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Have a blessed equinox. I hope you’re able to take some time during the sunset or sunrise on the day to commemorate it’s spiritual meaning, and to feel the divine presence of the Source and Spiritual Sun.

Thank you to each of you who has supported us over these last few months. It’s been such a big help, and has enabled us to continue working through all the material we plan to release as soon as we can.

The next book is nearly ready… I keep saying nearly, because books stay in the “nearly zone” for a long time, which is the final editing stage, and that time can’t be determined.

This is where it goes back and forth for editing numerous times. Everything needs cross checking, references need checking, research needs going over and expanding, images need adding, explanations need to be made as complete and clear as possible, sections need adding and reordering. And then Mark and I keep finding things to add even up to the last minute! We always find things we don’t expect. It’s amazing to go through the process of seeing ancient sites and texts come to life – being lit up by their true meaning, and that meaning being something so important and practically useful for us today.

The book cover is already designed and waiting; it’s really quite unique and beautiful. And the contents are pretty much all set. I am really looking forward to this one.

I’m now working on the next video to go with the release of the book, and have so many more videos planned (plus another book!).

We’ve decided at this stage to release 2 books (instead of the 4 originally planned), and do more videos instead. These 2 are the really important, weighty ones in any case. The other 2 will come out in time, but there will possibly be other books released before them that are more essential, as we’re trying to speed things up as much as we can.

Thank you all again, and the Sacred Sun be with you.