I finally got this video out! It’s one hour long, and has taken a lot of work to put together. I wanted to give a big picture overview of the theory I present in my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun. It was so hard to decide what to include and what to leave out while still keeping it a reasonable length, since there is so much to cover, but I hope this is about right.

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Here, I present my theory of a lost global religion that spanned all the way from Atlantis to paganism – based completely on evidence (using genetics, linguistics, indigenous histories, and archeological finds).

Many of the things I learnt about as I put this together totally blew my mind. You’re probably going to hear some things about ancient history you’ve never heard before. There may even be things that shock and challenge your preconceptions. They certainly challenged mine. I hope it will help enable the re-examination of ancient sites and religion with fresh eyes.

I trace not only a lost global civilization, but specifically their lost religion – which spread all over the world, and influenced many practices of paganism still current today, like that of the Maya, Inca, Celts, Germans, Greeks, Persians, Native Americans, and so many others.

Thank you Dara at Sura Ondrunar for the beautiful images created just for the video – check out her recreation of the winter solstice alignment at Karnak Temple in Egypt, and the many composite images that reveal so many of the cross cultural similarities between ancient sun worshiping civilizations. And a big thank you to Jon for his editing and production on the video – seamless as always.

I’m going to move on now to making videos about some stand out subjects from the book where I will go into much more detail, like on Easter Island, Atlantis, the Celts, Odin, ancient Egypt, Shambhala and more!