Experiences with Odin

Since I first posted a video on out-of-body experiences and dreams with Odin, I've been taken aback by the number of people who've replied to share their own experience with him - almost 70 people now. So I decided to bring them together in one place.These experiences happened in waking life, dreams, meditation, visions, in answer to prayer, and out-of-body experiences. Some people were even visited and helped by Odin during near-death experiences.They reveal that Odin is indeed a real Being, and in my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun, I trace his origins back to one of the wisdom bringers who taught the Religion of the Sun. [...]

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Out-of-Body Experiences with Odin

Well, it's been a long time since my last video, as I have spent the last few months working on my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun. Now it's out, I've turned my attention back to making videos. Here is the first one I've made since the book - more are on the way.A number of people are having experiences with the being known as Odin or Wotan in Germanic and Norse mythology. These experiences include dreams, out-of-body experiences, and even near-death like experiences. In this video, I share some of these, as well as my own out-of-body experience with Odin/Wotan. [...]

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Who is Odin/Wotan?

Odin/Wotan is the mysterious wisdom bringer and god of the Norse and Germanic people. But in this video I explain why I think he is so much more.Join me as I traverse legends, mythology, local histories, and ancient sites, from Europe, to Turkey, Egypt, to Easter Island, and right through Central and South America, tracing the footsteps of this enigmatic figure known as “the wanderer.” [...]

The Song Odin by the Band Faun

Here is the song called Odin being performed live by the band Faun, featuring Einar Selvik from the band Wardruna and Martin Seeberg (a Danish musician).Since I've just made a video about Odin, I thought I'd share it.It's sung mostly in German. The song lyrics include a lot of mythology about Odin, and also a particular verse from a text called the Hávamál (meaning "Sayings of the High One"), which is a collection of Norse poems from the Viking Age, in which Odin speaking in first person recounts his self-sacrifice on the world tree. [...]

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