Sakro Sawel means “sacred sun” in Proto-Indo-European. On this website I explore the ancient religion of the sun that was taken around the world following the catastrophe at the end of the last ice age (around 9,600 BC) by the legendary sages and civilizers recorded in world mythology.

The Ancient Religion of the Sun

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the history of the ancient Religion of the Sun, and delve into the subjects I cover in my videos in more detail.


The Ancient Path of the Sun

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun and revive their ancient solstice & equinox celebrations.


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The Wisdom Bringers

April 14th, 2018|79 Comments

Many thousands of years ago, some of the greatest men to have ever walked this earth, set out on a quest of epic proportions. They were the wisdom bringers, who established civilization and the religion [...]

Ancient Prophecies of the End of Civilization

January 26th, 2018|100 Comments Ancient traditions of the religion of the sun preserve accounts of a series of world ages that were destroyed by global catastrophes. They describe how civilization periodically goes through golden and dark ages, and [...]

Who is Odin/Wotan?

August 3rd, 2017|89 Comments Odin/Wotan is the mysterious wisdom bringer and god of the Norse and Germanic people. But in this video I explain why I think he is so much more. Join me as I traverse legends, [...]

The Song Odin by the Band Faun

August 3rd, 2017|49 Comments Here is the song called Odin being performed live by the band Faun, featuring Einar Selvik from the band Wardruna and Martin Seeberg (a Danish musician). Since I've just made a video about Odin, [...]

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What’s Happening

I’ve been delayed with making new videos as I’ve been working on a major update to my book The Ancient Religion of the Sun. It’s being prepared for print right now. It should be available in December. I’m also already working on some new videos and another small book. Thank you so much to those who are supporting my work while I write.



An interview I did with Jennifer of SOLoveInnerRadiance. We discuss the real meaning of ancient sun worship, the meaning of the solstices and equinoxes, the connections between many ancient sites, the founding of the ancient religion of the sun and more. Watch it here.

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