,000 years.


What an incredible period of human history that is today almost unknown. I like the point about how it is almost a vacuum in history – the conventional narrative makes it seem as if there were millennia and millennia of undifferentiated hunter-gatherers and then suddenly the emergence of civilization in just the last few thousand years But the inadequacy of that narrative is being gradually made clear, when sites like Göbekli Tepe, many oral histories and myths, out of place artifacts like a recent 10,000 year old ship petroglyph in Scandinavia, and numerous other indicators show that there is so much more going on in “pre-history” then we’ve been taught. This was a such wonderfully clear and beautifully presented video on the lost civilization and how its roots and branches wind through our human story.

Other evidence for an advanced sea-faring culture having existed in pre-history includes: 1. The Piri Reis map of 1513 that appears to have been constructed from more ancient sources and shows large areas of coastline throughout the world, as they would have been at least 6,000 years ago. 2. The account given by Sanchoniatho, the Phoenician historian who lived around 1,200BC and said that Byblos, Lebanon’s first city, was founded by a divine race who had better ships than they (the Phoenicians are supposedly the first civilization in the world to have sea-faring ships). 3. The early Dynastic Egyptian boat burials of powerful sea-going ships before ancient Egypt was supposed to have had them.

I also found it incredible that some ancient Egyptian ships, discovered at a previously unknown harbour on the Red Sea, showed clear signs of being used in salt water – evidence that they used them for long-distance sea travel and not just to sail up the Nile or for ceremonial purposes.


This is great info. How do you answer to those who say the original god form was female?

Researching into ancient religions, such as that of ancient Egypt, of China, and the Vedic religion, which have their root in the ancient religion of the sun, the original form of god was androgynous and divided into its masculine and feminine aspects in order to create. Everything in nature can only create through the union of male and female. As above, so below.


The indo-european religions exist and sprang up from a very specific context, time period, culture, and set of societal norms – all told, a folk culture. So while metaphysical truths may be present that apply equally to all, would you consider it spiritually healthy to be a practicing shinto Buddhist, when one is not Japanese? Or try to join a native American Indian tribe, while not being ameri-indian? Do you see what I mean? Personally, I think it is spiritually healthier to find the religion of your ethnicity, or ancestors, and dive deep into that collective wisdom that runs through our veins. But religious universalism, that says any religion is for anybody, to me, seems misguided, even if it is coming from a place of concern. Does that make sense? In other words, no – Indo-European paganism- in any form – is not for everybody. Surely, nobody can force anything, and that’s not what I am suggesting. What I am saying is that it is potentially spiritually stunting to argue (not saying you are, ofc – unless ofc, you are lol) that any religion or mythology is for anyone as well. I don’t believe that to be the case, at all. What do you think?

Great question. I would argue that because the ancient religion of the sun is so old, it became localized and expressed through many different cultures across different regions and continents as they developed in isolation from one another. The Indo-European cultures are a great example of this – over thousands of years they branched off just like the Indo-European languages did, forming the Vedic, Slavic, Germanic/Nordic, Celtic, Greek, Thracian, Baltic etc. cultures, and many others lost to time. These cultures came to uniquely express many of the same underlying truths and worldview, and even venerate exactly the same deities under different names, such as Thor/Indra/Perun. Reality will always be what it is whether you are in Japan or Scandinavia – we all live under the same sun. However, different peoples can communicate this reality using their own unique forms of expression, which is usually based on their environment, their ethnic characteristics, and own experience of it. I would recommend to those who are seeking reality, and the practice of the truth, to do so through a culture that is closest and most natural to them. At the end of the day though, I believe the quest for truth is the most important thing of all.


I’m glad I found your channel. That was a very nice, well thought out presentation. I still don’t get human sacrifice though. And where are these enlightened masters now? This world sure needs them.

Thank you. The wisdom bringers were against human sacrifice, and tried to abolish it (as well as animal sacrifice). However, its practice persisted among many people. I would imagine that these enlightened masters, after their deaths, have continued their work in higher dimensions. For example, I just put up a video about out-of-body experiences people have had with Odin. Agreed – this world sure needs them. But they are there – it is us who need to become aware of them.

After my recent deconversion I am a bit gun shy on accepting any sentient force outside myself as even existing or having any thought towards me. So far I’ve only found these types of things to be constructs of the human mind. It is the only place they are known to exist, by me anyways. I don’t know if I have enough time left to reconstruct another “spiritual paradigm.” For now it’s one day at a time in the here and now with the exception of my total preoccupation with matters such as these. Regarding human sacrifice I cannot help but link it to a psychopathic astronomer/priesthood that seems to have emerged everywhere. It’s still functioning today as far as I can tell. It’s interesting how the Mexica Aztec were originally part of 7 tribes dominated by a war god. Where does this stuff come from? smh. Thanks so much for your replies. Peace

I can understand where you’re coming from, and personally think it’s far better to gain experience than it is to construct any kind of paradigm, as that only serves to shut off the ongoing perception of reality. In terms of human sacrifice, unfortunately it appears to have been practiced by peoples in almost every culture at some time. I believe it stems from dark instinctual impulses in the psyche, which is why it cuts across time, and culture. References to it can still be found in mainstream religious texts today, although not associated with astronomy. It reappears whenever people turn to the “dark side,” as there exists a dark side of human nature. I believe it’s why the world is in the state it is today. Peace to you too, and much light.


I appreciate much of your work however I feel it prudent to examine the clear assumption of dualism present in the video. Light cannot exist without the dark and neither was feared or an advent for fear as our animist ancestors who believed in the religion of the Sun did not see the world in duality and this mindset is a recent and modern development which may hinder the growth and re-establishment of an ancient, ethnic, Soul based belief system that has great merit for people in the present. I wish you good fortune, may you fare well. Love of Jörđ and Sunna upon you.x

Thank you, I appreciate you giving your perspective in such a clear and reasonable way. I agree – from my research I have seen that the ancient practitioners of the religion of the sun did not see darkness as something to fear. Rather, fear prevents us from understanding things, and darkness is something very profound and important to understand, as many of their sacred writings reveal. Like you say, they saw darkness as a fundamental part of creation. From reading their texts, I can see how they saw the universe as operating within polarity – of light and dark, male and female, night and day, hot and cold, dry and wet, positive and negative, summer and winter etc., which they encoded in their ancient symbols. They then used their understanding of light and darkness, as well as their understanding of the other properties and laws of creation, in order to walk the path of the sun. Thank you so much for your well wishes. May the Sacred Sun guide and protect you.

That was the most pleasant and constructive exchange I have ever enjoyed on YouTube. Thank you for being so courteous! I look forward to more of your work and if there is any ever way in which I could support you, i.e. such as a Patreon Website or something similar, please let me know!

And for me also; I felt exactly the same way as you. I really feel that having reasoned, open, and friendly discussion and debate is so important for those of us who want to find out about the truth, about our history and everything, and to build something constructive. Then, we can all bring to the table what we have learnt and use it to find the answers, being able to pool our knowledge and cooperate together. Thank you so much for your offer of support. I don’t have a Patreon account yet, even though the videos do cost a bit to put together with the stock photo and video used, just because I want to get to a position where I’m producing more regular videos first. But certainly your constructive comments and energy are so helpful already. You are welcome to stay in touch, and to contact me anytime for any reason.


Fun fact: The moai were created at the behest of redheaded giants, called “The long ears” [because they stretched their ears]. The long ears enthralled a people referred to as “the short ears”. When the Dutch came to explore the Easter islands, they saw the large, pale, redheaded people worshipping at the foot of the moai statues, and they revered them as ancestors. The long ears were eventually overthrown by the short ears.

You’re right. For anyone who’d like to know more about this, I recommend reading The Secret of Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl. The statues of Easter Island were built by redheaded and fair-skinned people whose legends state their people had come to the island after their original island homeland had been submerged. Some of them were still living on the island when the Dutch, Spanish, and English explorers arrived there in the 1700’s; sketches of these redheaded inhabitants were made by some of these explorers. You can see two of them as the thumbnail on my video about the Lost Civilization of the Sun. These redheads worshiped the sun who they called Ra, just as the sun god was called in ancient Egypt, and were known as peaceful people. Their artifacts also bear striking similarities to those found at Tiwanaku in Bolivia – another ancient site legend states was built by a redheaded fair-skinned peoples, and to the Chachapoya people of Peru, who were described as fair-skinned. Tragically, all but one of the original redheaded inhabitants of Easter Island were genocided out by the later Polynesian tribes – they also disappeared in Central and South America.


This is a wrong it is the migrations of the Aryan folk and their sages. Christianity is the destroyer of Wotan and antivisis, it is against nature.

Agreed, that the Orthodox and Catholic Church played a huge role in the destruction of European pagan faiths. However, in my research I have found there is a clear distinction to be made between Jesus and the Church. The true followers of Jesus’s esoteric teachings were persecuted by the Church in exactly the same way the European pagans were. Scholars clearly state that the theological and scriptural basis for this persecution was taken entirely from the Old Testament, which is a Judaic text. The Orthodox and Catholic Church have little at all to do with the teachings of Jesus. Most of Jesus’s teachings were suppressed and excluded from the Bible (see Pistis Sophia, the Nag Hammadi Library, the Essene Gospel of Peace, and the Gospel of the Kailedy). Instead, most of the Bible is comprised of Judaic texts and the writings of Paul, who never even met Jesus and who taught his own version of Christianity, which unfortunately, became the dominant one. There are many things in Christianity that go against the principles of nature and the cosmos – their exclusion of the feminine aspect of the creator is perhaps the most glaring. Most people are then very surprised to find that in the texts of Jesus that were excluded from the Bible, he talks very clearly about the feminine aspect of the creator, just as pagans do. He calls her the Earthly Mother. Agreed that the Aryans migrated throughout the world, taking their spiritual knowledge with them – this is the precise point I make in my video called ‘The Lost Civilization of the Sun’.


Very interesting and compelling examples of circumstantial evidence. These worldwide beliefs are probably vestiges of our common ancestors spreading out from Eurasia at the end of the Ice Age. Europeans, Mediteraneans, Indians, and Asians are all cousin sub species with differing amounts of Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA and crossover amongst each other. It’s not surprising that their descendent civilizations would mirror each other in many ways. I would hesitate in comparing Asatru and Woden to Jesus, as the original image and records of the semite preacher reforming Judaism have been heavily altered over the millennia to suit new peoples in the conversion process. The Romans altered it first from the Jews, then it shifted again to be palatable to the Germans, then again for the Slavs, then again for Protestants, then again for Africa and Latin America. The “true” image of Jesus relies entirely on how you choose to interpret a very small amount of solely secondary accounts written centuries after his alleged life. Moreso, Christians have been the primary enemies along with Jews in destroying our native European beliefs and peoples in countless crusades and persecutions from the 300’s to the 1500’s CE.

Agreed that Judaeo-Christianity formed the ideological basis for the destruction of native European beliefs. However, I think Judaeo-Christianity is very far from the original message of Jesus. The words of Jesus account for a teeny tiny amount of the Bible, which is mostly comprised of Judaic texts and the later teachings of Paul – something Jesus never condoned. Instead, most of Jesus’s own teachings have been suppressed by orthodox Judaeo-Christianity (and still are today). Most people don’t realize that there is actually a very large body of ancient texts that record the teachings of Jesus, many which have only recently been discovered. All of these texts were banned from the Bible, and were hidden for over 1000 years. They include many first hand accounts of Jesus recorded by the disciples (the texts found are likely copies of the originals) – such as the Nag Hammadi Library, Pistis Sophia, and others. Given these texts are recent discoveries, it is likely there were many other texts like them that were lost and destroyed. It also seems likely Jesus spent his “lost” years studying with spiritual groups, and only entered Jerusalem to complete a mission. I believe Judaeo-Christianity would view Jesus, if he were here today, as a “pagan” and “heretic.”

“Circumstantial evidence” is what largely the christian spread of it’s faith globally has been like a virus spreading among many indigenous peoples that coexisted with out the abrahamic faiths for thousands of years.

I’m certainly not here to defend the Abrahamic faiths. However, I’ve found that there is also evidence for a lot of conflict between many indigenous faiths long before its arrival. For example, the earlier Indo-European inhabitants of New Zealand were massacred by certain Maori tribes (see the YouTube doco ‘Skeletons in the Cupboard’). Likewise, the Indo-Euopean and South American Indian inhabitants of Easter Island were massacred by later Polynesians. The original Indo-European builders of the Nazca Lines were wiped out by an invading tribe known as “the decapitators”. The Aztecs wiped out the original builders of the sites they later occupied, and just about everyone else around them. The Anasazi of the four corners region of the USA who built Chaco Canyon were wiped out by invading tribes. etc. etc.


Lara, I was wondering what would you recommend for anyone who wants to pay attention to the message from all these traditions and sacred texts to do? Is it all about raising our inner level, so we can receive personal guidance (as you’ve mentioned individuals have been warned about these events coming)? Thank you for bringing this message to life! That’s so important for humanity now.

Practicing the religion of the sun fully so that they develop spiritually enough that they can become worthy to reincarnate in the next golden age to continue their development.

Sakro Sawel, I wonder what does “develop spiritually enough” mean here, if you don’t mind?

If you think about the degeneration in society today, how would such a society form the basis of a golden age? Many people believe, particularly in the New Age, that a transition to an age is going to somehow transform everyone, but ancient people realized that if we don’t change ourselves, we can’t expect circumstances to do it for us. In the religion of the sun, “developing spiritually enough” means transforming one’s inner psychological darkness into light to a level needed to meet the standards of being part of a golden age. Some ancient texts symbolize how this requires waging an inner battle against our own weaknesses e.g. our own animosity, cowardice, pride, malice etc. and thus increasing the level of our own consciousness, our inner light.

Thank you. Your response is very helpful.

Not a problem.