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Ancient traditions of the religion of the sun preserve accounts of a series of world ages that were destroyed by global catastrophes. They describe how civilization periodically goes through golden and dark ages, and declines over time to be destroyed and spiritually renewed over again. Their ancient texts and teachings state that such a catastrophe lies ahead for our civilization too.

The symbol on my dress was found on an ancient urn unearthed in Poland, and is over two thousand years old. It is called Rece Boga, meaning “the hands of god,” or “the hands of Svarog.” It is an ancient symbol of the sun.


A special thanks to my husband Mark, whose spiritual experiences and knowledge provided the impetus to research the ancient sources in this video. In my research, I consulted primary sources, including Hindu, Norse, Greek, Christian, and Egyptian texts, as well as talks by Hopi elders. I’d also like to thank Graham Hancock (see his books Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods), for his work on bringing together the archeological and scientific evidence that correlates with these ancient prophecies.