For millennia people have wondered whether such a thing as hell really exists? And if it exists, where is it and why can’t we see it? Is it a place, or simply a state of mind? And could it be inhabited by other beings, such as demons? Independently of one another, countless religions and traditions have included accounts of demons and hellish other-worldly places, and many people who’ve died and revived from near-death experiences have entered hell, encountered demonic entities, and come back to tell the tale. I’ve personally encountered demonic entities and seen hellish realms whilst out of the body (during out-of-body experiences), and my husband has explored this out-of-body underworld extensively, and the hierarchy of evil that exists there, for over 25 years.

Some today in the New Age accept that there are sinister beings who influence us from beyond the realm of perception, describing them as “reptilians,” “archons,” “jinn,” or “fallen angels.” Logically, it would follow that if there are multidimensional demonic entities, and we can’t see them, that they must exist somewhere, in some kind of dimension beyond sight. That’s why in out-of-body experiences, in which someone leaves their body and visits a parallel dimension, not only can these entities be seen, but also where they reside.

But whether or not someone has had any metaphysical experience, most hold a fervent opinion about the existence of hell. Many will readily accept the existence of higher and more spiritual realities, and yet deny the possibility of lower ones in contradiction to the very structure of life and creation. Many have been put off the search into the existence of hell due to the blatant hypocrisy and blind forcing of so many religious believers. But is the existence of hell something any of us can afford to ignore?

In this article, I’d ask you to put aside any preconceived notions, and to take a look at some of evidence for the existence of a hell as a parallel dimension that has been called Sheol, Xibalbá, Narakam, Diyu, Tartaros, Kuzimu, Uffern, Peklo, Hades, Helheim, etc. and is the location of the inter-dimensional entities described as demons, asuras, tzitzimimeh, the shayātīn, the guardians of the netherworld, shedim, daevas, and alu, in different cultures spanning our globe and history. The evidence for it has appeared in the testimonies and even scientific discoveries of both religious and non-religious believers from all walks of life and from all over the world.

And whilst the evidence from the accounts and discoveries of others is one thing, it is possible to actually verify the truth about the existence of demonic entities and hell yourself, through out-of-body experiences. Near-death experiences (NDEs), which offer numerous credible accounts of hellish realms beyond 3 dimensional reality, are essentially out-of-body experiences. By using age-old techniques, it is possible to learn to have out-of-body experiences and to explore the unseen demonic influences that affect us and our world, and to know what potentially awaits us after our stay in physical reality.

Science and the many theories of parallel dimensions

Diagram illustrating the theory of bubble universes, which is a multi-universe or parallel universe theory. Five of them are proposed to have different physical constants than our universe has.

Although science is extremely limited in what it can reveal about any possible multidimensional realities as it can only currently measure 3 dimensional matter, even it has had to admit to the very real possibility of the existence of other dimensions or “parallel universes” inhabited by other beings. The theories about the existence of parallel dimensions is based on the very real observation of photons (or packets) of light and their ability to travel vertically up and down while moving horizontally forward or backward at the same time. This has led many scientists to actually believe that there are other dimensions, and that they could even interact with our own, where different versions of ourselves exist and other possibilities are taking place simultaneously.

Quantum Theory, Many-Worlds Theory, String Theory, and now even Many Interacting Worlds Theory—all posit that there are multiple, parallel universes/dimensions.

“One model of potential multiple universes called the Many-Worlds Theory might sound so bizarre and unrealistic that it should be in science fiction movies and not in real life. However, there is no experiment that can irrefutably discredit its validity. The origin of the parallel universe conjecture is closely connected with introduction of the idea of quantum mechanics in the early 1900s. Quantum mechanics, a branch of physics that studies the infinitesimal world, predicts the behavior of nanoscopic objects. Physicists had difficulties fitting a mathematical model to the behavior of quantum matter because some matter exhibited signs of both particle-like and wave-like movements. For example, the photon, a tiny bundle of light, can travel vertically up and down while moving horizontally forward or backward.” (source: Universe Today)

“Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, along with his collaborators Dr. Michael Hall, also of Griffith University, and University of California, Davis mathematician Dr. Dirk-Andre Deckert, published their new “many interacting worlds” (MIW) theory in the journal Physical Review X. They posited that other universes are real, exist in vast numbers and exert influence on each other.” (source: RT)

“String theory was originated by the Japanese-American physicist Michio Kaku. His theory says that the essential building blocks of all matter as well as all of the physical forces in the universe — like gravity — exist on a subquantum level. These building blocks resemble tiny rubber bands — or strings — that make up quarks (quantum particles), and in turn electrons, and atoms, and cells and so on. Exactly what kind of matter is created by the strings and how that matter behaves depends on the vibration of these strings. It is in this manner that our entire universe is composed. And according to string theory, this composition takes place across 11 separate dimensions. Like the Many-Worlds theory, string theory demonstrates that parallel universes exist. According to the theory, our own universe is like a bubble that exists alongside similar parallel universes. Unlike the Many-Worlds theory, string theory supposes that these universes can come into contact with one another.”(source: How Stuff Works – Science)

So if cutting edge science is willing to admit the existence of parallel dimensions, then the possibility extends to at least one of them being “hellish”, and the evidence for this doesn’t stop here.

The visible and invisible spectrum of light

Electromagnetic spectrum by Victor Blacus reproduced under CC BY-SA 3.0. Note how small the band of visible light is, even on this diagram which only includes a certain range.

So if other parallel dimensions – whether “heavenly”, benign, or “hellish” – exist, then why can’t we see them? Part of the answer lies in the limitations of our seeing apparatus. Our eyes see by perceiving light, but the human eye is only able to perceive a tiny fraction of the light spectrum (in the range of approximately 700 to 400 nanometers in a spectrum that covers wavelengths from the size of an atom to the size of the universe itself). As one example, special equipment such as infra-red cameras can “see” infra-red light, which is a lower frequency light emitted as heat our eyes can’t see, allowing images to be produced in the dark even when visible light is not present. Some animals see more ranges of light than we do; eagles can see ultraviolet, and some snakes infra-red.

There have also been many cases of the images of apparitions, UFOs, auras, and ghosts being caught on special cameras; whether some of these cases are real is beyond the scope of this article, but it’s not too much of a stretch to consider that the technology to take images of different frequencies of light currently invisible could at least one day exist. I personally attended an event with Dr Steven Greer where an independent third party took random photographs over a number of hours throughout the night, and captured the images of extra-terrestrial vehicles that were completely invisible to the naked eye.

But we don’t just have to rely on technology to extend our perception of reality. We are multi-dimensional beings, which means there are parts of us in other dimensions right now. These parts have never been found with a scalpel, and yet they exist as a fundamental part of who we are. One of these parts is consciousness; as many people who’ve had near-death experiences have discovered, consciousness exists independently of the brain, and uses it much like the driver of a car would. Impressions received by our five senses are transmitted to the brain, and interpreted by our consciousness. But it’s not just a one-way street; consciousness can also receive impressions from the dimension it is in, and all those below it, which include non-physical dimensions (including the astral plane – the place we go to in dreams, out-of-body experiences, and near-death experiences). These non-physical impressions are also communicated to our brain, influencing it’s neurochemical functioning and thus our sense of perception in the present moment.

The pineal gland is in red. Animation by Life Science Databases(LSDB) reproduced under CC-BY-SA-2.1-jp

The seat of consciousness has long believed to be in the pineal gland, which sits near the seat of our brain. If you stop and sense right now where “you” feel yourself to be looking out from, you will probably feel it is somewhere behind your eyes, near where the pineal gland is located. This gland is a kind of inner eye (sometimes called our “third eye”), and like our eyes, it’s receptive to light.

“The photoreceptors of the retina strongly resemble the cells of the pineal gland.”
~ Dr. David Klein, Science Daily

The cells of the pineal gland may actually be receptive to light outside of the visible spectrum, and therefore could be what allows someone to have visions and perceive other dimensional objects and beings whilst awake.

This kind of perception, which perceives information that is non-physical (as opposed to our physical senses, which can only perceive physical matter) is called extrasensory perception or ESP, and includes intuition, remote viewing, clairvoyance, and telepathy. I’m sure many of you can think of at least one instance in which you sensed something beyond what your physical senses could have informed you about – like thinking about calling someone a few minutes before they call you, or finishing a friend’s sentence, having a deja vu, or dream premonition. The clearest example most people are familiar with is the future predictions of a psychic; I’ve seen psychics predict future events they could have no way of knowing with incredible precision. Even governments have invested time and resources into investigating ESP.

What really “sees,” whether using our outer physical senses or inner extrasensory senses, is consciousness, and the more sense apparatus we can develop – whether outer or inner – the more information consciousness receives about reality in its entirety. Additionally, the more we develop consciousness, the more we have of it to “see” with. The problem is that modern culture has largely rejected spiritual development in favour of materialism, which has meant that our consciousness and its extrasensory “equipment” is lying neglected, latent and undeveloped, and is one of the main reasons why we see and experience such a tiny fraction of reality.

Lower vibrational light and energy

Another potential lead to the evidence of there being hellish as well as heavenly other dimensional realities is the breadth of the spectrum of invisible light. As mentioned above, we only see a TINY fraction of the light spectrum, and the range we see sits right in the middle. On either side exists invisible light that is of a higher vibrational frequency and energy (such as ultra-violet), and on the other end lower vibrational frequency and energy (such as infra-red).

It’s a bit like the keys of a piano, where visible light is just 7 of the keys in the middle of the keyboard. As we go up the scale, the notes become incrementally higher in tone and frequency, and likewise as we go down, lower and more demonic sounding.

It is no coincidence that we “sense” and associate those things of a lower frequency and vibration, whether it be a colour, sound, or emotion such as anger, with our concepts and depictions of hell and dark forces. It is likewise no coincidence that lower vibrational colours, symbols and emotions are in turn used by black magicians and Satanists in their rites and rituals.

Dark matter

Illustration of the cosmological composition of the universe by Ben Finney, reproduced under CC BY 3.0. Note that all the stars in the universe make up only 0.5% of matter in the universe to give some idea of scale.

Science has discovered that not only are there ranges of light we can’t see, but also huge amounts of matter. “Ordinary matter,” which is the kind we see, is estimated to make up only 4.9% of all matter and energy in the universe—the rest science has dubbed “dark energy” and “dark matter,” because we can’t see it.

And if that isn’t small enough, even the estimated 4.9% of matter that we can see is made up of 99.99999% “space”—or so-called “vacuum.”

But this “vacuum,” which accounts for almost our entire universe, according to physicists, is infinitely dense—it’s just that we can’t see what’s in it using our physical senses or technology.

As Nassim Haramein, Director of Research at The Resonance Project, explains:

“Imagine that you took all of the stars we see in the universe—there’s billions of galaxies, there are billions of stars in them… and we took them all and we squished them all into a centimetre cubed of space with like this huge trash compactor or something. You still wouldn’t have the energy density of the vacuum… So to think of empty space as empty, is incorrect. Space is full… It’s full of this energy density…”

So science does know that there are things of substance, real things, which exist, and which we can’t see. This basically means there is an inconceivably massive amount of room for other realms of reality to exist in our universe, right here and now, teeming with other forms of life operating in higher and lower frequencies of light and energy beyond our range of sight, which we are all connected to.

The location of hell

The Yggdrasil tree of Norse mythology. Earth sits in the middle (like the Middle Earth of Lord of the Rings), with the branches reaching to heaven, and one of its roots leading to the underworld and realm of the dead.

In keeping with hell being of a “lower” frequency of light and energy beyond sight, hellish regions are always described by ancient cultures and near-death survivors as being “below” in the interior of the earth, and yet it is impossible for any kind of physical life to exist inside the earth. This seeming paradox has made hell look to many like a childish concept. However those who die, visit a hellish realm and revive don’t take their bodies with them, but instead recall how they moved about in another non-physical body. The paradox of hell existing “below” and beyond the body at the same time is solved when we consider that it exists as a parallel dimension within the ranges of invisible lower frequency light, where sight could potentially work like an infra-red camera which can “see” images in darkness even in the interior of the earth where the sun’s light doesn’t reach.

Because both visible and invisible light can exist in the same space, it means that parallel dimensions can exist in the same locality—interpenetrating one another without “colliding”. Both a 3D version of the interior of the earth can exist, as well as another parallel hellish realm alongside one another—and no matter how much someone digs, they won’t find hell, and no matter how loud someone in hell screams, no one in the physical world will hear them. The hierarchy of evil that operates in hell, which consists of inter-dimensional beings who have awakened in darkness (as opposed to light), can however move across planes of reality, and influence people and events here from other planes that interpenetrate ours (such as the astral plane).

Can we imagine then a Lord of the Rings styled multi-dimensional existence where we occupy “Middle Earth”, with the hellish and demonic Mordor acting upon it from a parallel plane of existence? This view of the structure of multi-dimensional reality is shared by the ancient Gnostics, Hindus, and Zoroastrians, as well as ancient Norse mythology which Tolkien’s work was largely inspired by and where the word “hell” actually originates.

But the paradox of hell’s location doesn’t end here, as there is yet another paradox to confront, which is that it is both a place outside of us we can go to but also a state that exists within us, as recounted by the many people who have had “hellish” near-death experiences. There is obviously much more to this mystery related to the incredibly interconnected nature of creation.

Near-death experiences

In addition to the scientific evidence, which points to parallel dimensions that potentially exist in lower vibrational ranges of light, are the thousands of accounts of those who have died and been revived.

Whilst the accounts of heavenly and spiritual experiences after death have been popularized, there exist likewise many accounts of hellish realms and demonic entities, which many believe are under-reported because of the negative social connotations associated with them. But just like heavenly accounts, hellish ones also share similarities that cut across cultures, religions, and history.

“Most researchers of the near-death experience (NDE) report that unpleasant cases are quite rare, numbering less than one percent of the thousands thus far investigated and of the eight million tallied by a Gallup Poll during a survey on the subject published in 1982 (Gallup and Proctor, 1982). Yet my experiences interviewing near-death survivors since 1978 have consistently shown me otherwise, suggesting an abundance of such cases: 105 out of the more than 700 I have queried.”
~ PMH Atwater

The commonalities of “hellish” near-death experiences have been summarized by the NDE research PMH Atwater as follows: lifeless or threatening apparitions; barren or ugly expanses; threats, screams, silence; danger and the possibility of violence, torture; a feeling of cold (or temperature extremes) and a sense of hell.

Many who go through a hellish NDE describe it categorically as a real place.

“The first doorway I peered into resembled a classic hell. There was the sound of shrieking and agonizing screams. Naked human beings were strewn about a blasted landscape with pools of bubbling excrement and jagged boulders. Devils and other animals were torturing people in all imaginable ways and people were also torturing each other.”
~ Sarah

Others describe it as a state of being.

“The ‘hell’ that I experienced was the pain, anguish, hurt and anger that I had caused others, or that I suffered as a result of my actions/words to others. ‘Hell’ was what I had created for myself and my own soul through turning my back on unconditional love, compassion and peace.”
~ Tina

Some experience hell who never believed it even existed.

“I was in hell. The realization swept over me like an ocean wave, unstoppable though I tried desperately to dismiss it. Hell! I didn’t even believe in hell! And here I was? This was it? I had only the briefest moment to react to the thought when a deep, comfortable voice echoed through the tunnel. “Have no fear, my son,” the voice said with a certain resounding nobility, “for I am with you. I have chosen you to write about the experiences you will go through.” It was too unreal. I had never been given to believe in “missions from God” and the like anyway. And yet here was a voice that I knew was God’s telling me I had been selected for this nightmare! But if this is God, why is God here, in this darkness? Again, the voice responded to my unspoken doubts. “You’ll first experience hell,” God said evenly, with a tone of complete control, “to prove to you the reality of evil. You’ve only believed that there was goodness. You must see for yourself that hell is real.”
~ Don Brubaker

And interestingly, a spiritual being describes hell and heaven in relation to vibrational frequencies as discussed above.

“[spoken by a spiritual being in an NDE] If you threw a small pebble into a threshing machine, it would go into the box – not because it is good or bad, but because of its proper size and weight. It’s the same way here. No one sends you anywhere. You are sorted by the high or low vibrations of your soul. Everyone goes where he fits in! High vibrations indicate love and spiritual development, while low vibrations indicate debasement and evil.”
~ Arthur Yensen

Although near-death experiences seem to be a modern phenomenon due to advances in medical technology, they have also been recorded in history. For example, Thomas Harriot—a member of the Jamestown Colony in 17th Century Virginia—recorded the near-death account of a Roanoke Indian, which took place prior to the arrival of the British settlers. The Indian was dug up after his grave seemed to move. Like so many others, he said he had been sent to burn but was saved by a god who told him to live again and warn others to live good lives so that they could avoid the place of terrible torment.

A television show that featured interviews with people who had hellish NDEs.

A number of near-death experiences have given astonishingly credible accounts of the physical world: for example, the case of Vicki Noratuk who was born blind, but in her near-death experience could see and gave an accurate account of her appearance and the hospital room she was in which would have only been possible with sight, or Pam Reynolds whose brain was being operated on when she flat lined, and who was able to accurately describe events in the surgery room and the surgical tools used in the procedure which were impossible for her to see.

With such accurate descriptions of the physical world emerging from NDEs, why would we consider the NDE witness accounts to the existence of hellish realms and demonic entities to be any less credible? What’s interesting is that many of the accounts of hell and the afterlife from NDEs not only correlate with each other, but also match the descriptions given by ancient cultures from all over the world.

Ancient Knowledge

A painting of hell in Hinduism. The central panel portrays Yama the god of death seated on a throne; to the left stands a demon. To the right of Yama sits Chitragupta, assigned with keeping detailed records of every human being and upon their death deciding how they are to be reincarnated, depending on their previous actions. A woman and two men await their judgement. The rest of the print is compartmentalised into fourteen smaller panels, and each image portrays a different way demons torture sinners.

Almost every ancient culture had a concept of hell as a place of torment after death and as the place where demonic entities reside—so much so that it is too much to list and compare them all in this article. Here however, are a few.

The K’iche Maya called hell Xibalba which means “place of fear”. They described it as a place of darkness and suffering located beneath the surface of the earth which is ruled over by demons.

In their texts on the afterlife, ancient Egyptians described an underworld of rivers and lakes of fire inhabited by demons that tortured people who had been sent there after death due to their bad actions.

In ancient China hell is called Diyu, and is described as a maze of underground levels and chambers where people are punished but also purified before their next incarnation. They are then given the “Drink of Forgetfulness” before being born again in their next life possibly as a poor or sick person as further punishment.

In the Gnostic text Pistis Sophia, Jesus describes hell as the Egyptians do, as a place of rivers and lakes of fire, and like in ancient Chinese traditions, as a place where a person is purified before being reborn into a body and circumstance according to their actions after drinking the “cup of forgetfulness.”

Here Jesus describes the process of death for a thief.

Jesus said: “If the time of such an one is completed through the sphere, the receivers of Adōnis come after him, and lead his soul out of the body, and they spend three days circling round with it and instructing it concerning the creatures of the world… And they lead it forth into a water which is below the sphere; and it becometh a seething fire and eateth into it until it purifieth it utterly. Thereafter cometh Yaluham, the receiver of Sabaōth, the Adamas, bringeth the cup of forget-fulness and handeth it unto the soul; and it drinketh it and forgetteth all things and all the regions to which it had gone. And they cast it into a lame, halt and blind body. This is the chastisement of the thief.”
~ from the Pistis Sophia

The Tibetan Book of the Dead also describes the process experienced after death.

“Heaven-like scenarios outlined in the book [The Tibetan Book of the Dead] are strikingly similar to modern near-death reports: visions of pure light, vibrant landscapes as if in springtide, blindingly open clear sky, dazzlement. Equally so are the hell-like versions: terrifying deities, gruesome apparitions, racking and painful torture. Also described are the life-review process, judgment, and a disembodied state, then rebirth into this or other worlds for further growth and learning.”
~ PMH Atwater

In Hinduism hell is called narakam, as is also described as a plane of existence where people are tormented and tortured according to the evil they have committed, before being reborn into their next life, as well as being the netherworld where the asuras (demons) reside.

“[according to Hinduism] The universe consists of multiple worlds, layers and planes of existence, some known and some unknown, some within the field of awareness and sensory knowledge and some much beyond.” (source: Hindu Website)

“Each of the dimensions of the Great Mandala of the Cosmos represents a quality of energy, or light. Each dimension of this Mandala, which moves out from the central Whiteness, are infinite numbers of possible worlds and various kinds of embodiment. The dimension which we live in now is on the outskirts of this Great Mandala. Dimensions even farther away from the center may be called “hells” where there is less awareness, less possibilities, than the dimension we live in now.” (source:

Likewise in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism, earth is described a middle realm of existence (like Middle Earth of Lord of the Rings), with higher and lower realms above and below, just like the spectrum of light.

“Zoroastrian texts depict a universe consisting of a spiritual world inhabited by spiritual beings of light and great potency, ruled by Ahura Mazda, the highest and the supreme. In the middle is a material world populated with material things and elements such as fire, water, earth and air, human beings, plants, animals, metals and minerals, where a constant battle goes on between the good and the evil. This is the world in which we live. Finally there is a lower dark world, beneath our planet, inhabited by fierce demons, daevas, bad spirits, ruled by the fiendish and wicked Ahriman who uses fear, greed and malice as his principal weapons to afflict the entities of the middle world. Humans, plants, animals and all the elements are susceptible to his attack and should therefore lead morally righteous and socially responsible lives, seeking the protection of God all the time. The spiritual world is invisible and flooded with incredible light. Darkness cannot enter it. It is in the middle sphere or the material world where the battle is raged.” (source: Hindu Website)


But it’s not just people who have near-death experiences that sometimes experience hell and live to tell the tale. Most people have had a nightmare at least once in their life; they are not just bad dreams, but incredibly lucid dream experiences which are permeated by sinister vibrations and the most intense terror. Like in a near-death experience, someone in a nightmare often has a heightened awareness of being in a hellish situation that they are subjected to and can’t escape. The nightmare world is full of terrifying situations and demonic style entities, which are likewise found in hellish near-death experiences.

I remember having a very upset stomach one evening, and knew if I went to sleep that I would have a nightmare as sleeping on an upset stomach is one cause of nightmares—the reason being that the organs of the lower body are related to our own inter-dimensional connection to hell (think of the body as a microcosm; our entrails being like the entrails of the earth), and having an upset stomach can stimulate this connection. I stayed up for hours waiting for the upset to pass, but finally couldn’t stay awake any longer and fell asleep in the early hours of the morning. Immediately I found myself in a nightmare, being chased in a horrifically murderous situation whilst demonic music played that resounded so hauntingly, that it returned to my memory for days afterwards bringing with it the chilling terror of the experience.

Both near-death and dream experiences take place beyond the body. Just like creation, we too are multi-dimensional. When dreaming our body belonging to another parallel dimension (referred to as the astral body) splits from our physical body, and our consciousness separates with it to enter the parallel dimension known as the astral plane. In this dimension light is in a higher state of vibration, and when something is in a higher state of vibration it changes state, just like ice changes to liquid and then into vapor as the vibration of the water particles increases. Because of this higher vibrational frequency, the astral is more fluid, which allows us to pass through objects and fly, and why in dreams we can defy physical laws.

Normally we are unaware of this process, as we go through it subconsciously. With practice however, someone can become aware of the split as they fall asleep, and remain lucid in the “world of dreams”—being able to control where they go and what they do, and essentially consciously explore this parallel reality. It is from this plane of reality that one enters into hellish lower planes where both nightmares and hellish near-death experiences occur. This entrance appears as a dark hole leading down into a tunnel, which is why those who experience hellish NDEs often report the sense of going down a dark tunnel, or down into darkness.

The wheel of life

Buddhist depiction of the wheel of life. In the hub of the wheel are three animals: a pig, a snake, and a bird. They represent ignorance, aversion, and attachment, respectively, which are the vices that are said to cause people to commit bad actions. In the light half of the wheel people evolve through the cycles of nature, but in the dark half devolve as a result of bad actions and are subjected to demons, who bring them into hell which is always painted on the bottom panel.

Painted on the outside of most Tibetan monasteries is “the wheel of life,” said to have been designed by Buddha himself as a representation and reminder of the greater process and purpose of life. It illustrates how each person reincarnates through a cycle of lives that are human, and other dimensional. These lives progress through specific stages that continuously repeat, like a wheel that keeps turning. Some of these lives are pleasant, and ascend for a certain time, but as the wheel rotates the lives descend into a dark phase which leads to a time spent in hell. Spiritual liberation is to free oneself from this wheel while here in the physical world.

This illustration reminds us that all of life moves in cycles, and that just as nature continuously progresses through its cycles of light and darkness each day and year, and every living thing passes through growth and decay, expansion and contraction, so do we in our journey as consciousness through existence.

Out-of-body experiences of hell

I used to think hell was something made up to frighten people – now I’ve had my own experience of seeing hell through out-of-body experiences, and many other people have too. It’s possible for you to find out for yourself whether it exists, through learning to have out-of-body experiences.

I now also better understand why such a place as hell exists in the greater scheme of existence – and this understanding can be gained through studying esoteric knowledge.

I’ll leave you with some experiences of hell from people who went there in spontaneous out-of-body experiences, and came back with a mission to tell other people about it. Each person interprets it in their own way, but it is really the experience that speaks for itself.

Lara Atwood