An interview I did with Jennifer of the Facebook page SOLove Inner Radiance was just put up today as part of the ‘Sol2Soul Global Summit 2’ Jennifer is hosting, in which she focuses on topics related to the sun.


I think it’s a great overall summary and introduction to the ancient religion of the sun, and to ancient sites and religion in general.

We discuss the real ancient meaning of sun worship, what the sun meant and symbolized to many ancient people, what the solstices and equinoxes mean and why they were so celebrated in the ancient world, how many ancient sites are not only aligned to the sun but also to one another, how many of these sites are connected to one another, why they were built to align to the sun and stars, how they were founded as part of the same religion, how this religion was founded, when it was founded, and who it was founded by, how many ancient gods were real people of the past, and how people can connect with the sun and this ancient religion today.

I really enjoyed speaking to Jennifer – I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier interviewer. I wish her every success in her work.