Stonehenge winter solstice 2018

Great to see people out at sites of the ancient religion of the sun at the solstice, but sad to see a sacred place treated like a fairground. What do gyrating women, African drumming, and people in costumes have to do with Stonehenge? Absolutely nothing. No one would consider doing this at other ancient sites or sacred places. Will some of the British remember their roots enough to restore dignity and meaning to the solstice at Stonehenge? [...]

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Tiwanaku winter solstice 2018

Perhaps my favorite solstice celebration - it's done with so much heart. Attended by the Bolivian President, conducted by the indigenous Aymara, held at the sacred site of Tiwanaku in Bolivia. Someone filmed this in a hotel as it was being aired live on National TV. Will peoples in other parts of the world also remember and return to their sacred roots that tap into the ancient religion of the sun? [...]

By |2023-04-17T17:35:19-07:00January 20th, 2019|solstice and equinox, south america|26 Comments
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