Today marks a pretty special day. For the first time in a very long time, and possibly ever, there is a book that traces the history of the ancient Religion of the Sun throughout much of the world.

The book, The Ancient Religion of the Sun: The Wisdom Bringers and the Lost Civilization of the Sun, is now available – you can find out more about it and where to purchase it here.

The research that has gone into writing this book has been such an incredible journey for me personally, and I hope it will also be an eye-opening journey for you.

I don’t know about you, but so much of ancient history seemed so distant and dead for me for most of my life. The old gods of ancient Egypt and India seemed almost like cartoons and caricatures, the histories of many indigenous peoples like camp-fire stories, and ancient sites like the rubble of something I couldn’t quite relate to.

But what if there is a reality behind them? What if truly amazing things have happened on this planet in the past? What if I told you that the Egyptian god Osiris had been a real person, that Odin/Wotan of the Nordic/Germanic people was a real person too, and so was Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha of Central and South America? What if I told you that the mythical city of Shambhala had been a real place? And that the work of building many ancient sites had been part of an incredible spiritual mission?

I’ve found that these things and much more are true, and in this book I provide as much evidence for them as I’ve been able to muster so far.

What links all these things together is a profound body of knowledge, which I refer to as the Religion of the Sun. Understanding the history of this religion, as well as the people who followed it and spread it across the world, has the power to explain so many of the similarities between ancient sites, wisdom traditions, and mythologies.

In short, what I’ve aimed to do is to identify the real people, places, and events, from amidst the myths, texts, and archeological evidence, to tell the story of what really happened in much of our ancient sacred past.

I have many people to thank.

A huge thank you to Jenny, Jon, Priya, and Dara. They have done such a wonderful job over the last few weeks in making this book happen, working tenaciously through all the myriad of details that go into producing a referenced and illustrated book like this. Jenny did a beautiful job of formatting it all, putting together the styles, laying out the many images and quotes throughout the book, and organizing everything with the printer and distributor. Jon worked through all the fine details of putting together the references section with hundreds of images and attributions, composing the beautiful composite images, and processing the many images for print. Priya and Jenny worked through acquiring permissions where necessary for third party material reproduced in the book. And Dara designed the beautiful book cover. Thank you also to Jon and Jordan for going through the book to edit all my typos and punctuation.

A special thank you to my husband Mark. This book is very much the result of a joint journey of research and exploration we’ve been on together over the last seven years, but also a journey we would never have started nor followed had it not been for his own personal spiritual journey, which is what carries us through and forward.

I am also very thankful for the people whose research has helped inform my own – particularly Thor Heyerdahl, Graham Hancock, and Martin Doutre. I so appreciate these people who’ve decided to risk telling the truth, despite the potential personal consequences. It’s only because of people like this that there is any good in the world at all. Telling the truth in this day and age is a heroic act in my opinion in whatever field it may be, so thank you to those heroes in the field of ancient history.

I also cannot thank enough all of you who have donated during this time so that I could just focus on writing this book, especially over the last few months when I have been very quiet on this website and my YouTube channel, as writing a book demands many long hours of focus each day over months. Thank you for “keeping the faith” so to speak, knowing that even when things seem quiet, we are working as much as we can.

Mark and I receive no royalties or payments from any of our books, or anything we do, and work completely on voluntary donations alone, as we believe spiritual knowledge should not be used for profit. The price of this book is set only to cover the costs of printing and publishing it. If you appreciate what we do, and would like to see more of it, please consider donating.

Well, that’s it – all that’s left to do now is to (hopefully) enjoy the book!

My research is always ongoing, and I appreciate any comments, questions, suggestions, or research from any of you as the great mystery of the ancient Religion of the Sun continues to unfold.