Since I first posted a video on out-of-body experiences and dreams with Odin, I’ve been taken aback by the number of people who’ve replied to share their own experience with him – almost 70 people now. So I decided to bring them together in one place.

These experiences happened in waking life, dreams, meditation, visions, in answer to prayer, and out-of-body experiences. Some people were even visited and helped by Odin during near-death experiences.

They reveal that Odin is indeed a real Being, and in my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun, I trace his origins back to one of the wisdom bringers who taught the Religion of the Sun.

Below are many of these experiences. Most of them were posted in response to this video in which I share an out-of-body experience I had with Odin, along with experiences others have had, but some were also posted in response to an alternative perspective I give on who Odin is:

These have been shared for educational purposes. If your experience has been included here and you would prefer it not to be, please send me an email through the contact page and it will be removed asap.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences. If you’d like to share yours, feel free to post it in the comments on this page.

Near-Death Experiences

First comment: It was Odin who led me out of a coma I had been in for two weeks, I felt his presence strongly along with my ancestors this has not yet left me.

Second comment: I have been led to connections ever since. Although I was a practicing pagan well before this incident occurred It has pulled me full force into the Norse aspect. I wouldn’t be able to make a video, but I’m not afraid to discuss it (and have mostly with the doubters I’m surrounded by ) I’m unsure what role I have been given but time will tell.

Third comment:I enjoyed this video, my connection is still very deep and I seem to have found myself since my experience somehow being drawn to others of similar paths though not in an ordinary way of meeting as I’m very isolated, some of my meetings have been astral and manifested themselves later. Walking between worlds is something we all do because we exist on many levels at once is what I was taught during my time with Odin. He carries a strength that is silent support but is not like the weak Christian figure he’s been diluted to over time.

~ Crowsbaneful

10 years ago I was attacked in a knife frenzied attack and wounded a number of times. As I was losing consciousness I prayed to Odin to help me or guide me in death, he walked towards me and placed his hand upon my shoulder. As he did so I was awaken by 3 paramedics over me trying to keep me awake. I had a fast recovery in hospital less than a week and was able to recover at home.

~ Anthony Howard

Ok I have a story, normally I’m not a religious person in fact I believe there is a scientific reason to explain most things but there’s been a few instances in my life that really made me question my views on things. Just this past Christmas I was really ill, without doubt the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life. It got to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed and I was so weak that I slept for most of the day only to really wake up to force down some water. Towards the end I think I slept for at least 30 hours strait and I had the weirdest dream I’ve ever had In my entire life. It’s a bit fuzzy now but the parts I do remember are very vivid like a memory I’ve experienced In real life. Right so I was in a dark area at night time that kind of looked like a graveyard and I approached this old man that was siting under a very large tree he had a large white beard and a hood over his head. I talked to this guy for a long time but the whole time I felt like he was someone I always knew, it gave me a warm feeling. After we were done talking he told me that it wasn’t my time and he would come back for me, then he put his hand on my shoulder and I woke up to paramedics in my bedroom and apparently I almost died. Honestly I think it was a just a dream and nothing more but it’s been several months and that dream is still bugging me. Not saying I saw odin, because I never asked the person who he was, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

~ The Legend

Holy geez. Normally I dont ask others about there experience but when you where on the grass field was there an ocean just over the hill but it was silent and made no noise as Odin spoke? Im sorry your experience is the closest I have heard of too mine. Just a few differences. But not only that last year when I tried to end my life and drove my car into a tree, after hitting the windscreen and being knocked out I remember a “being” picking me up and sitting me back in the car seat properly and said wrong tree to die on! After that I kinda started coming back to myself and remember seeing a tall person what looked to be in a coat or something walking away and kinda just vanished and not long after police and ambulance were with me. I am sorry to ask but I feel I have to due to pure compulsion. I feel I need to know for I dream with him alot but I dont want to ask him because Im sure it will be another puzzle or I’ll get yet again “the look” like I should know not to ask.

And could you remember a smell of pine, sea salt or a certain weird but calming smell standing next to Odin?

~ Harley Braddock

I did some research and his name has been interpreted your right I will openly say something that will get a lot of people saying I’m crazy or I need help but I do not care

I have said prayer to Odin and Thor and fight and my prayers where answered it was in a life to near death experience that my gf experienced and I prayed to the Norse gods and they answered

~ Shaun Mc

Out-of-Body Experiences

G’day! I have suffered from sleep paralysis throughout most of my 37 years, but two years ago It reached a crescendo. I had a paralysis with the works!! Ravens squawking, force of wind then Odin appeared!! He spoke to me saying everything that I was going through would be ok was so calming and enriching.

This was very profound for me because I’m from a Catholic background and I was going through the death of my Grandmother. So a long story short, I’ve taken a different route in my spiritual journey, privately since.

I’ve had many sleep paralysis events in my life, some the same manifestations of the “old hag”, to having a “presence” behind me (i sleep on my side), to a hot hand pressing on my face and a cold being hugging me.

It all changed when Odin appeared though. It’s almost as if it has given me clarity.. definitely a moment I’ve cherished privately.

The only person I’ve talked about it to is my wife, and the only reason I’ve come across this thread, was a Google search on Odin, lead me to this thread.

So thank you for talking about it. Explaining sleep paralysis to family is difficult, this makes it a lot easier. Cheers

~ James Connellan

After some dreams had taken place, and after making my way across a bridge, all of a sudden my lucidity was raised a lot and I found myself in a small room in front of a mirror. As I looked in I saw that my right eye was missing. There was no scar, in fact no eyelid, lashes or brow even – just skin over the skull bone. I was looking at myself only with the other eye. The limitedness of sight was quite scary, as the situation felt entirely real. I then looked at my left eye and it looked quite strained, having to look here, there and everywhere. And even though in that back of mind way; I knew it was the astral dimension, because it was so real there was still this unnerving sense thinking about having to go through my whole life like this. It felt natural to call for help and in that moment I knew who to.

But as I think the exact correct form of his name is not known, I tried instead to feel it out through my calling. I started with Oeden, and with Wuotanas, and perhaps Wotan. But then through this calling, in which I felt in that moment that I could sense what was right, I came to his proper name: Wodan. I finished my calling out from within with three times Wodan into the heavens.

(Earlier on too, but now more consciously) I felt a connectedness and became strongly aware that these lessons I was in and was made to wake up to were his doing, were of his teaching.

Then I found myself in my family home, feeling clear and fully aware I was out of the body. I went down to the living room, which was entirely empty of items apart from the curtains/drapes. These however went all the way around the four sides of the room, not just the side that is windowed. They started moving around on their own in a circle and had some empty spaces between them. So now and again sunlight was let in, shining into my house. At other times it was entirely dark. Only to momentarily let light in again (a bit like how fast moving clouds can cause this on-off effect in a space, or a bit like the illumination by sheet lightning.) When there was light I could feel it and it was nice, when it was dark I had to look for it — and thus learn and acquire knowledge. It was this way of alternation/combination which apparently brought about the creation of self knowledge.

*In relation to the pronunciation of Wodan; the most important point is that the dan; was a short version of a sound not in use in English. It is like the dan in German dank.

~ Karim

Hi Lara, I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your experience with Odin. I was so inspired by your video that I was able to have my own conscious astral experience with this Being (or who I felt was Odin anyway). I also had to overcome a couple of hurdles in order to find this Being in the astral.

During the day I had been really trying to focus on this divine Being while also attempting to remain in a clear, present state. One night after I had fallen asleep I realised that I was in the astral. I remembered what you said about calling out to Odin using 3 different names (Odin, Wotan and Votan), repeating each name three times. I felt a genuine yearning to meet this Being and could feel the vibration that each of the different names made. When I had finished pronouncing each name three times, I found myself in a corridor of an unfamiliar building in the astral, with doors on either side of the corridor. After going through multiple doors I realised I wasn’t getting anywhere so I jumped up through the ceiling and eventually made it onto the roof.

Another couple of challenges presented themselves and I had to fly over a huge fence and wander through a dimly lit park (I asked a man where I could find Odin and he pointed towards the back of the park). I’m sometimes faced with a terrible fear of the dark so had to really push through.

Eventually I came across a small group of people who seemed to be surrounded by a soft light. I asked where Odin was and someone replied ‘Over there’. I looked at each person closely and felt drawn to a blind old man sitting on the grass and felt that maybe this man was really Odin in disguise. A lady beside the old man struck up a conversation with me, asking for my name and where I was from. I answered her questions but I really just wanted to speak with Odin.

When I turned back around I couldn’t see the blind man but was met with a very tall Being wearing a long, golden cape/cloak. I felt that this Being must be Odin. He had a strong presence about him and his height made me feel like a small child! I felt very safe around this Being. He indicated for me to walk with him, so I followed him away from the group through a corridor of trees. As we walked I told Odin that it was an honour to meet him and he then said something that seemed important for me to remember.

We hadn’t walked very far when I started losing lucidity and ended up back in my physical body. It was a pretty inspiring experience – I don’t think I would have had it if I didn’t watch your video.

~ Elise

This happened to me last night.. a Outer Body Experience. When I found him threw this Cave like Crevice. He was sat in a massive Chair. He asked me what I wanted from me. But before you answer… what are you living for? What is your PURPOSE? I told him my answer. And he replied with.. he asked me why I have allowed people to change me? I said. Am I Weak? He laughed. And said.. fasten up. You need to speed up to get your wish. I have no idea what this means yet. But I’m sure I will find out. What a great vid. Thank you.

~ Karen Davies


I too ran into Odin in a dream some 20 years ago. I was walking on a road on a coast somewhere. I had a loud voice call my name from the clouds. I was so shocked I fell to the ground ….in a few moments I crawled up on a large Boulder and could just sit and wonder what happened. The voice, very Germanic, began talking to me again….just words of encouragement and I felt very comforted. After a few minutes….he was gone and I continued on my journey. Before this dream, I did not know of Odin or the Norse gods.

~ Blade Honer

That second dream from the enlighten channel [where Nicholas called on the Norse gods as he was being attacked by a dark and negative being and the negative being was sucked away in a great storm, leaving him in peace] was me. Seeing the power of the Norse gods in my dream have helped me in my life and Ive never had a nightmare like that since.

~ Nicholas LeClair

I saw odin in a dream which led me to search this. I saw his face very clearly with a golden knot-work style pattern floating in front of or flowing from his missing eye he didn’t say anything just looked at me but I remember it so clearly more than any of my other dreams.

~ Louis Frost

My experience with Ódinn was almost identical to this. Also I had sworn all religion away about a week before. I ended up really sick, flu like symptoms but way worse. My entire life I’d say thats the second time I was truly sick. First when I was born. Anyway, the third day of the sickness either I was dreaming or hallucinating from the fever but I went outside and an old man exactly as described here came up and said…. “There’s more, there’s much more” then he turned and walked away. At that time I had no knowledge of Ódinn at all but he had kind energy yet I didn’t say a word because I felt I really needed to respect this man.

~ Steven Wiese

Thank you, for this wonderful video. Odin also came twice to me in a dream. It was strange, it was as we were drowning in the sea. We were the same person. And we helped each other from drowning. I was so confused, when I asked him who he was and he said Odin. Because, he didn’t look like the pictures I know of him. He really looked like the young norse man with long blonde hair and a beard. As you mentioned in your video. I felt such a strong connection to him. He also came in shamanic journeys to me. But because he didn’t look as the person everybody is painting him, I started to doubt myself and the experiences I’ve made. You are actually the first person, who saw him the way I saw him. And felt his kindness. Greetings from Germany 😉

~ Ravencry83

I have a little experience to share – I went to Peru a few months ago [prior to the COVID-19 outbreak] (inspired by your book ‘Ancient Religion of the Sun’!) and was trying understand the connection between Odin and the wisdom bringers of the Maya and Inca legends. On one of the first nights in Cuzco, the ancient sacred capital of the Inca Empire, I met a man in my dreams, who was also young and beautiful rather than old and bearded (actually he may have still had a beard!), but generally ‘golden’, and I knew he was a talented seafarer, he had a ‘oneness’ with the sea I wrote in my dream journal; there was a sense that his great talents weren’t understood in the world but somehow I could see him for the divine being he was. Then the dream shifted to include other people who had been very benevolent and spiritually guiding in my life and I was shown something that made me feel a deep connection to the spiritual quest that is woven like a continuous thread in me from this life to all my previous ones. I didn’t get to speak to him but still the experience was incredibly uplifting.

~ Ella Klyashitsky

I had a dream of Odin. My husband and I were looking at Tarot cards and they were of the Norse Gods. Odin was on top of the pile and he was depicted bright and wearing a cream like colored robe. Several days later after my dream, I came across an article referencing Odin as “The bright one” and that is how I seen him in my dream on the card. I am new to this religion, having grown up Christian and now as an adult learning different. I feel drawn to Odin.

~ Crystal Day

Since it’s you guys, here, on this topic 😀 😀 😀

I had a dream, not random I’m guessing. Because, we can say that Odin is one of the things in my RAM, so, I’m guessing it had something to do with it.

Anyway, the dream – standing with someone, forgot who I’m with, somebody tells me: “Odin is Light”.

Before that, don’t know, several days, few weeks, doesn’t matter, I saw this.

~ Dusan Dragovic

I remember that before falling into the dream (some of you may know this stage followed with noises and vibrations), instead of rumbling and random buzzing as usual, I heard the sound of hooves coming from the distance. Everything was pitch-black and my field of view was made up of grids going seemingly endless. The sound of hooves sounded like a whole cavalry approaching all of a sudden, and before I knew what was going on, a great figure stood before me. A giant horseman, holding his spear above his head and looking at me as 2 ravens flied down to his spear. His presence simply radiated with power and wisdom, and I woke up full of energy and some things I needed to figure out were suddenly so clear. Also, this happened in the early morning after a series of weird lucid dreams. However this was way different than LD or AP. I can’t explain why with words, as the rules of our material or astral world simply could not be felt at that moment.

~ 04

One amazing thing that happened to me is that I was laying down in bed one night and I closed my eyes to sleep but opened them again after 2 seconds. All of a sudden I saw a flash right infront of my face and it was Odin looking at me and he had only one eye. However, this vision disappeared after a few seconds.

Also, one night I was dreaming and I had a dream of seeing Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir) and as I saw his hammer I woke up and then thunder and lightning blasted outside of my house.

~ oScubaGamer

I just described my experience with Thor on another channel via a vivid “dream”. I am just floored by the comments with so many people having similar experiences. All these years, I was dismissive of my experiences, thinking they were isolated dreams. Lol, I am pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was.

~ Torsten Wyrmsblood

A few nights ago, Odin came to me. I had recently left the Catholic faith. I have prayed and begged for God to visit me and help me for years, but I was answered with silence. Odin came to me in two weeks or a bit more.

The area was dark as night with a faint stary sky. I was looking at Odin. He stood in front of a dead oak tree, looking into the darkness. I felt power from him, ancient, old power. I felt safe, curious and a bit intimidated. He didn’t look at me but knew I was there. I have no idea what he was staring at in the darkness because I have no clue. I would love to get in contact with him again but I don’t have the faintest clue.

Before this dream I saw two crows (not Ravens) chasing off a hawk and one of my co-workers is named Odin as well.
Yesterday I was really down, I was having an inner struggle with myself and my thoughts were getting dark. Come to find out, Odin also deals with depression and himself.

~ Winter Heathen

I too had an experience with who I believe was Odin. He took the form of an older man, kind of looking like Gandalf and in the experience he helped me to learn something about my own inner work. It was interesting because it was very similar to what Lara describes in that he didn’t tell me outright what I needed to know, but was able to help me to see it and learn it for myself. Throughout the experience I could feel that he was a very loving, kind and supportive being. He felt like a kind and supportive father figure. After this experience I felt really connected with the Being Odin.

~ Vida

I had an encounter with Odin. Face to face. It’s started in the dream world. I was in a neighborhood I grew up in. To my left, a portal opened up. At first it’s was as if the galaxy was at view. Then A fence came out. It was made out of battle axes, linked together. Next a portal opened above me. There were a few of them opened up above each other. I was lifted up through them. Then I was looking at a bright wall of light. A man started to form in it. Long white hair and long white beard(possibly hiemdale). I freaked out and shot plasma balls at him. But he simply absorbed them.

The next thing I see was a man sitting down. White background. Long silver gray hair and beard. His left eye had a soft beautiful light. He did not name himself. I recall him telling me that I am ignorant. I asked him where my powers come from. He replied “from your soul which lives within you.” Then I’m looking at a board, with 3 downward rows of runes. I asked him if these are the traditional letter but was quickly shot down through the portals back to where I first was.

This happened in prison almost two years ago. One month from this experience I was placed in the SHU for 3 months then shipped to another prison across the country. There was an outdoor alter at this prison for us Odinist. The rest feel into place.

I have been seeing the runes in my dreams, flashes of them in my eye sight, and more dreams with other gods. Thor, forseti, frigga, and recently Odins face in the clouds with lightning.

I’m currently in a halfway house. I’ve been trying to find people with similar encounters. I just came across a story about zalmoxis. Who was a man then god from the Dacian people where Romania is at now. He looks like Odin and I think he might just be this man too. Since I am from this Romanian blood line, I thought it must be a blood line thing. Idk but I don’t understand why me of all people. I’d like to find help and someone to work with that can enlighten me.

I love your videos and how you speak calmly. I want to thank you for putting out videos with your knowledge. I hope that one day we can meet and share stories and advice.

~ Teo B.

I am Black. When I was young I thought Odin would rescue me from people who I was told hated me. I saw no difference between him and Jesus. I even had a dream that a handsome old White man with long gray hair saved me from someone trying to kill me. I associated the man with Odin. He felt more like an ancestor than a god. This was many years ago well before the Marvel movies. He was protective. I have had many other experiences. I have natural runes on my body but I am told that Odin doesn’t like Black people.

~ Cosmic Hope

I had a dream recently that I was hugging a massive tree, standing on top of the root system which stretched a great distance beneath me to the ground. Creating cavernous voids in the roots. A horse with it’s legs shrouded in mist was climbing the roots up towards me. Strutting to get my attention.

It was not until I told a friend about it that he illuminated Norse mythology to me and that the tree was very much like Yggdrasil and the horse appeared to be Sleipnir, Odin’s Shamanic horse. I was ignorant to Norse mythology before this.

~ Zayne

I had a little dream experience last night. I was awake for most of the night so thought I would focus on Odin and his name as I went to sleep. I realised I didn’t have any genuine questions, which was fine. I did have some seriousness in my focus because I was feeling ill, not that I was pushing myself but there was also no space for wasteful thoughts.

In a big grassy plain I saw a whole line of people, next to each other in a row. It was sunny. Every few moments someone would disappear from somewhere in the line. I knew they were going somewhere where Odin was, who was somewhere in a hidden place/realm and granted each of these people their own particular experience. When the person would be back and excited about their experience they would relay it to Lara for interpretation. She would give it and most commonly this would contain an air of encouragement in it.

Another little experience I had a few months ago was that the night after genuinely trying to find out more about the meaning of Odin/Wotan/Uotan’s name. In the astral I was doing the same and feeling a sense of inspiration. There was a spiritual being there observing me from a little distance. He had the pleasant sense, that familiar nature, of a spiritual being. I hadn’t called anyone, more often for me they appear to me when they decide. I hadn’t mentioned it at the time because I perhaps expected more of a big thing, so not sure it was him, and still not entirely. But in hearing the way Lara described him made me think my earlier preconceptions might be off.

~ Karim

You were gifted not everyone has the privilege to meet the all father him self I my self met the all father in a dream in my dream y was with my father in law in his truck and we stopped at a store to get fresh bread and my father told me to wait in the truck so I did I minutes later there was a fight in the store so I got out of the truck and was gona check on my father that he was ok so I got out and I see a big shadow that passed on top of me I look at the sky and se a huge black bird it was the size of a pillow I realized that it was a raven and it was wereing a hat and got a bit scared of it and the bird landed on my head and I tried to scared or away so y was gona go away but he started talking so I told him don’t go come back so he landed on my head again as soon as he landed on my head all the people desapered and time froze this I asked the raven where are me going and he told me don’t worry just walk so I started walking I don’t remember to mutch what whe talked I no it was about the all father I knew for a fact that the raven was leading me to him so we crossed a street and I see a farmacy so I entered and saw someone sitting in a chair and got closer and saw the all father him self he was a old man verry happy and and I hugged him and told him I know your odin and he smiled at me we talk for a while and he told me I am as real as you and I told him I know you are I remember the day that I first meditated in your name your power and your presence was amazing from that day I became a pagan and follow the all father that was my story and I’m sorry if some things I wrote are a bit wrong spelled it’s my English is not to good ❤❤❤


Interesting. I’ve had a fondness for crows most of my adult life, and just recently, I had a vivid dream where one landed on my back, and two more guided my hands in their beaks. They were large though, and very ruffled, more like ravens. I get chills thinking about that dream.

~ Jason

I think one of odins raven has visited me in a dream a few months ago

~ Hylke Heidinga

I had a vivid dream with Odin, where I travel all over the cosmos on his chariot

~ Jorge Pontes

I’ve had 2 dreams each one his eye is glowing bright white he never talked the first one he sat down beside me on a bench and was about to speak the second he was standing in front of me I don’t remember where all I seen was that bright glowing eye.

~ Why So Serious

I had an experience like this around samhain. I stood at the gates of valhalla speaking with odin. I can not remember what was said between us but i knew it was him. He appeared to me much like the odin in the Bejamin Thorpe translation of the Havamal. Including his missing eye

~ Arron Riggs

I am so glad you posted this. I’ve had a similar (and different) experience. Similar in the aspect of making contact with Odin. Different in the aspect of how and what was said

~ Jeremy Permenter

I had a dream that Odin called me home to Valhalla. I’ve been researching him today, and I offered him some tobacco and alcohol as I did so. I’ve been asking questions and finding the answers immediately. Watching your video I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and safety and I broke [down and cried towards the end of the video]. Thank you… thank you so much

~ Karma


I often talk with Odin.

But my first true encounter was in Midgard (the physical plain of existence).

He appeared in my room. The entire corner of the room was distorted as if heat was rising off of Asphalt.

Asked “Who are you?”

He told me to pull Runes.

I pulled The Blank (Wyrd or the Odin Stone) and Ansus.

He then told me to walk into his presence and all of a sudden I was enveloped in light and i felt weightless with nothing under my feet.

Odin is Real.

~ Kova Therion

I too have met Odin, he was covered in golden light. Hail Odin.

~ Rickey Russell

Waking Life

Last year i contemplated the existence of these gods, even said it out loud when i was alone in the quiet streets… but then a flock of crows came and went along with a crack of thunder…

Sounds crazy but at that moment i knew there was something.

~ Supreme Snek

When I was in iceland, I felt an urge that lead me to a store, there was a wearing chain with the Laguz viking rune. I was a skeptical person, but I always felt the energy of the universe flowing through me. The knowledge of the runes opened my eyes to the spiritual realm, that I was ignoring, and my life changed. Now I’m on a beautiful journey, only possible because of the guide of beings as Odin.

~ Solano Aguirre

Odin is European. How do I know? Heard his voice once. A spirit. He is ancient based on the sound of his voice. He introduced himself as “Odin”. He said he was my “father.” I am black/Indian. Of course I did not believe. My thoughts are his statement is the origin to the prayer in the New Testament…The Holy Bible.

~ Felicia Harris

What you say here about Odin being the seeker and bringer of knowledge is absolutely spot on. He has been teaching me now for just over 2 years and I’ve never looked back. What a teacher! As you say he absolutely respects your free will. Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the sheer pace of the learning he brings, all I have to do is ask him for a break and he duly complies. I urge anyone who calls themselves a true seeker of knowledge to strike up a relationship with Odin. And try not to read too much about him before you do. Just experience him as you would a new found friend and be confident in the knowledge that he will always have your best interests at heart.

~ Simon Trent


I have prayed to odin asking his blessing and felt his hands on my head and chest, as the clouds parted and the sun shown down on me.

~ Jnipper81

Every time I hear experiences with Odin I cry and get chills. I’m going to try and connect with him soon. I asked for him to send me a sign that he is with me to send me a raven and he did just that while exiting off an exit ramp a raven came flying directly at my windshield feet away the raven looked to the left then made a sharp right turn when I looked back there was nothing there.

~ Kai Chan

Beyond the crows reminding me of awareness in very apt times, in one instance at 4AM on a very silent night, I wondered what practice I should try and I a bit hesitantly I thought of Odin, to try to pray and communicate with him. Exactly at that moment a crow called just outside my window! I was like: OK, that answers it haha. It had been silent for hours before that (I know because I was awake the whole time.) On a second occasion I was specifically considering the exact idea whether there was more behind these caws from crows. Again right at the moment of that question in my mind another call! It felt like it was answered my very thought.

I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the reality of higher forces talking to us through phenomenon in the outside world. Also this was only a fairly subtle, yet encouraging, help I felt during those days. It does make you consider how close higher forces in reality are to us, and very aware of what we’re up to during our day, our thoughts etc.

~ Karim


This… Is amazing to hear. My very first experience with any of the Nordic Gods was with Odin in a trance state. I was once christian and was extremely dissatisfied with it. I never got what I sought from it. But with my very first encounter with Odin, it was a beautiful experience. I started off in a darkened room. But in front of me was a stained glass door. All greens and yellows. With a tree carved in wood around the glass panels. As the door opened a warm, welcoming bright yellow light engulfed me. His presence, was welcoming and almost grandfatherly. Someone very familiar and calming. Someone who would teach you or tell you anything but never talk down to you, always explaining things so you understood them.

~ Anira Seraug

Recently Odin came to me during a meditation. I asked who he was and he said Odin. He also wanted me to do research about him and retrieve lost knowledge. It is interesting that this video would pop up in my stream since it was not one to which I had subscribed. He told me who I was many years ago and to research that being. Thanks for sharing your story.

~ Beverly Lawrence, PhD, LAc

It happened to me, as well! I met Odin and I could feel his power, that was 25 years ago during a meditation, I didn’t know that was Odin until twenty years later, than I became devoted to Him.

~ Carlos Filho

Very inspiring and another indicator that we’re tapping into a Collective Unconscious. There is definitely a return to our ancestral Paganism and I’m one of those who returned! Although Wotan – being continental/south Germanic in heritage and not Norse/Scandinavian, I call upon him through that name – does not bodily appear to me, I’ve noticed that on Wednesdays when I go to a local mountain and forest to do a blot to him or otherwise meditate, I see two ravens – never just one or more than two. Meditating on his qualities, I usually invoke him for “the enlightenment within”, because he seems to most represent our own internal vision / wisdom / insights / clarity / discernment / memories of who we are. Appearing in me through moments of inspiration, overwhelming feelings of entering another space and time yet still firmly rooted here on Earth. Your point elsewhere that links Wotan/Odin to the Viracocha among the Inca and Votan among the Mesoamericans is very uncanny and makes complete sense when we know that he is The Wanderer while also looking at the qualities attributed to Votan and Viracocha.

~ Sean Jobst

I saw Odin while I was meditating and he had both eyes. It confused me when I was researching him, but what you said really made sense

~ Epikk Gaymer