Dark Horse_burning of templar

Katy Perry performing her single Dark Horse at the 2014 Grammy Awards. She is wearing the red cross of the Knights Templar and is symbolically being burned alive with four demons conducting the ritual behind her.

The performance of the song “Dark Horse” by pop singer Katy Perry at the 2014 Grammy Awards left many in the audience disturbed; it looked like a satanic style ritual, replete with demons, witches, and a giant crystal ball. Yet it was much more than that—it contained a deep occult message, which I’ll break down below. At its crux was the celebration of the burning of the Knights Templar—a famous spiritual order who were said to have an inner Gnostic circle, and who were persecuted out of existence in 1314 by burning at the stake.

So why on earth would this event be relived in such a satanic style setting, in a completely unrelated song, in a mega pop music event, and indeed even at all?

The Knights Templar – the Jedi of the Middle Ages


An illustration of the Knights Templar who were both monks and warriors, just like the Jedi.

The Templars are symbols of something broader—they were the “Jedi” of the Middle Ages. And this link has a very real basis: in the early treatment of the film Star Wars the Jedi were called the “Jedi Templars” (they became the Jedi Knights instead). Both were warrior monks who had a spiritual order and who fought to protect good.

The Jedi themselves have become a timeless symbol of spiritual groups in different cultures who have possessed the esoteric knowledge of light and have opposed the hidden forces of darkness influencing the world—the demons and black magicians described in ancient myths and religions. This sinister symbolic celebratory burning of the “Jedi” by demons (the “Sith”) starts to make sense when you realize how heavily the music industry is influenced by dark forces.


Originally called the Jedi Templar – in the films they were warrior monks who preserved the esoteric knowledge of the use of the force for light in their spiritual order, and who fought to protect good against the demonic Sith. The concept of the Jedi was at least partially based on the Knights Templar.

Although so much of pop culture is now riddled with dark occult symbology, this event stands out as important. It lays bare an agenda of evil that has always been, and will always be, against those who practice the esoteric knowledge of light. This agenda today manifests in the western world through things like persecution, bigotry, the ostracism, stigmatization and smear campaigns against those who practice alternative spirituality, the corporatization of spirituality, the censorship of alternative beliefs, the move to a one world humanistic religion, and the witch hunts of the media etc.

Song “inspired” by black magic

There is a weird sense while watching the performance that what is happening on stage doesn’t really match the lyrics at all; and that there is something else entirely going on. Apparently the song was “inspired” by the movie The Craft, which was about the foray of a group of young women into witchcraft that even led one to use her powers for murder. Katy said she wanted the song to have a “witchy, spell-y kind of black magic-y idea”, and wrote it from the perspective of a witch warning a man not to fall in love with her because if he does, she will be his last.

So I get that there are witches running around on stage, but this is no costumed Halloween ghoul-fest—the Knights Templar, and even allusions to a crucified Jesus and Joan of Arc all make a symbolic appearance, which have nothing to do with the storyline of the song at all.

Katy asked for black magic, and indeed someone behind the scenes used it as an opportunity to bring the public unknowingly into participating in a mock ritual of black magic—let’s look at how.

A breakdown of the symbols

You can watch the performance here:

The casting of the spell, the crystal ball, and the black magicians

Dark Horse_crystal ball

Katy Perry stands within a giant crystal ball as a vision of the future, and four demons all dressed in black with horns stand behind her conducting the ritual.

It starts with Katy Perry dressed like a witch, standing within a giant crystal ball. A demonic voice announces that she has “cast a spell” and “invoked the spirits” (these lines were added especially for the Grammy performance and do not appear in the original lyrics of the song).

The announcement of the casting of a spell is a clue that a black ritual is about to take place. In rituals of black magic, inter-dimensional demonic entities are invoked—hence the reference to the invoking of spirits.

And so in the performance four giant demons/black magicians replete with Baphomet style horns and cloaked all in black rise above her showing that they are the real conductors of the ritual that follows,whilst Katy is merely the subject.


Similar imagery appears in this illustration of a black ritual.

Four is an important number. It represents materialism (the opposite of spirituality) and is used in ceremonies of black magic, which are usually conducted by four participants. The crystal ball is something that reveals the future, and by Katy appearing within it tells us that what is about to happen to her is that future.

Baphomet by Eliphas Levi

The illustration of Baphomet by Eliphas Levi from 1856, long after the Templars. The lit torch above the head of Baphomet was said by Levi to represent “the image of the soul elevated above matter”. By removing this light, what is left is only matter.

The Templars themselves were accused of worshipping Baphomet, which some of them were supposed to have admitted to under torture. Back then Baphomet was not the figure of Satanic worship that it is today. What has been adopted by the “demons” in this performance, by the music industry, as well as by the Church of Satan, is specifically the head of Baphomet, as illustrated and explained by the occultist Eliphas Levi in 1856.

The beast’s head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes.
~ Eliphas Levi in Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (“Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic”)

The head itself symbolizes the dominance of materialism and the animal ego. Ironically, and perhaps deliberately, the Baphomet style horns serve as a mockery of the Templars, as any Baphomet symbol the Templars may have used was most likely intended to illustrate the spiritual rising from out of the material; the inverse of what this performance portrays, which is instead the domination of the spiritual by the material.

Demonic minions prepare the ritual

Goblin styled dancers surround Katy; these demonic creatures can be seen in out-of-body experiences and in hellish near-death experiences. They are the minions of demons who don’t possess the same level of evil intelligence that the overlords of the rituals do as my husband Mark has seen out of the body, but do the minor works, like preparing for the ritual in this performance.

The presence of the Knights Templar

Dark Horse_templar cross

The red cross of the Knights Templar clearly worn on Katy’s chest as it was by the knights themselves. They wore white, but she’s wearing black – another inversion.

The red cross of the Knights Templar lights up on Katy’s chest, shining brightly amidst the otherwise entirely black setting. Usually crosses like this are inverted in black rituals and so at first I couldn’t understand why this one wasn’t. However, as the show continued, the reason for this became chillingly clear.

The Knights Templar you could say, were the “Jedi” of the Middle Ages in Europe, and would have had both an exoteric or public order, and an inner circle which appeared to have possessed the esoteric knowledge of light, and who could be described as Gnostic (those who seek inner spiritual knowledge through direct experience, rather than through the orthodoxy of religion). They used the Gnostic deity of Abraxas on their official seals, and are believed to have had contact with mystical esoteric schools from the East. It’s almost certain they discovered unknown Christian relics beneath the Temple Mount which was the site of their headquarters in Jerusalem.


Portrait of a Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

Esoteric knowledge is the understanding of the hidden, spiritual realities of life. It lies at the heart of the eternal struggle between good and evil in the world, and can be used just like “the force” in Star Wars by both the Sith and Jedi. Those who tap into it for evil do so to awaken the power of darkness within themselves, which they use for control, whilst those who use it for light do so to awaken inner spiritual faculties to help others out of love. This performance revealed the agenda of those who use it for evil, against those who use it for light.

Again, the parallel between the Jedi and the Knights Templar was something deliberately done by George Lucas. The Jedi were actually called the Jedi Templar in an early treatment of Star Wars, and the films used Elstree studios located in the county of Hertfordshire in England, which was the British headquarters of the Knights Templar. The decline of the Jedi in the film Revenge of the Sith has been compared to the same decline suffered by the Knights Templar.

The Templars obviously belong to the past (their inner circle possibly escaped and went underground, but that lineage of esoteric knowledge for good has long been broken), and yet this performance is about the future, so it is clear they are being used as symbols of something broader, which are those who practice the esoteric knowledge of light just like the Jedi, and who struggle against the forces of darkness to spread it in the world.

The broomstick, kundabuffer, and crucified Jesus

Dark Horse_witches broomsticks

Katy Perry and two demons dance around three broomsticks. This is an inversion of the imagery of Jesus crucified with two thieves either side of him.

The usual denigrating scenes then start to mock the principle of the Christ (the Sacred Sun), as Katy begins pole dancing wearing the symbol of the upright cross. But this is no ordinary pole—it’s a broomstick, with a demon doing the same either side of her. This conjures up images of a crucified Jesus between two thieves. However, instead of the three crosses on the mount of skulls, there are three brooms with Katy and the cross central.

Crucifixion by Bramantino_process,resize,crop

Jesus crucified with two thieves beside him.

The broom is a symbol of the Kundabuffer, or demons tail. As Mark explains in his work, it is an energy that is awakened by black magicians/demons and is the opposite of the Kundalini, which is risen in people awakening in light. A witch on a broomstick is a symbol of a female demon who has awakened the Kundabuffer. The use of the broom, and the denigration of the spiritual symbol of the cross, creates an inversion—turning something spiritual into its opposite, which is something that belongs to darkness. The inversion of spiritual symbols of light is a signature of the black arts.

The setting of the sacred sun

Dark Horse_setting sun

The sun setting just before the finale of the ritual takes place. It symbolizes the decline of the sacred sun/Son.

While this distracting dancing is going on, you can easily miss the bright orange light that shines overhead and then sets, representing the setting sun.

The sun represents the sacred sun/Son; ancient peoples understood the significance of this, which is why they aligned their megalithic temples to it.

There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that sun and be conscious of His existence.
~ Paracelsus

The fact that it is setting is important. This supreme symbol of divine light goes into darkness, as in this dark ritual they are representing the fall and destruction of those who carry this spiritual light within. The ritual then takes place in the greatest darkness, as rituals of black magic do – neither under the light of the moon nor sun, as they celebrate the waning of light, not its waxing nor its fullness.

The demonic minions continue preparing for the grand finale of the ritual by pouring flammable liquid around Katy, with one even holding it up to show the audience exactly what is going on.

The burning of the Knights Templar

Dark Horse_burning of templar

Katy Perry symbolizing the burning of the Knights Templar to the cheers of an unknowing crowd.

Then all of a sudden, giant flames rise around Katy, as she stands like a crucified Jesus stamped with the cross of the Templars, burning alive. Finally the purpose of the ritual is revealed. My jaw dropped as I remembered what happened to the Knights Templar that few watching would know. Dozens were arrested on false charges by the King of France (who had a hidden agenda), tortured, and then burnt alive in 1310 (the last Grand Master of the Templars was burnt alive in 1314). And at the 2014 Grammys, that event was symbolically relived to the cheers of a modern crowd.

The burning of Joan of Arc, the Cathars, and the crucifixion of Jesus

Dark Horse_joan of arc

This imagery looks very much like one thing – the burning of Joan of Arc at the stake.

But it wasn’t just the Templars symbolically burning. Joan of Arc, who could also be called a “Jedi” in a sense, was also burnt alive as a heretic on false charges; it was said moments before her death she asked to see a cross before her eyes, and that cross was symbolically present on Katy’s chest who appeared just like Joan of Arc in the flames. To allude to her being a witch (being burned against a broomstick) again is another mockery, as she was portrayed as a witch during her trial and this formed part of the false accusations that led to her execution. The Cathars were another Gnostic group that were burnt alive in France not long before the Templars. And with the three broomsticks and cross, it also appeared to allude to the symbolic crucifixion of Jesus.


The unmistakable image of Joan of Arc as she was burned at the stake. Notice the cross she is wearing, again like Katy.

These four horrendous betrayals and murders were a time of celebration for the hierarchy of inter-dimensional demonic entities that exist out-of-the body and have their connection through people awakened in darkness in sinister secret societies. They had a hand in these events, because as my husband has experienced, they know of and exploit the stage of persecution that happens to those who go through the process of enlightenment.

Wherever you see the mockery and celebration of the persecution of those who have given and practiced a spiritual message, it most often means demonic entities are behind it. The destruction of the warriors and workers of light is a moment of supreme pleasure for evil, and unwittingly millions watching took part in celebrating some of these moments which have stood out as truly black marks on the pages of history.

The future of the Jedi as the Sith would like it

Knights Templar_burning of Molay

Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar being burned at the stake in 1314.

This was a celebration of what evil has done in the past, and also the present, in annihilating the spirit. But it was also something foretelling the future. Katy emerged from the crystal ball, she was the subject of the spell/ritual, and was symbolically burnt alive. The present and future that the hierarchy of evil wants is one in which history repeats, where the warriors of light continue to be persecuted and the esoteric knowledge of good destroyed, and this is happening right now—for example, their sinister mechanism has persecuted and wiped from the public eye my husband Mark, who gives this same esoteric knowledge today.

Why is sacrifice so present in black rituals?

One important part of this ritual is the element of sacrifice, as in this mock ritual Katy symbolically stands in as the sacrificial victim. You’ll often see sacrifices as part of occult rituals—some famous ones include the cremation of care at Bohemian Grove, and the sacrifice of children to the ancient demon Moloch by the Canaanites.

Sacrifice itself is a principle of creation; everyday things are sacrificed in order that something new is created. Trees were sacrificed to make the paper we write on, coal and landscapes to power our computers, plants and animals to make our next meal etc. It is even said that the Mayan act of creating humanity was based on the self-sacrifice of the god Quetzalcoatl. Nothing comes from nothing—in other words, everything has to come from something.

As Mark writes, for someone going through the process of spiritual awakening, in order to create light, the things of darkness need to be destroyed and given up within ourselves and our lives—so for example, in giving up our hatred in order to have love, our aggression to have inner peace, negative habits and behaviours to have mystical experiences and gain faculties etc. Because darkness is an inversion of light, for those who awaken the powers of evil it is the reverse—they sacrifice those things that are pure and good, in order to create greater power for darkness and evil. Light takes away darkness, and darkness takes away light. This is what creates the eternal struggle between the forces of darkness and light as illustrated in the ancient Hindu teaching of The Churning of the Milky Ocean.

Those of light self-sacrifice, whilst those of darkness sacrifice things of light, and here is where events like the passion of Jesus and the ritual celebration (not mourning) of his death by darkness meet, which is one reason why we’re seeing it more and more in the entertainment industry.

Revenge of the Sith or a new hope?

So this was a clear message directed at anyone out there who is aspiring to the process of enlightenment. Tragically, the “Sith” and their network of evil have done an extensive job over thousands of years at destroying the esoteric knowledge of light and those who practice it, to the point that all most can do is laugh at it, if they even ever get to hear about it at all. This has led us to the point we’re at now, where the “Sith” control the world. It’s worth remembering though, that the fate of the galaxy was determined by the return of one Jedi, and this means that there is the chance of a new hope.