The Lost World Religion – from Atlantis to Paganism

I finally got this video out! It's one hour long, and has taken a lot of work to put together. I wanted to give a big picture overview of the theory I present in my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun. It was so hard to decide what to include and what to leave out while still keeping it a reasonable length, since there is so much to cover, but I hope this is about right. [...]

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Why did ancient pagans worship the sun? video

The sun was venerated as the greatest symbol of the divine by pagans across the ancient world for thousands of years - including the ancient Egyptians, Celts and Druids, Persians, Aztecs, Inca, Maya, Hittites, Hindus, Germanic and Slavic pagans, Phoenicians, and many others. It was not about growing crops, but has a far more profound explanation... and led to the construction of the most advanced and enigmatic ancient sacred sites on the planet. [...]

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Religion of the Sun began 36,500 BC ?

Evidence is mounting for the Pyramids & Sphinx of Egypt having first been established around 36,500 BC. Ancient Egyptian records state that their civilization began tens of thousands of years ago, as far back as 36,500 BC, and that these beginnings were a "golden age" when their solar religion was established by the "gods in human form." [...]

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A Guide to Creating a Shrine to the Religion of the Sun

A shrine is a place set aside for spiritual reverence, worship, and communion. It could be someone's own personal shrine, or one that is shared with others. It can be indoors or outdoors, and range from something very simple in someone's own home or garden, to something more elaborate and on a larger scale like you would find in a temple or church.Someone could have just one shrine, or as many as they like - in any combination of the variations outlined in this article. [...]

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The Religion of the Sun – Spirituality of a Lost Ancient Civilization

Vast numbers of megalithic sites across the ancient world align to the sun at the solstices and equinoxes, including Stonehenge, the Great Sphinx of Egypt, the statues of Easter Island, the temple at Angkor Wat, and Machu Picchu in Peru. And so many chief ancient deities were symbolized by the sun and revered as sun gods, including Viracocha and Osiris. Even today billions of people still celebrate the solstice. [...]

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