Great to see people out at sites of the ancient religion of the sun at the solstice, but sad to see a sacred place treated like a fairground. What do gyrating women, African drumming, and people in costumes have to do with Stonehenge? Absolutely nothing. No one would consider doing this at other ancient sites or sacred places. Will some of the British remember their roots enough to restore dignity and meaning to the solstice at Stonehenge?

Until such time, the stones stand like mute sentinels, waiting for the time the descendants of their builders return for the great ceremonies of sun and spirit. This was the great temple of the first Celtic speakers of Western Europe (the Atlantic culture stretching from the Mediterranean, North Africa, up the Western seaboard of Europe), the Sons of May (the “sons of summer/the sun”), and the Indo-European sun worshipers of the Bronze Age. During the Bronze Age it drew people from across Europe, and it lies on the same latitude (used for specific astronomical observations) as the ancient solar temples of Goseck Circle in Germany, and Arkaim in Russia. Wake up and remember, people of Europe.

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