Myself (left) with a couple of friends and Dr Steven Greer.

Last weekend a few friends and I went to spend some time with Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. He spent 3 days giving a series of talks and going out under the stars to make contact with extraterrestrials (ETs), and then was off to attend a secretive meeting of government officials.

Even though the workshops were fully booked, the organizers opened up spaces in the weekend of talks, which allowed us to go at a greatly reduced price. Then they opened up the final night under the stars by donation, which we attended with around 80 other people (normally he only does his CE-5 contact sessions with groups of around 25).

And so our weekend adventure began rather unexpectedly, and we set to out to investigate one of the most important frontiers of human experience—contact with like beings from throughout the universe. What followed were lots of ET sightings.

I was mainly interested in finding out about the spirituality of ETs, and was hoping to learn more about it from a man who has been involved in interviewing over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses to ET beings, craft, and activities. I felt, if there was one person who would have the information from these witnesses on what ETs had to teach us about spirituality, it would be Dr Steven Greer.

My personal belief is that whilst free energy, contact, sightings, and disclosure have many positive benefits, they are not going to solve the fundamental root cause of the problems we face in the world, which in my experience, are to be found in the low level of consciousness of the individual, and therefore in humanity at large.

Dr Greer explained that ETs have made it clear that because of this low level of consciousness, we are not allowed to leave the bounds of Earth in accordance with universal laws, to stop us taking all our destruction and evil to other parts of the universe, giving the example of the moon landing in which Neil Armstrong saw hundreds of craft on the moon sending him this message (now we know why we have never gone back!).

From my experience and from the accounts of Disclosure Project witnesses, ETs that travel here come in vast numbers, and are at a much higher level of consciousness than humanity in varying degrees. Being at higher levels of consciousness, they have obviously done and understood something very differently to us here, and so would have much to teach us.

ET Spirituality

Dr Greer did spend a lot of time talking about his own perspectives on spirituality and consciousness, but I wanted to find out about it from an ET point of view, so I asked him. At first he replied that it was everything he had been talking about, but later clarified this in an answer to another question the next day, in which he stated that the information he was giving on spirituality was from his personal beliefs and experiences.

In answer, he basically stated that what he knew of spirituality from ETs was that they see us as destructive and violent, but as having an inner spiritual potential, which is what they would like to see us develop. As to the hows and the whys of developing this potential however, from their perspective, this remains unknown.

To me, this reveals a huge gaping hole in our knowledge of ETs—we know little to nothing about their vast knowledge of consciousness, creation, and spirituality, beyond what we can glean from their incredible technological capabilities, the spiritual manner in which they conduct themselves and communicate, the spiritual abilities they have (such as telepathy), and the messages they leave in crop circles. And I think there is a very simple answer as to why this is—because we don’t have the spiritual level required to be given it. Spiritual knowledge is not a freebie, and is given according to the level of consciousness of the individual. If they have held it back from us, it has been for a reason, just as they have held us back from traversing the cosmos.

Steven Greer IMG_2577 edit_resize

Some friends with Dr Greer.

ETs and OBEs

I, and a number of others I have spoken to, have experienced contact with ETs through astral travel/out-of-body experiences (OBEs). In one experience a sighting of a low craft over the house where I lived was followed by an astral experience at night where I was actually pulled out of my body by an ET and traveled with her. This is possible because they are multidimensional just as we are, and so just like us, are able to travel in the astral plane and make contact with us this way.

I approached Dr Greer and asked him whether he thought OBEs could be used to take contact further, as the contact I had seen from CE-5s were some incredible looking sightings, but did not involve actual communication with ETs beyond magnetometer beeps and a sensing of their presence. Dr Greer answered that he did know about astral travel, and had experienced it, but that he believed remote viewing techniques, which he used for his CE-5s, were a better way to contact ETs.

ET Sightings and Remote Viewing for Communicating with ETs

So, we went along to the night-time CE-5 session which involved this technique, having had a lot of experience with astral travel behind us, to investigate it for ourselves. The contact event started at around 8pm up on a mountain, with a wide open view of the horizon and night sky, perfect for ET spotting.

An ET had already been sighted the first night, which was the official premiere of the documentary Sirius. After the event, when people were just standing outside before going home, a bright white light like a shooting star was seen in a flash in the courtyard.

On the night of actual contact, as people were setting up before Dr Greer even arrived, they saw what appeared to be two orange glowing UFO craft on the horizon, which moved vertically towards each other and merged. Dr Greer then arrived and began a Puja ceremony he based on the ancient Vedic tradition of India. We all then settled in for a guided mantra and remote viewing session, in which we were asked to visualize ourselves leaving Earth and traveling beyond the galaxy.

Dr Greer added his own views on consciousness into the warm up meditation, and then added his own elements of craft and beings to the visualization. A part I felt very uncomfortable with was Greer asking us to open ourselves to ETs to allow them to see where we were located by looking through our own eyes. This contained elements of channeling, something I don’t personally recommend, which was probably unintended, but can happen in any case if people open themselves up to unknown entities like that.

Dr Greer would occasionally call out that he had seen orbs/lights in the trees that would flash for a split second, and a couple of people I was with also said they saw orbs of light in the trees. However, the owner of the property had a specially modified camera which was adjusted to capture light in the infra-red range. The photos were then able to capture objects that are invisible to normal eyesight. They turned up some amazing shots of lights blowing out and zipping across the group, moving in non-linear trajectories across the horizon, and hovering overhead. Another person also took photos on just a normal camera, which picked up a blue UFO saucer which had sent down a beam, but had not been visible. If these were indeed ET craft, they had clearly wished to observe us but without allowing us to observe them, which made me wonder why.

As Dr Greer explains, they were traveling through other dimensions and therefore able to be present without being visible, while we all remained in the physical world unable to see and connect with them. And while I am aware people can have success with remote viewing and that it has even been used by governments, in this case it had not allowed people to see any of this happening.

For me, if it hadn’t been for these camera shots, it would have been as if nothing had happened. We finished up at 12:30am, and although an interesting and enjoyable night, it certainly left me feeling that there was a vast unexplored potential to contact.

My View on Taking Contact Further

To objectively make contact with ETs, it would make sense not only to make contact here in the three-dimensional world, but also to use techniques that allow us to be present with them in the very places they are and use to travel, which are the other dimensions—not with the mind, which is prey to the interference of the subconscious and imagination, but by being out of the body in the other dimensions, just as they are.

There are no special craft needed to do this. We are multidimensional beings, just as ETs are. We both have astral bodies, and so the age old timeless spiritual techniques of astral projection, which allow for multidimensional travel, are universally shared by beings throughout the cosmos.

Learning how to astral project/have OBEs would be a first step. However, ETs are not going to be spending time, nor sharing spiritual knowledge, with people who are full of egos and who would use their contact and knowledge badly. ETs have a higher level of consciousness, so again it only makes sense that those who are seriously working to raise their own level of consciousness, beyond the low spiritual state which has categorically blocked us from contact so far, would be able to converse on similar levels with them just as they do with each other.

I personally think that as many individuals as possible need to graduate to higher and higher levels of consciousness, love, peace, and wisdom, in this vast cosmic school of life, so that we can join, work, and learn side by side with our universal brothers and sisters in the classes of higher cosmic learning.

Many thanks and gratitude to Dr Greer and to everyone involved for making the event possible, and to the monumental work he has done and continues to do in bringing to light the existence and peaceful nature of extraterrestrials to the world.

~ Lara Atwood

I would like to invite anyone who has found any evidence for ET perspectives on spirituality to please post it in reply. I’m planning to put together an article which will bring together everything we know so far on ET spirituality.