I have been very quiet again these past few months – working on making what has turned into a big update to my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun. It has been unavailable for some months while I’ve been doing this update. Quite a few people have been trying to get hold of it. It will be available again within the next 6 weeks, I’m pretty sure. And I will let you know when it is.

I keep thinking I’m close to finishing, but then something else crops up that I really need to address. But I think it REALLY IS getting close now, and I will post updates about it here.

I only intended to add a few new things I had found, but as usual, as more pieces of evidence come to light, the story of the Religion of the Sun continues to unravel, leading from one thing to another to another, making it difficult for me to put down any one topic until it has fully revealed itself.

I’ve been extremely focused on an intensive round of edits, getting everything as clear and accurate as possible.

What has made it really difficult is just how little has been put together about the true builders of the ancient sites aligned to the sun worldwide, even among alternative researchers of ancient civilization. To talk about the spread of the Religion of the Sun, I need to start with who the builders were, but that has taken a lot of time to find out. Some people don’t know because they never really apply the effort needed to find out, others obscure who they are because of their own rigid ways of thinking, and still others know, but they don’t want to say. What a mess! People have had so much time to work these things out, and yet it’s still all so elusive.

So I’ve done my best with the time I’ve had to find the builders of these sites. In some cases we now have hard data – like DNA and language.

I’ve included new sections on genetics, linguistics, and even a bit of geology, which means I’ve had to grapple with understanding these sciences to some degree and read a lot of scientific papers.

All in all, it’s been a lot of work. But it has been worth it. What a story. Everything makes so much sense now. I really hope you’re going to like it.