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In this video I give a summary of out-of-body experiences from ancient times – taking a quick guided tour through these fascinating and once secretive accounts from cultures across the world, in places like Egypt, India, Persia, Greece, Tibet, China, and in early Christianity. Specifically, I looks at accounts of astral projection, astral travel, and lucid dreaming.

My husband Mark and I have pieced together these accounts from over two years of extensive research. This video is just a small summary of our research, which we present in our book The Spiritual Out-of-Body Experience.

You might be surprised to learn that some of the greatest spiritual figures in the world, like Krishna, Jesus, Osiris, Odin, and Hermes Trismegistus are recorded as having had OBEs. A few of the most pivotal figures in history, like Plato and Aristotle, also contributed to our understanding of the astral plane and astral body. Accounts of OBEs are found in some of the oldest and most important religious texts. Some of the greatest ancient sites in the world were used for having OBEs. And journeys to the “otherworld” during OBEs have become deeply woven into folklore.

The understanding of how important OBEs were in ancient religion is little known today. Many of the accounts we include have been recovered from ancient texts that were lost for over a thousand years, or which are obscure and hardly read. We would like to bring this forgotten chapter of human history back into the public consciousness.

Few realize that ancient people experienced the same things in out-of-body experiences that people do in OBEs today, as they are a natural part of human experience in which we can interact with real beings and places. This means that OBEs can contribute greatly to our understanding of ancient religion, and to the understanding of the wider reality in which we exist.

Thank you to Jon for editing this video together with some beautiful effects. Thank you David and the small team of helpers who found many of the images, and to David for organizing them all. Thank you David and Dara for producing the AI images. Thank you Jordan and Jenny for putting together the credits. Thank you David for the thumbnail. And thank you Julian for filming and creating the beautiful final sequence.

Thank you as always to those of you who’ve supported us and the publishing team to make this video possible.