Opening of the Sphinx Avenue in Egypt and its connection to the ancient Religion of the Sun

What an absolutely spectacular event. On Nov 25th 2021, Egypt celebrated the restoration and reopening of its ancient "Sphinx Avenue" with music, fireworks, and a dramatic recreation of an ancient Egyptian religious procession. For me, it's incredible to see, because it recreates what a ceremony of the Religion of the Sun would have looked like (though with some modern-day artistic license) in its ancient heartland in Egypt. [...]

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Religion of the Sun began 36,500 BC ?

Evidence is mounting for the Pyramids & Sphinx of Egypt having first been established around 36,500 BC. Ancient Egyptian records state that their civilization began tens of thousands of years ago, as far back as 36,500 BC, and that these beginnings were a "golden age" when their solar religion was established by the "gods in human form." [...]

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