Ancient Prophecies of the End of Civilization

Ancient traditions of the religion of the sun preserve accounts of a series of world ages that were destroyed by global catastrophes. They describe how civilization periodically goes through golden and dark ages, and declines over time to be destroyed and spiritually renewed over again. Their ancient texts and teachings state that such a catastrophe lies ahead for our civilization too. [...]

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The Lost Civilization of the Sun – A Missing Link in Our Ancient Past

After a short hiatus, here is the next video from Sakro Sawel. A special thanks to my husband Mark for his knowledge that has made this video possible, and to the research of Martin Doutre of  - both of which have helped me be able to piece together the narrative presented in this video.Most are familiar with stories of the lost civilization of Atlantis, but in this video I explain that there is another lost civilization that lies even closer to us in time that most people are unaware of, and gave rise to the building of similar megalithic sites, and the spread of the same symbols, religion, and measurements, throughout distant parts of the world. [...]

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