The Lost Civilization of the Sun – A Missing Link in Our Ancient Past

After a short hiatus, here is the next video from Sakro Sawel. A special thanks to my husband Mark for his knowledge that has made this video possible, and to the research of Martin Doutre of  – both of which have helped me be able to piece together the narrative presented in this video.


Most are familiar with stories of the lost civilization of Atlantis, but in this video I explain that there is another lost civilization that lies even closer to us in time that most people are unaware of, and gave rise to the building of similar megalithic sites, and the spread of the same symbols, religion, and measurements, throughout distant parts of the world.

Everything mentioned in this video is based on verifiable evidence, like that of archeological remains, oral and written histories, ancient texts, linguistics, and scientific studies.


  • My husband, Mark
  • My own research and reading of primary source documents – such as ancient texts
  • The research of Martin Doutre of
  • More minor references: Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods), Thor Heyerdahl (various works), Dr David Frawley (Gods, Sages, and Kings), Gordon Kennedy (The White Indians of Nivaria)

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About the Author:

I am a researcher and practitioner of the indigenous Indo-European religion of my ancient ancestors, which is a branch of the ancient Religion of the Sun. I am author of the book 'The Ancient Religion of the Sun.' I run the YouTube channel SakroSawel and the website ("sakro sawel" means "sacred sun" in the Proto-Indo European language). Writing alongside my husband Mark, I helped co-author the book 'The Path of the Spiritual Sun.'


  1. Lara Atwood August 16, 2018 at 4:02 am - Reply

    Just a note to anyone who’d like to contribute research…

    What I’m looking for at the moment is research on specific cultures and traditions that have derived from or been influenced by the ancient religion of the sun. Up until now I’ve focused my efforts mainly on putting together the more broad spectrum picture, but it would be great to start filling in more of the details related to how the religion of the sun branched off or was preserved in different places. So for example, there are ancient traditions in Asia – such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and China. In Europe there is the Germanic/Norse traditions, as well as those of the Balts and Slavs. There are the traditions of the British Isles, like those of the Druids, Celts, the Tuatha de Danann. In Africa it was practiced in at least Ethiopia, North-West Africa, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Then in the Middle East there are the Iranian/Zoroastrian, Mesopotamian, Armenian traditions etc. Of course there are the many traditions of the Americas. Although we have bits and pieces, it would be great to start forming a coherent picture for each place/tradition/culture.

    • Fotis August 16, 2018 at 1:08 pm - Reply

      Thank you Lara for this opportunity!
      Would be great to collectively help and form a more coherent picture from these cultures.

      I found not easy to do in-depth research and trace reliable sources but I think it definitely worths.
      For example, recently a came across some information from a Maori tradition at N.Zeland which have similarities with practices of the religion of the sun. Further and in-depth information though is shared only to local and close to this tribe people, keeping a certain level of privacy and secrecy for a matter protection.
      But from what we said I felt a kind of affiliation and it’s very nice meeting other like-minded people and their approach to what we call practice of the religion of the sun.

    • Karim August 16, 2018 at 6:44 pm - Reply

      Thank you!

      With so many different traditions originating from the religion of the sun, each with their own myths, sacred practices, prayers, holy places, symbols (or for some traditions only a few aspects of their religion remain) etc. … it’s a huge task to show how each beautifully manifested the knowledge. So what you say makes perfect sense.

      Eager to see what people will uncover, what we can learn from each other’s findings, and how this information will help those interested to know how their individual traditions link to a great and deep knowledge.

      Thanks again.

    • Ella August 16, 2018 at 6:55 pm - Reply

      Hi Lara,

      It would be great to see more details of “how the religion of the sun branched off or was preserved in different places” emerging and I’m keen to research into the ancient traditions of the country where I grew up and those I feel an affinity with. I’ve been very inspired by the work of the Romuva community in Lithuania and read that in the 50’s the founders went into the rural areas to speak to the village people to learn the old pagan traditions that had been preserved there – it was just the aristocracy that had converted to Christianity in the 1300’s. It’s so fortunate these people took it upon themselves to preserve this knowledge, and though I know that it’s a rare story and that in many countries the ancient traditions are more deeply buried under layers of time, hearing that still inspires me to seek out what might remain. I’m finding that it’s not just an intellectual quest, that it also really helps me to feel connected to the timeless solar religion on a deeply personal level.

      Hope this marks the beginning of more inspiring evidence of The Religion of the Sun emerging for mankind to see its true heritage!

      • Anne Linn August 27, 2018 at 6:45 pm - Reply

        Thanks so much Lara! I would love to look into the ancient Norse traditions. Will be exciting to see what might be uncovered with so many helping to research 🙂

    • Olga August 17, 2018 at 4:16 pm - Reply

      Hi Lara, thank you for letting us know. It would be wonderful to expand on what has already been discovered about the religion of the sun and offer additional support towards the cultures that branched out from the original wisdom bringers.

    • Lucia August 17, 2018 at 9:22 pm - Reply

      Yes, thank you Lara for clarifying what type of research would be useful at this point. I have also came across different traditions here and there, that seem to be derived from or influenced by the ancient religion of the Sun, but haven’t looked much closer into any. I think it should be interesting to have a deeper look at these cultures, for hopefully a more complete picture and connections to emerge.

    • Craig August 18, 2018 at 8:09 am - Reply

      Thanks for the opportunity Lara,

      The quality of what you’ve presented so far is rather amazing. If I turn up anything worthwhile, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

    • Maia August 19, 2018 at 12:49 pm - Reply

      It sounds great to direct our efforts towards this research, Lara, I will try to support it as well.
      Something that is also missing from my overall picture and I am searching for some sources lately about it is how were things before the big flood, how the population was distributed around the world, what civilizations were existing during that period, and if the religion of the Sun was equally spread, following or not the regression of values like nowadays.
      I see that this connection between the past and the present is dressed necessary, so thanks again for putting it forward.

    • Laura August 19, 2018 at 6:16 pm - Reply

      I think this is a wonderful opportunity to (hopefully) substantially help your work Lara. Thank you for putting it out there.

      You’ve done so much alone delving into the various ancient traditions and cultures which is really amazing and yet there is so much information available that could be more efficiently worked with through an effort from many individuals. If only many could put in efforts and dedication that even remotely resemble yours then a lot could be done I think.

      • Michael August 21, 2018 at 5:36 pm - Reply

        Yes, I agree Laura. What Lara has discovered with Mark’s guidance is a remarkable achievement, as together they have brought an entirely new perspective to the ancient sacred traditions of humanity, which is intimately connected with the path of the sun, both in its physical and spiritual context.

        With this as a benchmark of what can be achieved with the right efforts and focus, it’s clear that with a collective effort, there is so much more that can be uncovered and brought to light. It’s an exciting prospect and an opportunity that I hope we can make use of to its full potential.

    • Aleksandr August 20, 2018 at 5:58 pm - Reply

      From researching into sacred sites it is clear that religion of the sun existed in much of the world. So far I concentrated on verifying that case, particularly in the places where I live. I look forward to looking into the actual practice of it as well as the wisdom bringers. Thanks Lara for the opportunity to contribute to your work.

    • Bogdan August 20, 2018 at 10:20 pm - Reply

      Hi Lara,

      This is wonderful news and a great opportunity for the ongoing unravelling of the ancient Religion of the Sun. With a focused and joint effort we could definately help advance this important work and maybe uncover more of the hidden gems.

      Thank you for this great opportunity!

    • Michael August 21, 2018 at 9:45 am - Reply

      This sounds like a wonderful opportunity Lara for those who are interested in delving further into the shared spiritual history of humanity and filling in the gaps in research to create an even more coherent picture.

      I’m definitely interesting in getting involved with new research and am particularly interested in exploring the roots of the Religion of the Sun in both the British Isles and Africa. Although we know quite a lot about these traditions in ancient Egypt, the information about the rest of Africa is still fairly sparse. I would be particularly interested in finding out more about the areas of South Africa and Zimbabwe, where there are already clues that the Religion of the Sun was practiced, due to the Great Zimbabwe monument still remaining intact.

      Thanks again for this great opportunity to broaden this very important and significant research, which can benefit so many.

      • Fotis August 27, 2018 at 6:54 pm - Reply

        Michael, in case you haven’t come across yet I found Michael Tellinger’s research in South and central Africa quite interesting, on ancient sites, giants and stone circles.
        here is his website

        Good luck with your research!

        • Michael September 28, 2018 at 3:45 pm - Reply

          Thanks very much for sharing that link Fotis. It looks like an interesting site, which may lead to some useful finds.

    • Alexandros August 23, 2018 at 10:06 pm - Reply

      Hi Lara,

      This is a lovely opportunity and I’m interesting in getting involved as well. I would like to do a research about Druids, Celts, British Isles etc….And I would say that Chinese and Mesopotamian history and cultures are something that gives me lots of motivations for a research too 🙂
      What you have achieved so far is amazing and I will try to support and help you.

      Thanks and all the best to your important effort, to come to the surface the links of the past about the religion of the Sun, throughout the world.

    • Seraphim August 24, 2018 at 5:57 am - Reply

      It will be great, Lara, if we can see and uncover a coherent picture how the religion of Sun preserved until in nowadays.

      I wish that there are enough records in order to be achieved this target

    • Layla August 25, 2018 at 3:53 pm - Reply

      HI Lara

      Thanks for the lovely invite to partake in such a valuable project.

      Funnily enough I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about putting together some information I’ve been gathering about the Armenian people but also about other commonalities like symbols used in megaliths etc that show the universal understanding and spread of Religion of the Sun.

      When I read your comment, one thing that sprang to mind was this video about the discovery of the Assyrian Church of the East in China, , though it speaks of Christianity, the symbols and some of the messages in this Stele relate to those pertaining to, what I understand, being in the religion of the Sun.

      • Michael August 27, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

        That’s interesting Layla, thanks for sharing that link.

    • Jalani Ban Houston August 29, 2018 at 3:27 am - Reply

      Check out my video on Cuzco, Peru. The black folks are waking up and now need you guys. Get in touch with an elder on a resarvation. And glad to see y’all in spirit. Plz be weary on that bible doctrine though. Shalawam

    • Lara Atwood September 4, 2018 at 9:23 am - Reply

      I’ve had a few people email in asking about researching – like what areas might be best to focus on, when to send things in, how to discern sources etc. so I’ve created a page to be able to discuss these things as it would help anyone interested to go through some of the answers:

      Thank you to all of you who’ve expressed an interest so far.

      • Fotis September 4, 2018 at 3:26 pm - Reply

        Sounds great!

      • Vadim September 4, 2018 at 4:18 pm - Reply

        Hi Lara,

        Thank you for your efforts to revive these ancient spiritual teachings in our modern times!

        I have had a chance to learn some things about solar spirituality (and more)… Maybe something out of my findings would have a value for your research, so if there is something precise that you want to study deeper, please feel free to let us know, and maybe I can send you things by e-mail, as I am not really comfortable to post them online.

      • Martin September 5, 2018 at 6:32 am - Reply

        Great to see people are interested!

        Thanks for setting that up Lara.

      • Seraphim September 5, 2018 at 6:23 pm - Reply

        Thank you Lara! It sounds great!!

  2. Karim July 25, 2018 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Part 2/2. Continued from previous post.

    A general summary (only some of it) of Thor Heyerdahl’s research on the history of Easter Island.
    Oral histories and rough chronology.

    – “The essence of what the residents of the country tried to share with the foreigners was simple: an earlier people were already on the island when their ancestors arrived. These ancestors abandoned their own religion upon arrival, and learned from the statue makers to worship Make-Make.”
    – At the end of their long expeditions and works on the island Thor and his colleagues realised that: “Why had nobody but the islanders themselves taken their ancestral histories seriously? … I confessed to my two friends that the value of oral history was, in a sense, one of the strangest discoveries we had made. … We from the outside world had recorded what they told us, and saved the answers as primitive fairy-tales:”
    “Once upon a time there were Long-Ears and Short-ears. The Long-ears came from the east first, the Short-ears from the west later. The first were industrious and in charge of the monuments and great works. The Short-ears patiently toiled for two hundred years with the monuments in honor of the Long-ears; then they conspired and made revolt. They pushed the Long-ears down into their own burning pyre and ruled the island alone thereafter.”
    – “There was more detail to the memories …, Even before the Long-ears had arrived with King Hotu Matua, another king, his “brother”, had come from the same direction. … looking for an island the location of which was already known to both of them. The first king disappeared, and only traces were left of his settlement on the island. Hotu Matua named the island and his kin survived for a great number of generations, and they were joined by the Short-ears from the west. The latter abandoned their religion and their culture and began to toil for the Long-ears. For two hundred years. Then they made revolt, burned the Long-ears in their own pyre and took over the island thereafter. But a period of civil war followed, when all the long-eared statues were overthrown and people lived in caves. … When he [Hotu Matua] came to Easter Island it was covered by a green forest with the branches of trees intertwining above remains of stone-paved roads. … All this was plain Easter Island history, which the elders of the island community had tried to share … . Now what they told us orally we could give them back written in our own letters and with a stamp of scientific approval.”

    – “As among the Incas to the east and the Polynesians to the west, history was the main religion on Easter Island. The islanders strived to preserve their celebrated links back to the divinity and glory to which their moai and tablets testified.”

    – A rough description of the chronology. Thor and his archaeological party were able to discern three periods: early, middle and late. The early period featured ahu platforms (not designed to hold heavy moai), sun worship, use of fire in rituals, a square pillar shaped Viracocha like statue, the kneeling type statue and what seems to be the prototype moai from hard dark basalt rock (i.e. ‘Hoa-haka-nan-ia’, now in the British Museum. More information below.)
    Then a time of seeming abandonment. Followed by the middle period where the nearly 900? great moai were carved and moved, and it seems towards the end of that period a particular bird-men cult developed.
    The late period is the time of civil wars, intermittent visits of explorers, toppling of statues and cave living.

    – “The Long-ears are also depicted in the standardized moai kava kava figures which the Short-ears continued to carve in memory of the last refugees of an exterminated population group, which they found hiding and perishing with hunger inside Puna Pau topknot quarries.” (Multiple images:

    – “The Long-ears were not totally exterminated in the war. Apart from their women and children, at least two of the adult men escaped and were spared from massacre in the pyre. One of them, Ororoine, had direct descendants to whom Knoche spoke personally.”
    – Pedro Atan was identified as the last of twelve generations of direct patrilineal descendants of Ororoine. (Major Atan, second from right, and his red-haired son wearing a white shirt to the left of him–easter-island.jpg Image hosted by Pinterest.)

    – About the Long-ears: “They were at that time real flesh-and-blood people, who kindled fires in font of the moai and prostrated themselves before the rising sun.
    The people encountered on Easter Island did not impress the early Europeans, except by their tall stature and fine features. Nevertheless, they were descended from a line of outstanding navigators, organizers, architects and engineers.”

    Further Worthwhile Mentions.
    – The natives themselves called the island ‘Te-Pito-o-te-Henua’ (The-Navel-of-the-World). Roggeveen named the island Paaseiland/Easter Island due to the day of their discovery which was Easter Sunday of 1722.

    – Easter Island had its own script, called rongo-rongo. (
    – ” … Eyraud’s [19th century missionary] most important discovery was the inscribed tablets found with the images in all the houses. He ordered all tablets to be burnt. note: The Inca’s painted their history on certain boards, which the Spanish conquistadors burned when they found them stored in the Temple of the Sun. The Cuna Indians of Panama incised religious texts on wooden tablets just like those on Easter Island.”
    – Eyraud quote: “In all their houses one can find tablets of wood or sticks covered with many kinds of hieroglyphic signs: figures of animals unknown on the island, which the natives trace by means of sharp stones. Each figure has its own name; but the little they make of these tablets makes me inclined to think that these signs, the remains of a primitive script, are for them at present a custom which they preserve without searching the meaning. The natives do neither know how to read or write …”

    – About the bird-man competition, post A.D. 1400. What seems to me to possibly be a changed tradition of celebrations occurring at that, equinox, time of the year. Here all the islanders would assemble and from the top of a volcano mountain a selection of men would compete by racing down to some off shore islands to be the first to secure a new season egg of the sooty tern. The finder would receive the title ‘bird-man’ for that year and he and his band would run to rob and plunder the houses of chickens and sweet potatoes.

    – Zumbohm (of missionary Eyraud’s party) wrote what natives (at that time) said about their faiths: “Among the gods and goddesses of their mythology, our Indians acknowledge one they call the great God, Etua, who they say is superior to all the others. Ko Make-Make was his name; he rewarded the good and punished the bad… Make-Make manifested his anger by thunder… through the will and the work of the supreme god, the first man and the first woman came forth from the earth, almost like the plant that germinates from the soil; they had immortal souls as has all their descendants … ”

    – The pyre in which the Long-ears were killed in battle was already a pre-existing moat structure, radiocarbon tested to A.D. 386 (± 100 year.) The bigger ‘Poike pyre’ fire dated to 1676 (± a hundred years.)

    – Long cranium skulls of islanders. Along with skulls representing a Polynesian type purely, “… the general conclusion was that the Easter Islanders were ‘absolutely a long-headed people,’ … .” Routledge, a prominent early archaeologist on Easter Island, who performed this research noted in the 1910’s that the cranial capacity exceeded even the inhabitants of Whitechapel, England. In investigating these peoples’ origin no one considered South America for linguistical reasons. “…but the pre-Inca rulers of Tiahuanaco, and many of their contemporary relatives, were extremely long-headed.” “…the burial grounds along the pacific coast of Peru were full of long-headed skulls.” “Deliberate head deformation was practiced …, … but the undeformed cranial type of pre-Inca mummies, both in the highlands and on the coast, is remarkably long-headed. These were the people who, according to reliable Inca history, had a skin as white as the Spaniards. And they were the same people who had instructed the Incas to lengthen their earlobes—the people whose stone statues left at Tiahuanaco were found by Markham to resemble the monuments on Easter Island.”

    – On blood group research. Emil Gjessing, part of Thor’s first expedition, sampled blood from all those islanders who, according to Father Sebastian, were of pure local lineage. “The studies published in 1955 concluded that ‘there is a close genetic relationship between American Indians and Polynesians,’ … [this] was so unexpected that an independent analysis of new blood samples from Easter Island was conducted by an international work group …. . They reached the same conclusion: the blood genes pointed clearly to aboriginal America.”

    – Secret caves. Thor Heyerdahl was considered by many islanders to be a Kon-Tiki reincarnate :-). And to him many secret caves, with hundreds of different small stone sculptures, were revealed. “It would be hard to forget all the nights I stole away in the dark, … at the heels of some barefoot Easter Islander who was supposed to guide us to his cave. There were caves everywhere.”

    – Thor returned to Easter Island in ’86, after his initial expedition in ’55, and with a team of others helped to uncover the fact that the statues used to have inlaid eyes and that they had indeed “walked”, thanks to some experimental archaeology and the help of the Czech Pavel Pavel. (

    On statues.
    – About Hoa-haka-nana-ia. ( An image from the British Musuem.)

    – “Inside one of the largest ceremonial houses in Orongo, on top of Rana Kao, the Englishmen discovered an exceptionally beautiful small-scale statue, buried to its shoulders in the ground. Unlike the other Moai, which were carved from yellowish Rano Raraku tuff, this statue was made of hard, dark basalt and its back was covered with reliefs of bird-men, double-bladed paddles, and vulva symbols. Remains of paint still covered the statue, the face and body having been painted white, the reliefs red. The name of the ceremonial house was Tau-Ra-Renga, ra meaning “sun”, and the image was known as Hoa-haka-nan-ia. The little statue was removed and taken to the British Museum. Although it was only 8.2 feet tall, and weighed about four tons, missionaries reported that three hundred sailors and two hundred islanders were required to bring the statue down the slopes of the volcano to Cook’s Bay.”
    – “This statue, … , was the only one of its kind to have escaped the ravages of the tribal wars. The great reverence that all the islanders showed for it many indicate that it represented their common ancestor, the supreme and only real god, Make-Make. This sacred statue may have been the prototype of all ancestral images of the middle period.” That is, all moai were modelled after the same prototype— presumably this one.

    (Image, the back of Hoa Haka:
    – “The descendants of the Long-ears interpreted the triple bow with a circle above it and an M-shaped design below it as representing a rainbow with the sun above and rain beneath.”
    – “The bird-men, the double-bladed ao paddles, and the vulva signs appear to be secondary carvings, however, which would suggest that the people of the middle period inherited this sculpture from the Early Period.”

    – More on lower back rainbow motifs. (Images of other buried moai‘s backs. Here the sun and moon it seems: And sun only:
    (Some of my own thoughts on this: Although very vague modern interpretations are given to this motif, to me it seems to indicate a more ‘primary forces of creation’ meaning. Like a representation of essential natural elements, but actually pointing to the higher forces behind them. Many myths in early America, like those of the Muisca’s, talk of a “… supreme male divinity, whose female associate is the Rainbow, …, goddess of rains and waters, of the fertility of the lands” etc. ~ Quote from ‘American Hero Myths’ by D. G. Brinton)

    -Thor mentions that “…in ancient times, when the Moai were still being carved and respected, the kings were divine…” and “All the typical statues of Easter Island’s Middle Period have long ears.”
    – Wonderful photo of excavated moai. Many more of such images can by Thor, who’s standing at the top right, can be found in his printed books. He mentions: “No one who witnessed the majestic size could fail to understand that it was not created by castaway fishermen, who failed to find timber. This was a monument designed by one of the great seafaring civilizations of old.”

    *All the hyperlinked external images belong to the respective websites mentioned in their url addresses.

    • Martin August 1, 2018 at 11:46 am - Reply

      Thanks for compiling this Karim, it’s very helpful.

    • Michael August 2, 2018 at 6:45 am - Reply

      Wow! That’s a lot of research there Karim! 🙂 It provides some strong evidence of the links between Easter Island and its South American ancestry. Thanks for sharing all that useful information.

    • Ella August 7, 2018 at 12:01 pm - Reply

      Wow, thanks Karim for condensing all that information and adding to the evidence for the sea-faring ancients who practiced a solar religion. I knew Easter Island was unique, but didn’t realize quite how so; interesting that there was an oral history of not one but two seperate kingdoms who preceded the ‘short eared’ inhabitants who eventually overthrew them. Speaking of which, did you come across anything that explained the symbolic meaning of the artificial ear lengthening? I’ve never liked the look of it in its modern revival but it must have a big symbolic importance for so many ancient people to have made it a practice. (One link I see is that the ears are seen as the outer expression of the kidneys, which themselves are the storehouse of the life energy, or Jing, in ancient Chinese thought, so big ears was seen as desirable and indicative of strong qi).

      Funny how the islanders saw Thor as a reincarnation of someone-important-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten. Maybe he was?! It seems like he had a clear mission to help prove the link between the island and south America, as well as his other work that reshaped how we see our collective history.

      • Karim August 9, 2018 at 9:09 pm - Reply

        Hi Ella,

        – The two earlier settlements (early and middle period), and considerable duration of abandonment in between, were also confirmed separately by different archaeologists on the expedition.

        – My very first personal thought when I heard about the ear extending was that they’d initially stretched their ears over time based on a tradition of putting circular gold sun disks or plug ornaments of various kinds in. Like is more well known in some cultures of South America. Like these (Viru culture:, or this Mochica culture one
        Here’s bit of (google translated) description on that object in the second link.

        “Throughout history and in different cultures, the body has not only been ornamented, but has been transformed, through tattoos, perforations and deformations. Some parts of the body such as the lips, the ears and the skulls themselves are modified with processes that last almost all of life.

        The earmuffs have been one of the most significant ornaments to distinguish the characters with power in the Andes. When the Spaniards arrived, they called the “Inca” noble Incas, impressed by the size of their ears, enlarged by the ornaments they wore. Some of these earmuffs were so heavy and large that to keep them in place, they were fastened with bands that were tied to the head.” ~ Authored by Museo Larco.

        Another fine example, this one from the Chimu culture: ( Some interesting description as well (google translated): “….. It is an outfit that expresses the power of the ruler at its maximum splendor, and its symbolic relationship with the sun.
        This clothing has feathers on the crown and on the edges of the breastplate. The feathers represent the birds, which are the beings that can best approach the sun.”
        ~ Authored by Museo Larco.

        (Couldn’t refrain from also sharing this one, of a familiar pattern.) This is more earring-like, a plug, but still giving the big ear impression. Beautiful! (

        However to get back to just long ears, without inserted ornaments, maybe there’s more to it in itself? One thing that did occur to me, whether intentionally done so or not, is that it can form a recognisable attribute to a certain people of the past. For example if you’d want to set yourself apart in a way that people could recognize you as a separate people in a far removed future how could you do it? This would be one way.
        The 900 or so massive Moai all feature this form of body stretching and this tells points us to these long-eared people. Perhaps a lineage of royalty descending from the original wisdom bringer?
        About the specific significance of its own (or deeper symbolic one) I’m not sure, I feel there is one though but I haven’t looked into it much, so there might definitely be a perfectly agreeable answer to it out there.

        – Thor was definitely an extraordinary guy and what he achieved in his life almost like a mission, very inspiring. Perhaps, as things reoccur in different ways in different times, he has been there before in some form :-)?

      • Michael August 13, 2018 at 7:24 am - Reply

        That’s interesting about the connection between the ears and kidneys in ancient Chinese thought Ella. Depictions of Buddha often show him with large ears too, although some also show him with a pot belly.

        Apparently the ears are the only part of the body that don’t stop growing, which is why older people often have larger ears, in proportion to the rest of their facial features. So there is probably a common association throughout various societies with large ears and wisdom too. Perhaps this influenced the character of Mr Spock in Star Trek being depicted with larger ears.

    • Craig August 18, 2018 at 8:12 am - Reply

      Karim, you’ve revealed a very comprehensive list of details for Easter Island indeed. Thank you!

  3. Karim July 25, 2018 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    Easter Island connections to the Religion of the Sun and the Wisdom Bringers.

    The Sakro Sawel videos mention Easter Island. I wanted to present a summary of Easter Island’s links to the Religion of the Sun, and some of the signs of those that brought it there, based on Thor Heyerdal’s book ‘Easter Island: The Mystery Solved’. So that anyone who doesn’t have access (or time to read) this book can get a more detailed idea. This book covers virtually the same content as ‘The Art of Easter Island’ by the same author, that one being more detailed and written for the professional community.

    Rather than writing a summary of the whole contents I tried to focus on presenting the elements related to the Religion of the Sun (i.e. those given in this book, which does not necessarily present all links in general.) All quoted material below is from this book, unless stated otherwise.

    It seems one of Thor’s main missions with this work on Easter Island is to prove early influence from the South American continent. To me he does a tremendous job at demonstrating this with a great variety of evidence, some of it basically incontrovertible. I think this was such a prominent part of his focus because generally it is still regarded by many that Easter Island’s only roots are Polynesian. That the original source idea for the moai, for example, came from there.

    I will not mention all of these cases of evidence (like botanical proof etc.) but I will pass on some that are relevant. Why? In isolation Easter Island can more easily be seen as a mysterious local creative fluke of a bygone people. Or when only considering a Polynesian influence certain specific evidence and its meaning can more easily, and conveniently, be left as unanswered.
    The Easter Island-South America connection is important, because through it more of the wonderful island’s mysteries can be better understood. The island revealing itself as part of a wider global body of sacred knowledge, which the sun worshipping South Americans also possessed— who’s culture was “seeded” by the Wisdom Bringers.

    “The Incas were Quechua Indians from the highlands, but claimed that their royal line had intermarried with an important group of white and bearded Long-ears, who had come down the coast from the north and taught them ear piercing and lengthening before they left to go westwards towards the Pacific. Being ancestor worshippers, they venerated these progenitors, who had brought culture to their primitive forefathers and were recalled by many names.”

    Direct archaeological and observed Solar connection examples.
    – At daybreak on Easter day in 1722 the first Europeans, the Dutch Admiral Roggeveen and crew, witnessed a strange ceremony. “The islanders prostrated themselves to the rising sun and lit fires before the giant statues. … then they squatted on their heels, heads bowed, and alternately raised and lowered their hands, palms held together as if in prayer.”

    – “At Vinapu there’s a beautiful sun-oriented seaward wall that faced away from the plaza with the Kon-Tiki Viracocha like pillar statue.” The building style of this megalith wall is very reminiscent of ones in Peru. It faces the winter solstice sunrise. (

    – “Clear evidence of the earlier sun worship was noted by Eyraud [early missionary], who wrote that when he spoke of the calendar and the rising of the sun, the natives showed an extreme interest and even the aged moved closer to take their place among his pupils.” This interest was due to a still ongoing late period remnant tradition of the “bird-man” competition. Which was celebrated at the spring equinox in September and was, at at that time, the main event of the year for the islanders.

    – Orongo village was the only ceremonial village which had remained intact, here a number of discoveries were made through excavations. One of them being the ‘weeping-eye’ figures (
    “…the figure with the weeping-eye motif copied by Thomson from the interior Orongo walls. The weeping-eye motif is typical of Tiahuanaco, where it is another specific symbol of the supreme sun god, whose tears bless the farmers in the form of rain.”

    – Finding multiple ship pertroglyphs, some with solar sails. “While working to expose the complete statues standing below the quarries, Arne found one figure that had a large ship, complete with three masts and superimposed sails, incised on its front.” (photo ( , drawn diagram )
    – “…Carl discovered another petroglyph of the same kind of vessel. A colossus that had toppled from the fine ahu of Te-Pito-Kua. … a carving of a two-masted ship, the foremast running through the huge round navel of the moai as if to depict the circular sail of of a solar vessel.”
    – “Another eroded petroglyph was found on a facing wall stone of Ahu no. 2, represented a boat with three superimposed sails. … Carbon dating from the material taken from below the plaza wall of the same ahu gave the approximate date: A.D. 857″
    – “These early ship designs began to assume religious importance when Ed found them inside the houses at Orongo, among the double-bladed paddles and tear mark motifs.” “An odd detail was a round disc painted as a sail on the mainmast, a common symbol of a solar ship in many ancient civilizations.”
    – “Ra and raa are the words for “sun” and “sail” throughout Polynesia. The red disk may represent a play on words, but would not exclude the representation of a sun boat, a motif widespread among reed-ship voyagers in various parts of the world.”
    – “Local beliefs (in South America) held that Kon-Tiki Viracocha first appeared with a flotilla of such totora-reed boats when he and his immigrant party set forth from the island of the sun to found Tiahuanaco. To People who could build reed ships in the correct way, distances between continents shrank to weeks rather than years or centuries needed by travelers on foot or horseback.”

    – A Solar Observatory. “Ed actually excavated the remains of a solar observatory next to the same [Oronogo] stone houses on the rim of the crater. This came as no great surprise, however, since the missionaries had recorded that the Oronogo festivals were determined by the position of the sun, and the Dutch discoverers had witnessed the early islanders prostrating themselves to the rising sun.”
    – “Ed also found a system of four holes drilled in the rock, surrounding a strange image unlike any moai previously discovered. A pole placed in the largest hole threw its shadow directly across each of the three other holes at the time of the two equinoxes and the local summer solstice respectively. A fire pit was also associated with this solar observatory.”

    – Carved Head in ceremonial buildings. “The strange image consisted of a rounded rectangular head without either body or limbs, identified by the islanders as Make-Make. Ed concluded that the great god Make-Make, the sun, and symbolic fire must have been intimately linked together in Easter Island’s earliest period.”

    – Though Thor doesn’t mention these in this book, but some other major solar connections are (info from the book ‘The Path of the Spiritual Sun’):
    – The seven statues and platform at Ahu Akivi looking towards the autumn equinox setting sun. (
    – Ahu Huri a Urenga, a lone standing moai, uniquely having four hands, faces the winter solstice sunrise. The altar and five nearby cupholes appear to have functioned as a ‘solar-ranging-device’.
    – The iconic fifteen moai of Ahu Tongariki, the largest group on the island, on an ahu platform all face the summer solstice sunset. (

    Indirect signs of Solar culture, Wisdom Bringer descendants and relevant South American connections.
    Wisdom Bringer Descendants? The ‘Long-Ears’.
    – “One specific class of islanders, those with fair skin, wore large chocks or disks in their artificially elongated earlobes … and could [according to Behrens] also be distinguished not only due to their appearance but also because they displayed more reverence for the statues and were more devout in their ministrations.”
    – Among other physical descriptions it mentions that many were bearded and their hair coiled into a topknot.
    – “Red-headed men with long ears and goatees are known to have sailed off the northern coast of Peru… in pre-Inca times, as portrayed by the Pre-Inca Mochican.” (
    – “The Mochica people, who founded the first pre-Inca kingdom on the northern coast of Peru, always depicted themselves as Long-ears.” (More on the Long-Ears further below.)

    – “Kon-Tiki, the legendary bearded sun-king, reigned in Tiahuanaco and raised stone statues there before leading his long-eared followers to the coast and sailing away across the pacific.” “The Incas gave him the surname Viracocha which means ‘foam of the sea’… .” “In pre-Inca times he is portrayed with large plugs in distended earlobes and a long beard.” (Image of bearded Viracocha statues.
    – Similar seashell ear plugs have been excavated at an ahu on Easter Island.

    – Some of the carved wooden figurines, the moai kava kava, have men with long flowing beards carved on top of their heads, while simultaneous taking the shape of baleen sea creatures? (Top left diagram.–easter-island-d.jpg image hosted on Pinterest.)

    – There were strange feline-like figures carved on the rocks inside the ceremonial village of Orongo and a feline-like mask was found on the island. “The frequent occurrence of catlike figures in Easter Island religious art is remarkable, not only because there were no members of the cat family in Polynesia, but even more so because ….” “….The feline was the symbol of the supreme god of Tiahuanaco and all related cultures in pre-Inca Peru. These early South American artists also represented the sun god surrounded by servants, symbolized by bird-men — human beings with the heads of birds, just like the servants of Make-Make on Easter island.”

    Relevant South American connections.
    – An ahu is platform for worship, there were these which were constructed in the early period. In the middle period other such ahu served as platforms for moai. Some of these were built in a stepped pyramid style, and some are aligned to the sun at the equinox and solstice times of the year. (

    – “When the Spanish conquered the Inca empire in Peru, they discovered that the natives worshipped the sun god at stepped pyramids, most of which have been destroyed. …. The idea and design of worship on a stepped pyramid temple platform was ‘… found everywhere from Tula in Mexico to Huaraz in Peru and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia’ – just as on Easter Island.”
    – Since Thomson and Cook visited the island three of the most remarkable ahu have tumbled into the sea, together with a vast village of lenticular stone houses considered by their discoverers to be the oldest and most important on the island.”

    – “… colossal monoliths in human form are not only to be found but are characteristic of the pre-Inca period of northwestern South America.” For example: (

    – Other kinds of moai/statues. More excavations revealed other types of statues from an earlier period, unlike the standard middle period moai. Like a kneeling type ( and a ‘squared-pillar-type’ ( both of which have their counterparts in South America. (kneeling type and (squared red pillar type
    “The later was the most common local form, and typical for the Tiahuanaco-inspired territory. The bearded image- known as Kon-Tiki in Tiahuanaco itself- is of this type, and it is also carved from a red scoria and placed, as on Easter Island, in a sunken temple court next to an elevated, sun-oriented, megalithic platform.”

    – On bird cult/bird men in the Americas. Thor also mentions that bird men are found in cultures and tribes across the Americas. And are often especially depicted as accompanying the Wisdom Bringer sun deities. (Eagle dance by Pueblo Native Americans:,_New_Mexico.jpg)

    – “Certainly the middle period bird-men cult was as typical for the reed-ship navigators of the north Peruvian desert coast as were the Early Period masonry of the kneeling and pillar-like stone men typical of Tiahuanaco.” (Image example of one of many bird reliefs from Easter Island: And a South American bead carved with bird men:

    – Double paddle depictions. “Important men also carried a ceremonial double-bladed paddle. Paddles with a blade at either end are unknown in Polynesia. … But if we turn to the coast of South America, we see that the double-bladed paddle was common. … , early Mochica artists depicted their chiefs holding double-bladed paddles, with the upper blade … shaped like a stylized human mask with long ears, feather crown, and tear marks.” (Museo Larco collection image: Sharing, it seems to me, also source elements of this too. (

    Part 1/2. Continued in next post. ->

  4. Michael January 19, 2018 at 11:57 am - Reply

    Thanks Lara, Mark and everyone involved in producing this video. It’s beautifully made and gives such a unique perspective on the spiritual history of humanity.

    It’s awe-inspiring that the core principles of this ancient religion are not only being resurrected today, but that it’s also possible for ordinary people to put into practice the key elements that lead to the path of the spiritual sun, as many spiritual figures have done throughout history.

  5. chris scott November 8, 2017 at 8:43 am - Reply

    Hi Lara, Thankyou for sharing yet another profound video. The proof of this lost civilisation of the sun is undeniable.
    As you mentioned we as a humanity are very fortunate for the brave people, that have kept this wisdom from being completely buried in darkness!
    Thankyou so much for the revolutionary knowledge that you continue to share with humanity, and to Belsebuub for all the hard work and sacrifice that has allowed us the opportunity to receive this knowledge.

  6. Tina October 22, 2017 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    From what I know it seems that it has been very unclear for so long about what really happened before we were here. The history itself says one thing then there are so many great monuments left by our ancestors which were often totally misunderstood.
    So it is amazing the work you do Lara together with your team in uncovering the truth behind it so that we may come closer to the ways of this lost civilisation of the sun and their way of living.

  7. Karim October 21, 2017 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    It’s been quite a delight to look at finds and studies of certain prehistory periods in the new light which the information in this video sheds. At the same time, not being an archaeologist or having studied ancient history, it can be a bit of a tidal wave of information hitting you when you start looking into things. It’s such a vast topic. And made much more difficult to put together by all the various modern views colouring the periods in history, where some good sources and books sail you right along the right track while other sources take you right off it, leaving you feeling like something is off and empty or something essential completely missing.

    It’s interesting to contemplate how some of the major sites in Britain seem to arise quite suddenly around a similar time, which such a precise purpose to their building and with a specific knowledge to accomplish this. Also the pretty clear ‘waves’, it seems to me, of specific sun related jewellery appearing, using specific (and for that area new types?) materials and means. Yet at the same time being very similar in some cases to artifacts found in distant places around the globe. It makes you wonder what happened.

    I think, of course, history can be quite complex and vast. But at the same thing I feel there’s presently much more ‘chaos’ to understanding it than needed (in some respects). And that the spirituality of the sun can really tie things together in a way that makes much more sense. And on top of that be much more more meaningful to present day people.

  8. Craig October 19, 2017 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    Wow! What a fantastic video.
    Thank you for pulling together all the different threads of history in order to weave this cloth. The way it has been laid out here makes it very clear and understandable!

    As you explain in your video Lara, how these different civilisations degenerated as they were overrun or infiltrated. It is clear to see how the kings and queens of our recent past, and those still ‘in power’ now, are a sad mockery of the spiritually authoritative ones of so long ago. It would be wonderful if such systems were able to be resurrected.

    Thank you also for the transcript: I find that I glean different information when reading, vs when watching.

  9. Seraphim October 19, 2017 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    Mark and Lara excellent video! It is a masterpiece! I remained with the mouth opened and my mind in silence.
    It’s true that there is a tremendous and big vacuum in history but this video filled very much this vacuum.

    What a pity this knowledge of the ancient spiritual civilization was lost and destroyed! So in nowadays, there are only a few events but they are not properly explained and interpreted even from scientists.
    There is the sense that some people that move the strings want this period of time to remain misunderstood and obscure.

    It seems historically this humanity loses one battle of spiritual progress after the other and very few people were enough strong to defend it properly loosing in the end in the most cases. How happened this in so huge scale!

    Thank you for this video and also many thanks for the transcript.

  10. Martin October 19, 2017 at 12:46 am - Reply

    Thank you Lara and Mark (& Mr Doutre),

    There’s a lot to take in and study in this video, it’s very helpful. .

  11. Aleksandr October 18, 2017 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    What an inspiring message! I hope the practice of the religion of the sun again becomes central in the world and we remember the teachings of the people who spread this religion in the first place!

    It is incredible that today it is possible to find evidence of the lost civilization of the sun through the ancient sites that are constantly being found and dating techniques that are putting them in their correct time frame, in the process verifying myths and religion as actual historical events, and showing us how advanced ancient civilization actually was.

    I hope that it will be possible to remember the teachings of the sages of the religion of the sun: the ethics, ways of living, ways of relating to others, goals, and more.

    Thank you Lara for putting this together into such an accessible video!

  12. Jenny October 18, 2017 at 4:21 am - Reply

    Thanks for another fantastic video. It was very informative and inspiring!

  13. Dimi October 18, 2017 at 3:05 am - Reply

    An exceptional video, bringing to the forefront that which as been hidden in plain sight but across continents and vast distances, because of the disconnect that exists in humanity despite ‘globalisation’. Once the parallels are shown, it becomes so clear, it is hard to ignore the commonalities. This ancient and lost civilization, which venerated the Sun (in a spiritual sense) was truly amazing, and a global phenomenon.It has left behind such a legacy, that is still being discovered and uncovered today. Perhaps history needs to be reviewed. Perhaps it is time to revive this ancient global religion of the Sun.

    Thank you Lara…

  14. Dara October 18, 2017 at 2:29 am - Reply

    This video is so awesome! I’ve watched it several times now, just trying to take in all the details, and it really helps to bring this information to life. It’s inspiring to hear about what the people who were part of the lost religion of the sun went through to share it with others — how far they travelled, the places that they reached and the diverse cultures that they seeded.

    Reflecting on how these people lived, what they did with their lives and how their activities centered around spirituality is deeply touching. It’s such a contrast to how our materialistic society operates now, and the effect it has living in a culture where spiritual values are no longer important or even wanted.

    Thanks very much for bringing out this information in this format, it’s helpful, encouraging and inspiring.

  15. Sue October 17, 2017 at 11:51 am - Reply

    What an amazing video. Such a clear and well presented insight into the lost civilisation of the Sun and other aspects of ancient history.

    I’m looking forward to reading the Kolbrin too as I have always felt connected to anything ancient Egyptian, and Akhenarton was such a significant figure.

    That’s good advice too Lara to look for the primary documents, rather than people’s accounts. So much is misinterpreted or translated incorrectly by those with no real understanding that the original information is often at least partly or wholly lost over time.

    Thank you so much for bring this information to light.

  16. Karim October 16, 2017 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    Wow, I would say this is hugely interesting, but I feel the word ‘interesting’ doesn’t do it justice! Thank you so much, it stirs something underneath the surface, a marvel, a secret wonder about how all of this information and practice could potentially unfold in the future, it’s very thrilling, new and heartwarming.

    When watching this I just felt my whole view of the past being turned upside down, but in all the right ways. This is because it conflicts with the ideas I, or most others, have about history which then challenges me to reconsider what I based those particular views on in the first place. Looking closer then at the actual facts, rather than the views, (such as the sacred sites left behind, the wisdom contained in sacred texts, the divine/solar symbols used) just makes those old paradigms crumble away. And in that crumbling at the same time emerges the much more plausible view that many of these ancient peoples had a great spiritual knowledge, that there was this ‘civilisation of the Sun’ and were very developed in that sense.

    It appears then that the predominant factor in trying to measure the ancient people of the past is not so much those people themselves. Rather it’s our own modern blindness and unknowingness of the spiritual which makes us miss out and be blind to the advancement these peoples had.

    Anyway lots to take in from this video. Will be watching it again very soon 🙂

    Great work on all of the facets of the video production itself btw, lovely watch.

  17. Lucia October 15, 2017 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    This is amazing, thank you Mark, Lara, and everyone who made this video possible. I think I will have to watch it a few more times, to really absorb everything.

    What stood out to me so far though, was how in the course of more recent history, there were some brave individuals who tried to revive the spirituality/religion of the Sun in its pure form, and how one of those was the famous Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton. I always loved reading about the reign of this king, and felt there was something very special about him. I liked how he did things together with his wife, how his portraits were not some static lifeless pictures or reliefs, but they were the depictions of the intimate moments with his family (often including their children), with the rays of the sun always illuminating them (like this one:ée066.JPG). I have read how he had an initiatic school in Egypt, again with his wife. I also liked how he simplified the religion, making the Sun the only and absolute God. But it seems like most of the people of that era were not able to appreciate nor understand this original and pure form of the religion of the sun and missed the previous culture, to which everything gradually returned after Akhenaten’s death.

    It is also incredible and almost unbelievable that as you said towards the end of the video, this ancient religion of the Sun is being revived today in these dark times, and not just as a theoretical legacy, but with its actual living practices and core principles. I hope that all people thirsty for this knowledge will be able to find it and use it correctly.

    • Lara Atwood October 16, 2017 at 4:15 am - Reply

      Hi Lucia, I find the story of Akhenaten an interesting one also.

      If you’d like to learn more about it, I’d recommend reading Chapter 34: The Annexed Scroll 2 on page 440 of the text called the Kolbrin.

      It gives an account of the story of his life. It reveals how Egypt was very close to going through a very positive change and renewal of the religion of the sun, but because Akhenaten made very serious mistakes in his conduct, it was instead a terrible failure.

      • Lucia October 16, 2017 at 9:04 pm - Reply

        Ughhh, that’s very interesting Lara, surely I will check it in no time, thank you very much for the tip! Sounds like a terrible thing though, when a mistake of one important individual can influence the course of whole history of humanity in this way…. It makes me think of the weight of responsibility that the awakened individuals carry (at least it is my guess that Akhenaten must have been either awakened or very close to it).

        Thank you very much again for helping to reveal all these facts and connections about the lost spirituality of the Sun, and wish you a lot of strength and inspiration with everything you are doing.

      • Lucia October 16, 2017 at 9:45 pm - Reply

        Just wanted to add for all who would also like to read this manuscript, that there seem to be 2 versions of it available, one called The Kolbrin, and another called The Kolbrin Bible. The publisher of The Kolbrin (Culdian Trust) claims that “The Kolbrin Bible” (which is widely being sold on Amazon) is unauthorised. Graham Hancock also seems to prefer The Kolbrin, and wrote about it here:

        The Kolbrin (consisting of 2 books) can be bought either as a hardcover here:
        or as a PDF here:

        • Martin October 18, 2017 at 7:08 am - Reply

          That’s very helpful Lucia, thanks for that.

        • Lucia October 20, 2017 at 4:47 pm - Reply

          I would like to correct my latest post, where I said that the article I linked to was written by Graham Hancock. Even though posted on his blog, it was actually written by the author and researcher Yvonne Whiteman. She also wrote a very clear summary of the Kolbrin there, which was amazing to read. Here is her other excellent article, where she summaries what Kolbrin has to say about Akhenaton:

          I have already managed to read the Akhenaten passage in Kolbrin (quite sad really), and looking forward to reading the other parts and chapters of the book. The only disadvantage of the book is that it is very hard to search in it (at least in the pdf version I purchased).

  18. Patricia October 15, 2017 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    Epic indeed, there is so much to take in after watching this incredible video. It raised a lot of questions for me about our ancient past, what’s happening to humanity today, the heroism and legacy of the lost civilization of the sun who spread the religion of the sun and how important this sacred knowledge is to the formation and sustainablility of a healthy, thriving civilization.

    Searching for information about these ancient ancestors is important to me. A problem I’m encountering is trying to decipher facts from fiction about certain cultural groups who disappeared without a trace but who may have followed the religion of the sun especially if they may have been possibly absorbed into or forcibly assimilated by the ruling civilization of the time or if they have been painted by historians as barbarians. Some examples of these are the Druids, Knights Templars and (something I learned more recently about) Vikings who were grossly misunderstood and negatively depicted by several Westernized/Christian historians. When I find certain elements that point to the possibility that an ancient culture I’m doing research on may have followed the religion of the sun, I’m often faced with contradictory or confusing information and the difficulty in determining whether they were friend or foe to the religion.

    It’s sad to see how the lost civilization of the sun were brutally prosecuted throughout history and the great loss all of humanity has had to suffer as a result of it but as you say Lara, there’s still an opportunity for that sacred knowledge to be revived. Thanks for sharing that message of hope.

    • Lara Atwood October 16, 2017 at 4:33 am - Reply

      Yes, it can appear very contradictory, as history is so often written according to agendas: either by people’s enemies, by the victors who portray themselves as saintly, or by the ignorant. What I would recommend though, is to find the primary source document wherever you’re able – rather than just reading people’s interpretations of it. Then you will be able to interpret it yourself, whilst trying to remain as free from bias as possible.

      In the case of the Knights Templar for example, after so many centuries of speculation, an old document was found in the Vatican Library and was officially released by the Vatican in 2007, which reveals the Templars were cleared of heresy by the Pope at the time of their trial. However, the King of France proceeded with their execution regardless.

      • Patricia October 17, 2017 at 8:41 pm - Reply

        Thanks Lara for your recommendations. It’s hard to believe that the Vatican kept such important documents like that locked up in their secret library for 700 years when they could have publically come forward with the truth about the Knights Templar years ago.

  19. Slawek October 15, 2017 at 8:16 am - Reply

    Wow! Truly amazing video – watching it and trying to take in all of the information was an uplifting experience; will certainly need to watch it again 🙂

    Thank you Lara and everyone involved in the making of this video.

  20. Fotis October 15, 2017 at 7:30 am - Reply

    “It was part of a divine plan unfolded long ago by the seers tasked with overlooking humanity in order to help fulfill the purpose of human life here on earth”

    Thank you Mark for providing us all these information and Knowledge of the lost civilization of the sun. It’s really incredible watching you and Lara connecting the dots from little but enough remnants of this civilization. I agree with others that is an epic work and quite a heretic approach according to the mainstream. Even just talking about the civilization of Atlantis is not accepted in nowadays.

    I hope/wish this message to be spread and be supported as much is needed.

    Great job with the video editing as well. It adds to this epic character of it, but I also liked to read through the subscription to get more into details and understand more.

  21. Tone October 15, 2017 at 5:25 am - Reply

    Thanks Lara, for a very informative video indeed, to say the least. It’s truly awesome to uncover these findings and start to get a glimpse of the real truth. I really hope more people can find this information; if enough did en masse it could have a major impact on humanity.

  22. Sof October 15, 2017 at 5:13 am - Reply

    Amazing video and very well laid out. I learnt quite a bit in this video, which provides insight to past societies and I can appreciate even more how the ‘mainstream’ way of living is moving unfortunately in the opposite direction to where we need to be.

  23. Mike October 15, 2017 at 2:23 am - Reply

    This was really epic! Thank you so much for this video. The information presented was very illuminating and greatly enhanced my understanding of this “civilization of the sun”. The many examples and pieces of evidence were very compelling.

    In addition, the video itself was awesome! The footage, pictures, animations, and music were so professionally done. Thank you, Lara, Mark, and everyone involved in making such an engaging and inspiring video.

  24. john perez October 15, 2017 at 1:15 am - Reply

    Thank you very much Lara for sharing this very important information which my family and I have enjoyed very much. You and Belsebuub bring forward very inspiring historical knowledge and Wisdom which makes complete sense to me.

    The suppressed proof which can be found from all over the planet must be freely available to help humanity know our true history and reconnect with The Divine through The Spiritual Sun.

  25. Geraldine October 15, 2017 at 1:08 am - Reply

    This was very helpful to learn more and more about. It’s making a lot of sense, understanding the move that took place in humanity, how all of a sudden people started to get ‘socialised’ and imbued with common values, principles and built cities far advanced.

    But it is also sad to see how divisions and the negatives found in basic humane nature (greed, jealousy, disrespect, hatred etc..) destroyed this amazing civilization overtime.

    Yet how lucky we are and how thankful I am and feel for the extraordinary hard work (beyond hard) that these people left behind engraved in stones, and with all these amazing sacred sites built so precisely to align with the sun to help keep on passing this mystical and spiritual guidance and knowledge throughout the ages!

  26. Paty October 14, 2017 at 11:36 pm - Reply

    WOW! this is truly amazing. I would dare say this could be considered ‘heretical’ among some scholars and academics and leaders of current religions.
    This has totally changed the way in which I now view our humanity here on earth for this last part of its existence. It is amazing to see all the similarities and commonalities shown so clearly and how there was clear intent behind the teachings of these great sages to show humanity, after that great cataclysm, to grow and develop into something great once again.
    Thank you so much for bringing this information to the fore, and I agree with you Lara. Let’s just imagine how many other sites, relics, temples, etc. remain buried and yet undiscovered, and what knowledge and wisdom could they give us today.
    Even though I have watched the previous videos, I find the presentation of the information in this video so groundbreaking that I feel really inspired and happy to be able to see our world in such a new and refreshed way.

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the work and dedication put into bringing this information to light.

  27. Justin October 14, 2017 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    This was a such wonderfully clear and beautifully presented video on the lost civilization and how its roots and branches wind through our human story. I appreciated how you also put the lost civilization into a broader context in terms of its purpose and how that purpose is still relevant today. It is something we can even partake in, which is extremely inspiring. The religion of the sun provides a much-needed alternative to the principles, values and ways of being that dominate most societies today, which generally seem so divorced from anything spiritual. Thank you Lara and the others behind this video – I really enjoyed watching it.

    • Layla October 16, 2017 at 4:14 am - Reply

      Ditto Justin, and well said too.

      A beautiful and moving account of the Lost Civilisation of the Sun. The fact that this has been uncovered is an extraordinary event itself. Many, if not millions have tried to define ancient sites and texts, decode the mysteries of the past, but only those that have lived the wisdom they contain, has been able to be recount its history, meaning and significance.

      I’ve seen lately how the longing for that connection with our real past is there in people, especially when listening to folk music from around the world, people are recognising the despair and destruction of materialist way of life; the emptiness of these current times weighs heavy in the hearts of people and when they touch upon elements of their ancient roots, they are uplifted and connected to all of life.

      This connection does bring myself and I think perhaps many others to tears, and I feel that’s because of its intrinsic connection to divinity and of seeing our own poverty and how much we long for that connection as a true part of who and what we are. Being connected is so important, and this incredible work you are doing not only joins the dots across regions, civilizations and times, but most importantly it connects us with the true source of life, the divine consciousness.

      Thank you for this revelation, its a great boost and a great hope in this long winter!

      • Anne Linn October 17, 2017 at 8:38 am - Reply

        Layla. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. It really got me thinking about my own longing to connect with a long forgotten past, that somehow my heart still remembers. And how I see this longing in many others as well. I wonder if this is one of the reasons why paganism is very popular now, and why some are even following the old Norse religion and dressing up as Vikings as often as they can.

        I’m also very moved when watching these videos and learning about the religion of the sun and how it’s connected to so many things. It’s that deep longing again, pushing from the inside.

        And thank you Lara and Mark, and everyone who made this video happen.

    • Dara October 18, 2017 at 2:34 am - Reply

      I thought that was really helpful as well Justin, the context of how this information about the lost civilization is relevant to us today and that it’s possible to take part in the religion of the sun again just like in times past. Very inspiring.

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