It’s been a long time coming – here finally is the book The Ancient Path of the Sun by Mark Atwood (my husband), which I helped co-author. It’s a huge book – 590 pages full of hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, excerpts from sacred texts, and quotes from experts.

The book The Ancient Path of the Sun: Uncovering the Spiritual Meaning of the Solstices and Equinoxes is now available – find out more about it and where to buy it here.

So much of ancient history and religion is a mystery. But what if at least some of that mystery were solved? What if you could not only understand ancient religion, but could also do it?

What if you could understand why so many ancient cultures venerated the sun? Why they aligned their sites to the sun at the solstices and equinoxes, and what they mean? What if you could see how many ancient religions were connected, understand the truths they shared, and read in their traditions the meaning of many symbols?

By the end of this book, this, and much more, is possible.

A book like no other – it travels through ancient cultures and sites across the globe, to reveal for the first time a sacred, ancient path encoded in their symbols, and found in the movements of the cosmos.

But this sacred path is not something to just read about – it is for doing, just as the ancients once did. From the sacred symbols of the ancients, the key principles are extracted, bringing to life what were once obscure texts.

No longer just piles of stones, the symbolism of ancient sites around the world, including many of the most mysterious and enigmatic, are decoded and unveiled.

And a whole section of the book is dedicated to recreating ancient celebrations of the solstice and equinox based on real surviving traditions, so that you can get out there and connect with the cosmos in a real and powerful way, just as ancient people once did.

Mark and I have been so quiet this year because we’ve been working away on this book (and others). It has been quite a mammoth effort, as the book continued to grow as we keep uncovering masses of evidence. In the future, we hope to include many more example ceremonies, but with time pressing, for now we have to move on.

A big thank you to the publishing team at Sura Ondrunar. Jenny did a beautiful job of formatting the book, and organized everything with the printers and distributors. Jon and Jordan formatted all the references (which could be a book in themselves!), and edited all the grammar and punctuation. Dara designed the amazing cover. Jon and Dara created a number of diagrams especially for the book. Jenny and Priya obtained all the permissions for the third party material reproduced in the book. It was a big job, with so, so many details. But we got there.

Thank you also to each of you who have donated during this last year. You have allowed us to work on this book, which has demanded many long hours a day of time-consuming and sometimes tedious work. Thankfully this very important book, and piece of the larger puzzle we are putting together, is now here, and you helped make that a reality.

Mark and I receive no royalties or payments from any of our books, or anything we do, and work completely on voluntary donations alone, as we believe spiritual knowledge should not be used for profit. The price of this book is set only to cover the costs of printing and publishing it. If you appreciate what we do, and would like to see more of it, please consider donating.

Next on the way is a major update to my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun, with a few more jaw-dropping surprises in store.