Interview on the Voice of Islam radio station about ancient religion and Jung’s collective unconscious

Here's an interview I gave on the Voice of Islam radio station, broadcasting out of London, on their Drive Time show on the 28th April 2022. The theme of the show explored the idea of collective consciousness, and lasted an hour involving a number of guests. [...]

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Interview on the Voice of Islam radio station about dreams

This is my second interview on the Voice of Islam radio station, which broadcasts out of London. I spoke live on the Drive Time show again, this time about "time and dreams," which was the theme of the hour long show involving a number of guests. [...]

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Interview with Sam Tripoli on Zero

Had such a fun discussion with Sam Tripoli the other day on his spiritually focused podcast Zero. We chatted for around an hour about a lot of things - ancient religion, Atlantis, giants (including the Nephillim, Annunaki etc.), what Jesus really taught and how it was excluded from the Bible and shares much in common with ancient paganism [...]

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Interview with Jim Harold on ‘Ancient Mysteries on the Air’

Just did an interview with Jim Harold on his podcast 'Ancient Mysteries on the Air'. This is the official listing, though Jim's producer kindly sent me a link to share around, so you can listen to it freely [...]

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Interview with Jennifer of SOLove Inner Radiance

An interview I did with Jennifer of the Facebook page SOLove Inner Radiance was just put up today as part of the 'Sol2Soul Global Summit 2' Jennifer is hosting, in which she focuses on topics related to the sun.I think it's a great overall summary and introduction to the ancient religion of the sun, and to ancient sites and religion in general. [...]

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