Out-of-Body Experiences in Ancient Times video

Take a brief guided tour through the ancient accounts of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) found in spiritual texts, legends, and folklore from cultures around the world, to discover how widespread their practice once was. These accounts include astral projection, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. This video is just a small summary of our research, which we present in our book The Spiritual Out-of-Body Experience.

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The Spiritual Out-of-Body Experience book now available

After nearly three years of work, our book The Spiritual Out-of-Body Experience is now available. It covers all sorts of topics related to OBEs, including astral projection, lucid dreaming, dreams, and near-death experiences. It gives the historical background of OBEs, looks at what they are, covers scientific evidence for them, and includes practical sections on how to have them based on ancient techniques. You can learn more about the book and find out where to get it in this update.

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Out-of-Body Experiences – Our Natural Connection to Other Dimensions

We have the potential to travel to other dimensions. We’ve always had this ability - in fact, it’s just part of what it is to be human. This should be the discovery of the century, if it hadn’t already been known for thousands of years. [...]

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