Blessed equinox! I hope you enjoy some restful and spiritual time over the next couple of days as we pass through the equinox.

Here is an update from us.

We’re now pushing through to finalize one of the two books we’ve been working on. Mark and I were just sitting here together going through some things on it – finalizing points and clarifying wording, trying to make it as precise as we can.

I’m pretty sure we have the final set of chapters now meaning there won’t be any more added. Very soon I’ll be going through and adding all the images.

There are over 700 references in it now – far more than we expected, as the research has kept expanding.

Since my last update, Mark and I have done a thorough go through of the book again, added chapters, more research, inserted sections, made some more discoveries, and added more practices. Once the book is out, I can’t wait to make videos about so many of the things we’ve found that I feel are so important for people to know.

Thank you to all those who’ve been supporting us, and making this possible, which is soon going to turn into some very important information to get out there.