Had such a fun discussion with Sam Tripoli the other day on his spiritually focused podcast Zero. It’s up on Rokfin here, but it’s only for subscribers as far as I can see.

We chatted for around an hour about a lot of things – ancient religion, Atlantis, giants (including the Nephillim, Annunaki etc.), what Jesus really taught and how it was excluded from the Bible and shares much in common with ancient paganism, the suppression of history, the role of Abrahamic religions in the loss of ancient knowledge, the connections between ancient sites and civilizations, the evidence for ancient technology (like aircraft and machines), how to practice the religion of the sun including a simple practice anyone can do each day, and more.

Sam is such a genuine, friendly host, who’s really trying to piece together the truth and encourage people on their journey. Am so glad he had me along to be part of it.